Destiny Important PvP Tips

Destiny Important PvP Tips by ForgeKing

I play a lot of crucible and find it very enjoyable and these are some things I learnt. Of course bla bla the basics, watch your radar, aim for the head, don’t triple cap but that’s beating a dead horse. So, let’s start:

1) Pre firing. Not just with fusion rifles. If you think someone is coming through that doorway, start firing. when he pops out, in the milliseconds it takes him to acquire your head in his sights he will already have two bullets in his skull.

2) Teamshooting. Stay with someone and shoot the same target. It sounds stupid to be saying this but a light of the abyss isn’t a problem when you have 2 suros pulse rifles pointed at the wielders head. However, most people run solo and wonder why specials beat primaries. Better still, you appear on radar as just a single person and make an enticing target for solo fusion/shotty rushers, who with your superior aim, fire rate and range you will crush and taste the tears of.

3) Anchoring/flipping spawns. If your team is running up and out of a good spawn, stay at the very back of the map and hide, you should be able to move the spawns back even if they do flip. You do NOT have to cap a point to spawn there. Capping will attract attention however, so the best way to flip a spawn is to hide 3 or so people in out of the way places at the side you want to spawn on, then when your team begins to spawn there cap the point you want. Also, feel free to cap point A at the BEGINNING of a match on blind watch if your teammates are too because it will not affect the spawns. Spawns are not determined by what points you hold but rather the amount of people near to the spawn on your team vs. the amount nearby on the enemy team. If you want to take a spawn as a team, you should secure and clear the area to the point the enemies stop spawning and then take the point, rather than trying to huddle 6 people into the point with enemies still around and get massacred by grenades.

4) Strafe AND change you head height. Crouch in the middle of fights, jump around in closed areas, be a pain in the butt. Controlling mid burst recoil on the now popular pulse rifles while recompensating for changing head height and sideways movement screws over people. If you are going to do this however, do not use a pulse rifle of your own as it will generally screw your aiming up too.

5) Recognise grenades and learn their blast patterns. If someone chucks a lightning grenade, you have three options. If it lands at your foot, sidestep it. If it lands on the wall behind you DO NOT walk forwards away from it, it explodes in a cone. Jump in the air and move to the side. If it blocks a pathway in front of you, shoot it.

6) Think situationally. Very important. If you have C on Shores of Time and your enemy has A and B locked down, with sniper watching B, don’t throw yourself at B like an idiot. Cap A. If you can communicate it with your team then do it alone and have the rest of your team defend C. Screw all the other guides that say HUR DUR DON’T FLIP ‘GOOD’ SPAWNS (C on Shores of Time for example). You will force a movement from the enemy. If you do not force anything from them you will be stuck in a meat grinder and lose the match anyway. If they do not stop you, they lose their flag advantage, are cornered in B and get slaughtered. If they rush C, they lose their sniper sightlines and your team will have better positioning (teams always have better positioning and sightlines on the defence) and should be able to beat them and retake B while you flank from behind. If they stop you, your team takes advantage of the decreased amount of enemies and retakes B.

7) Do not be afraid to break off a chase. Chasing is risky business, if they round a corner or go through a doorway it is a good idea to stop. You have no idea what they are doing, whether they are still running of if they have turned around with a shotty pointed your way. Also, their teammates may be near. It’s not worth the risk of feeding a kill.

8) Running techniques. Never be afraid to run from a fight, in Destiny you have many mobility options that can make you hard to kill while running. If your radar lights up all over, start running. Randomly jump and if you have a boost on your jump spam that to change your movement patterns. Slide around corners to change head height and speed and try to run towards teammates. Play tricks when you leave your enemy’s sight, turn around and pull out your shotty when you turn a corner, throw grenades behind you or if they are delayed explosion like magnetic, throw them at your feet. Also, suiciding can deny your enemies a kill if you have not taken damage recently. If someone has chased you near an edge, hasn’t hurt you in the last ~7 seconds and you can’t beat him in a gunfight, jump off.

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