Destiny Abyss Without Lamps Guide

Destiny Abyss Without Lamps Guide by Pumpkiz

Edit2: So I think I’ll just note what I kind of wanted people to take away from this: You don’t have to use lamps to advance at a decent pace and you can avoid using up the lamps for people running behind you.

This isn’t the fastest way to get through the Abyss, nor is it the safest. It also isn’t the best way to do it as a team. This is just something I’ve done that has let me get to the bridge before the rest of my team without using up their lamps.

Hey everyone, I’ve been taking this route in the Abyss for a while but I haven’t seen anyone else use it or talk about it. It seems to be faster than just following the lamps and it allows you to run ahead without screwing the rest of your team over if they choose to use the lamps. When I recorded this, it ended up being 5 minutes from start to loot, but less than 3 of those minutes were spent getting to the bridge.

Here is a video of the route: Youtube XboxClips

Disclaimer: I did use 3 lamps in the vid, but you can just avoid them. I was trying to play it safe.

Here is an image illustrating the path on dummehh ‘s map: Imgur

I do this with all three classes, there’s no fancy jumps required to do this. The only thing that really differs is staying alive at the end. I prefer to run this with the MIDA since it gives you a boost in walking speed, but in the video I used shotguns with +2 Agility to show this isn’t required. I think what makes this faster than the lamps, aside from being a more direct route, is that you aren’t standing around a lamp to get your weight of darkness down. The video’s annotations and description have more details if needed.

Abyss’s illustrations. It is SO good and really helps you get a sense of direction.

Edit: Alright people have been asking about doing this solo, so I did it with each class. The hunter was really easy, I did it without activating any lamps. The warlock was the hardest for me. I took the same route as the original video and I’ll annotate some tips later that can help you stay alive. For the titan I felt it would be really similar to the warlock until you reach the bridge, so I used the notorious jump at the second lamp for comparison’s sake. I think the jump cuts about 30 seconds? It is much safer however, so if you can make that jump it’s probably worth it.

Here are the videos: Hunter Warlock Titan

I edited them to cut out any failed attempts at the beginning and to make them brighter, but again that might take a while to take effect.

I also wanted to note that I do not mean to say that you should always take this route and desert your teammates. If you’re in a well coordinated group, it will be much more fun to work through the Abyss together. It probably won’t take you that much longer either. I just wanted to share this as an alternate route. It may be faster, but it’s definitely not the fastest nor the best.

tldr: You can skip a lot of lamps and you may find that shorter route faster.

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