Summoners War Giants B10 Guide

Summoners War Giants B10 Guide by Anthrax89

After running countless Giants B10 runs with many variations, I’ve decided to write a little guide/outline of my findings and recommendations thus far on bringing your B10 runs up to 99% success (can’t discredit RNGesus).

Note: I kill the boss. I never wanted to waste time with crystals, so everything you read below is based on zerging the boss and ignoring the rest. Also, relatively long post.

Table of contents

  1. The Core Team
  2. Requirements
  3. X Candidates
  4. Potential X Candidates
  5. Alternate Teams/Leaders
  6. Additional Info

The Core Team

  • Wind Sylphid (Acasis)Despair/Energy or Focus, Spd/Hp%/Hp%– The foundation support for the team. Bubble is invaluable, heal is useful and the DoT she applies with her auto-attack is an excellent source of damage.
  • Wind Griffon (Bernard) – *Swift/Energy or Focus, Spd/Hp%/Hp% or Def% – Team speed up and enemy debuff makes him also invaluable to the team. I run Def% on my (6) because I find it really enhances his survivability.
  • Wind Pixie (Shannon)Despair/Energy or Focus, Spd/Hp%/Hp% or Acc% – Team atk/def buff is also invaluable. Very useful slow down and glancing hit debuffs help make the boss hit like a little girl.
  • Light Bearman (Ahman)Violent/Energy, Hp%/CR%/Hp% – The allstar. The volume healer. The Hp bar supplementor. The dictator of swag. Violent is imperative for healing throughput. If no good violent sets available, I recommend trying swift or possibly a Spd (2) runeIF you can get his heal to be healing >3k (preferably in the 3.5k range).
  • X – The variable.

I’ve found that using the first 4 alone, I can successfully manual the entire dungeon. It’s painful, but it’s doable. The role of X is to either make the run faster and kill the boss before the team goes down to prolonged AOE pain, or to support the team and bring the fattie down slowly. Essentially, make the run more reliable so it works on auto play.


  • 100% crit rate and >3k heals from Ahman.
  • All party members must have >12k Hp. This seems to be the range where you will survive two attacks from the crystals in the pre-boss stages. The more health the better, as it provides flexibility and more room for error. Count on Ahman to repay those health debts for you.
  • Acasis set to lead. The added resistance is imperative in preventing issues before reaching the boss, and stopping the defense and speed debuffs found at the boss stage.
  • High accuracy on Shannon and Bernard (75% minimum is a good range to aim for) – mine are 80% and 52% respectively, and the latter proves lacking sometimes.
  • High defense is advised on all monsters.

My Team – For comparisons’ sake


X Candidates – With added usefulness/5 rating and commentary!
Tested with success on auto-play

  • Water Archangel (Ariel) – 5/5 – Good AI on heal, both team and single-target heals, naturally tanky and not likely to die.
  • Water Sky Dancer (Mihyang) – 5/5 – Buff-extending heal is OP for preventing your team from being buff-less at any point in time. Beneficial effect removal is also great for de-buffing the boss.
  • Water Dragon Knight (Chow) – 3/5 – Good for quick DoT applications and general survivability. I’ve had some very fast runs using Chows, although sometimes he will get eaten by the boss.
  • Water Occult Girl (Anavel) – 3/5 – Makes moving to the boss a bit faster, and provides a great AOE heal if things get hairy at the boss.
  • Water Oracle (Praha) – 4/5 – Same idea as Anavel, with the added bonus of debuffing the boss’ crystal buffs and replacing them with DoTs.
  • Wind Archangel (Eladriel) – 6/5 – Basically makes the run fail-proof. Powerful revive, huge heal and naturally tanky.
  • Wind Epikion Priest (Michelle) – 4/5 – Same idea as Eladriel, but slightly less effective. Block flow buff duration is awesome too.
  • Wind Death Knight (Briand) – 4/5 – Another reviver, great when paired with Ahman as the revive is easily healed back when spread across the entire party.
  • Wind Chimera (Lagmaron) – 3/5 – Makes getting to the boss faster, and killing the boss faster with his DoTs. Somewhat naturally tanky allows for smaller chance of death at the boss.
  • Wind Sylphid (Acasis) – 5/5 – Wait, what? Yep, a second makes the run nearly fail-proof. Another shield, another heal, and another source of those ever so valuable DoTs. Very entertaining to watch. Helps if one is violent or has an unskilled shield to prevent shield overlaps.
  • Wind Hell Lady (Ethna) – 4/5 – A relatively tanky 5-star who can (sort of) hold her own. Dishes out a ton of damage and applies dots quite reliably, meaning the boss goes down quickly. At risk of dying to counter-attacks, though.
  • Fire Epikion Priest (Chloe) – 4/5 – Useful heal and even more useful invincibility and immunity buffs. I’ve seen them prevent quite a bit of damage, and negate the effects of that pesky def debuffing tower.
  • Fire Raksasha (Hwa) – 4/5 – Pins the boss down, applies dots, just an overall amazing monster to have. Useful for approaching the boss stage too, as it seems fire monsters will auto-target the crystals instead of the golems.
  • Fire Phoenix (Perna) – 4/5 – Awesome for a reliable team mini-heal that adds on to Ahman. If she dies, free rez. Does quite a bit of damage, and targets towers first naturally.
  • Fire Death Knight (Arnold) – 2/5 – Does a good job of tanking everything up to the boss, and chunking the boss with extortion. Prone to dying quickly to boss, and doesn’t offer anything to the team besides a meat shield unfortunately.
  • Light Vagabond (Darion) – 3/5 – Biggest use is the team damage reduction passive, which is really helpful. The atk/def debuffs are already applied by Bernard, so other than damage reduction he’s not very useful.
  • Light High Elemental (Shren) – 3/5 – Massive nuke means faster progression to boss and faster kills on boss. Mystical blood transfusion also proved to be quite useful in tight situations and aiding with healing.
  • Light Bearman (Ahman) – 5/5 – Another double! Team is nearly always at full health. Slow but low-risk.
  • Light Raksasha (Pang) – 3/5 – Debuff extender means the giant will quickly have >10 turns of DoTs, slows, atk/def debuffs and glancing hit debuffs on him. Meaning your team is likely to never experience an accidental death. Unfortunately, she appears to be extremely squishy herself and I’ve had her die a few times very early, before being able to truly work her magic.
  • Dark Chimera (Zeratu) – 4/5 – What a joke. This guy will eat anything. 3 dots per turn with a large damage output means a quick and easy win every time.

Potential X Candidates
Not tested

  • Water Sylphid (Lumirecia) – In theory would work well. Auto-attack applies a DoT and she has a full-heal which could be useful for a clutch death-prevention.
  • Water Undine (Mikene) – Revive and heal would both be excellent at supporting the team.
  • Water Chimera (Taor) – Same principle as the wind counterpart, should work well.
  • Water Epikion Priest (Rina) – Should work due to useful heal and low likelihood of ever being killed by the boss.
  • Water Mystic Witch (Megan) – DoT and debuffer, all the tools needed to theoretically take the giant down.
  • Wind Ninja (Orochi) – Can apply up to 6 DoTs on the boss, and can get you to the boss much faster. I’ve read that this works many times, but I’ve yet to try it myself. I much prefer a more support-oriented, slow-and-steady-wins-the-race method vs. a nuke or die method.
  • Wind Vampire (Argen) – Potential use as an alternate leader due to his 48% resistance team-wide. Would help prevent Ahman being debuffed. Death Blow might be a suitable nuke due to the rolling debuffs on the giant.
  • Wind Undine (Delphoi) – Third skill removes all harmful effects, grants immunity and heals. Basically the perfect support skill for giants. She can put the boss’ heavy-hitting earthquake skill on cooldown. Definitely a viable candidate.
  • Wind Sky Dancer (Chasun) – Team heal and single-target Hp balance/heal. Good supporting skills would help prevent accidental deaths. Good potential.
  • Fire Sylph (Baretta) – The PvE god. In theory would slow the boss and apply DoTs, but elemental disadvantage and low hp could pose an issue.
  • Light Inugami (Belladeon) – Team heal when needed plus a buff removing skill means this little pup could prove to be a pretty solid choice.
  • Light Taoist (Hwadam) – Would prevent accidental deaths, also has a chance to decrease atb of boss.
  • Light Pioneer (Nigong) – Strong, automatic revive..
  • Dark Sylphid (Icares) – DoT, heal and an added nuke bonus. Would work well.
  • Dark Salamander (Decamaron) – High-hitting auto-attack, immunity to freezes and stuns, can be built very tanky to survive. Doesn’t add anything to supporting the team, but a good damage unit.
  • Dark Pioneer (Woonsa) – Buff remover and decent self-sustain.

Alternate Teams/Leaders

  • Water Phoenix leader skill boosts all Hp in dungeons by 44%. This makes your team tankier, and makes Ahman heal more. Great for the boss fight, the deficit is getting there you will experience more stuns/freezes from the golems and speed debuffs from the crystals.
  • Wind Vampire leader skills provides 48% resistance to the entire team, covering your base wind team as Acasis does but with the added bonus of affecting Ahman as well. This also removes the necessity of running Ahman violent, although I still heavily recommend this.
  • Wind Undine provides a 40% increase in defense to all wind monsters. Defense is an excellent PVE stat, and this can negate quite a bit of damage. Especially when coupled with Darion’s passive.

Additional Info
User-submitted tips, etc.

lynn0173: From what I can tell, when the team is def debuffed and there’s no shield or def buff, one crit hit from the giant is about 20K+.

another12th: I just like to add that wind undine lead also work really well. I run Delphoi, acasis, Shannon, Bernard and Darion. With the defense boost and Darion passive I didn’t need Ahman. Only acasis and Shannon are 6, but if you have decent runes they can probably be fine at 5. Darion is actually in the most danger so you’ll want 20k+ hp on him. Mine only has around 17k and he dies at boss sometime but rest of team still finish.

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