Clash of Clans Buildings to Destroy for 50 Percent

Clash of Clans Buildings to Destroy for 50 Percent by RNmedic

Here is a quick reference guide for the amount of buildings you need to destroy to achieve 50%. Granted, not everyone has 5 builder huts or every building so these are rough estimates.

  • TH10: 81 total – 41 buildings for 50%
  • TH9: 73 total – 37 buildings for 50%
  • TH8: 63 total – 33 buildings for 50%
  • TH7: 54 total – 27 buildings for 50%
  • TH6: 43 total – 22 buildings for 50%

I hope this helps for anyone who is trophy pushing.

Q: Are all buildings weighted equally?
A: They’re all weighted equally. However, there is usually (almost always) a 1-2% deviation that you can notice. This is simply because of rounding. For example, if you have destroyed 43.2% of the base, it’ll show as 43%. But then depending on the amount of buildings they have, the next one could show up as 44, 45, 46, whatever. Then after that, it could go up 1-3% again…etc.

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