Destiny Decrypting Class Items for Rares Guide

Destiny Decrypting Class Items for Rares Guide by TwilightGap

I don’t think this deserves a fancy video or elaborate guide, and I imagine it may even be public knowledge already. But I’ve been asked about my Frumious Cloak a few times and I wanted to share how I found it.

A while ago, I speculated that the reason I wasn’t seeing cloaks I had worn in the Alpha and the Beta wasn’t because they were “cut” from the game (as I’d initially believed), but because they are only available at certain levels. If you buy class items from Rahool, he only has a handful available to you. The same applies for what you decrypt: for Hunters, it’s always Hardcase, Grinder’s, Hustler’s, etc. These are all level 18 to 20 class items; I then deduced that because I am above level 20, the other cloaks may only be available at lower levels since they were there when the level cap was 8.

To test this, I created a baby Hunter and transferred Blue [Rare] class items I had picked up on my main over to her. Sure enough, after decrypting them with Rahool, I (and others) were able to acquire:

  • Frumious Cloak
  • Dynamo Cloak
  • Night Rain Cloak
  • Cloak of the Cosmonaut
  • Brawler’s Cloak
  • Cloak of Perception
  • Cloak of Atropos

I was also able to buy the following items from Rahool up until level 4. One I reached level 5, new cloaks were available and there was no longer any way to acquire these via an engram purchase:

  • Not a Fallen Hood
  • Fieldcraft Hood
  • Makeshift Scarf
  • Pleiades Hood

I didn’t document all of the cloaks available throughout the levels, but they appear to change available inventory every 4 or so levels. Class items also seem to vary within 1-2 levels like other gear in the game, so you might find the same item at both level 16 and level 18.

That’s really all there is to it. I imagine this is only relevant to Hunters since we care how Frabjous we look at all times, but it’ll also work for the other classes. If there’s an item from the Alpha or Beta that you want to get back, this is the way to do it.

Here’s an album link for some of the Hunter cloaks I found:

Feel free to post any items you may have found this way.

NOTE: Shaders work on all of these!

NOTE 2: I’m 99% positive that Rare class items decrypt into their respective class, so you aren’t going to end up with a Titan Mark if you pick one up on your Titan and decrypt it on your Hunter. This may not be the case for Legendary class items; I wasn’t able to test because I deleted my baby Titan to try this, lol.

NOTE 3: I’m not sure what happens if you decrypt low level items on a 20+, but buying low level items from Rahool will still give you level 18-20 items.

NOTE 4: ROC Strikes, Dailies, Weeklies, Crucible, and Loot Caves are a good way to find class items.

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