Destiny Exotic Armor and Weapon Combinations

Destiny Exotic Armor and Weapon Combinations by Experiment24

Destiny’s exotic armors offer a wide range of perks, ranging from Saint-14’s Starless Night to the lackluster ATS-8 Arachnid’s Arachnid Sensorium. I believe that most of these pieces have a complementary weapon. Here are the ones I could think of (and tell me your favorite combos as well).

Obsidian Mind: Bad Juju. This one should be obvious. Inverse Shadow stacks with String of Curses, leading to a constant stream of Space Magic. EDIT: Don’t Touch Me added with a helmet with Inverse Shadow is even better here. Golden Gun/Zappy Sword forever.

Radiant Dance Machines/Mk. 44 Stand Asides: MIDA Multi-Tool. With Third Eye and enhanced movement speed, the Multi-Tool is a RDM-wearing Hunter’s best friend. You can walk like normal and still see radar when ADS, so there is no downside to aiming in pretty much any situation. EDIT: The Stand Asides are great too. “Make way for the fist train”

Helm of Saint-14: Invective/Fourth Horseman. These fast-firing shottys will leave your opponents wondering what just happened when they enter your bubble of death.

Apotheosis Veil/Mask of the Third Man/Insurmountable Skullfort: Red Death. Powerful on its own, Red Death will have you constantly healing when you wear the Veil/Mask/Skullfort. Couple this with a Recovery-heavy build and it’ll seem like you never even took a hit.

Don’t Touch Me: Patience and Time. This one is less obvious, but with Don’t Touch Me, Patience and Time, Escape Artist, Vanish, Stalker, and Shadowjack, a Bladedancer can always be invisible in a tough situation.

Voidfang Vestments/Lucky Raspberry: No Land Beyond. With the amount of time you’ll die in PvP when using NLB, this takes advantage of the exotic perks. Who needs weapons when you have grenades? Bonus points for using this with double fusion grenades.

No Backup Plans/Claws of Ahamkara/Skull of Dire Ahamkara: Monte Carlo. Having a melee ability available at all times on a Defender/Sunsinger means you can have an overshield really often. The Monte Carlo Method procs quite often, especially in PvE, so when wearing NBP, you could have your next one available before the previous Force Barrier runs out. The Skull is a little different, but if you use it with an Energy Drain-heavy build, grenades will be flying from your fingers.

Ruin Wings: Gjallarhorn/Thunderlord. These extremely powerful heavies can be equipped as your primary when wearing Ruin Wings (that is, if they work). I don’t think I need to explain why they are good weapons. Look up a video or something. A piece of super good advice is when using Thunderlord, do not use field scout as it will nullify the increased heavy ammo drops. Please confirm this though.

Sunbreakers/Heart of the Praxic Fire: Dragon’s Breath. No weapon/armor combo is better for area denial. I’m not sure if Dragon’s Breath’s Solar Flare is extended by Sunbreakers, but even if it isn’t, you can lock down a specific area by surrounding your opponent with fire. Bonus points for using Gift of the Sun.

Thanks for all the submissions. I’ll add more later if more arise. Farewell guardians.

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