Monster Hunter 4 Solo Dalamadur Guide

Monster Hunter 4 Solo Dalamadur Guide by Fuckfencing

Disclaimer: This guide is based off of my own experience, as I haven’t seen any other guides out there for this. As a result, it may not be optimal. I’m sure Gaijinhunter’s guide will blow this out of the water, but until then, I hope this helps people get past this wall.

A lot of people have been stuck on HR7 due to the Dalamadur fight. It’s easy to get one shot, the mechanics are weird, and he has a ridiculous amount of HP. Pugging this is just a nightmare, so if you can’t find anyone reliable to help you out, soloing is an option. I gave up on pugging quickly, and was able to solo Dalamadur on the 2nd try with 14 minutes remaining using this strategy.


Nothing too special here. Load up on healing items (although you’ll hardly take damage if you do this right). I like to bring Demondrugs and Mega Dash Juices, but it isn’t strictly necessary. Bring some Barrel Bomb S’s too.

Build the highest tier Dragon weapon you’re comfortable with, as he’s extremely weak to it. Armor with Sharpness+1 and any other heavy damage stats will help a lot, as the biggest obstacle here is his insane HP pool.

Unfortunately nearly everything Dalamadur does is true damage, so elemental resists won’t help you here. Loading up on enough defense to not get one-shot is advisable. If you’re a gunner, defense won’t matter at all, since everything is pretty much going to kill you outright. (I don’t recommend going Gunner if you’re soloing this)


There are a few key attacks to watch out for in this fight:

  • Bite: Massive damage, but a really obvious tell. He’ll hiss for a bit, open his mouth, and then charge shortly later. Block or dodge to the side and get ready to punish.
  • Energy bombs: When the head is idle, these tend to drop from the sky. There will be a pillar of light where they’re going to land. The explosion radius is moderately large, so roll out of the way quickly.
  • Massive energy bomb: Dalamadur eats some weird crystal in the arena and then quickly follows up with a huge energy blast. Getting hit with this is likely a cart, so move quickly.
  • Tail swipe: You’ll hear a rattling noise, and shortly afterwards the tail will either swirl around its current location, or swipe across the screen. Either way, get ready to dodge when you hear the noise.
  • Laser: This is probably what’s killing most people. He’ll reel back a bit and start drawing in energy. Assuming you’re facing him, he will always start the laser sweep from the left. Superman dive through it to avoid dying. Remember that you can’t superman when directly facing a monster, so face towards the direction the laser is coming from.
  • Misc: Like most Elder Dragons, Dalamadur has a variety of simple movement-based attacks. You’ll likely have to learn how to deal with these as you encounter them. The good news is that they don’t do as much damage as the signature moves, so they’ll only serve to slow you down a bit.


We’re going to approach this fight in a few phases. Dalamadur tends to get more aggressive as he nears death (or it may just be time based), so we’ll get the annoying stuff out of the way first.

Phase 1:

As soon as the fight starts, you’ll see Dalamadur wrapped around the massive pillar in the center of the arena with arrows indicating you can climb him. Don’t, it’s a trap (note: it’s not actually a trap, but you don’t want to go up there yet when soloing). Instead, lock target on his tail and head that way. Beat on the tail as much as possible, but be careful to avoid the rattling attacks. On this side of the arena the tail does a simple swirling attack every 20-30s or so, be ready for that. Eventually it will switch sides. On the other side, continue to follow the same strategy, but watch out for the longer swipe attack described in the “Attacks” section. After 1-2 cycles of this, you should break the tip of the tail.

Phase 2:

Dalamadur should coil back around the central pillar soon. If he’s taking his time, beat on an easily accessible body part until he coils. Once he coils, pop a Mega Dash Juice if you have it, and run up his body. Eventually you’ll reach an area where you can’t continue. At this point, there are two weak spots, his shoulder, and a black spike. The shoulder isn’t really exposed at this point, so wail on the black spike until it breaks. When it breaks, you’ll be thrown off the cliff. This is a good thing, we actually need to go down there! When you land at the base camp, pick up the Dragon Bombs and Large Barrel Bombs, along with any other supplies you might need.

Climb back up into the arena and dodge the energy bombs/massive energy bomb until he coils again. Run back up and place the Dragon Bombs on his shoulder joint. Stay near the shoulder joint, as you don’t want to be thrown off the cliff again when he recoils. When you’re thrown this time, you’ll land on a small platform. Quickly jump off and land near Dalamadur’s head. Beat on it as much as possible. If for some reason you fall into the lowest pit, simply run to the corner where his body is and beat that up until he moves. It’s not great damage, but it’s better than anything else you can do at that point.

Now that the bombs are gone, whenever Dalamadur coils, run up and beat on his shoulder until his throws you. You’ll land on the platform again, at which point you can either attack his body or jump down and attack the head again.

Keep repeating this until the 30 minute mark (or so), and he’s going to start using the laser. At first, he’ll just use the laser once. Punish him after you dodge it. As the fight goes on, he will add a second laser, and eventually a bite attack. It can be dangerous to punish the first/second lasers once the bite attack is added, so be careful, triple carting this late into the fight is not worth the risk. For extra damage, after the cycle ends you can drop some Barrel Bombs on his face. Just make sure to drop an S Bomb to detonate them quickly, you don’t have much time before he starts his next attack.

Phase 3:

A bunch of the arena falls off at this point, and he’ll no longer coil. This is where things get tricky, as you’re going to have to fight him straight up. There’s a few ways to go about this, but I think the following strategy is safer:

You’ll notice Dalamadur has his two massive claws supporting him on the arena. Like most monsters, damaging these enough will stagger him. However, this is going to take patience. Energy balls are going to fall quite often at this point (especially when he’s enraged), he’ll sometimes bite you, and occasionally he’ll do the large energy blast. The claws will also switch from the high to the low ground periodically, so keep with them. He’ll occasionally do the Laser -> Laser -> Bite combo here too. After 1-2 staggers, you should be able to finish him off.

If you have any questions or further additions to the guide, discuss!

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