LoL Vi Tips and Tricks

LoL Vi Tips and Tricks by finestvieuw

1. Charge Q/Flash/Release Q (Doubles Q’s Distance) Also called “Flash Q” See Tip 19 for “Q Flash”

2. E has longer range than AUTO!

3. Q may push enemies through walls

4. Using 3RD W and smiting at the end of W’s animation deals massive unexpected damage (use to out-smite your enemies)

5. E-ing through targets (E.G. minions) can be used to reach low HP opponents beyond and potentially kill them

6. Casting E on 3RD W stack, stacks E’s and W’s damage whilst also performing the 3RD W animation faster and applying the damage quicker

7. Cast R through low HP enemies to get to your initial target whilst damaging or killing enemies in your way

8. Chilling smite helps land Q (basic tip)

9. (Wave clear) Q the wave once it’s lined up and is in Q’s range and E the last minion facing the rest, to most likely kill all minions (Vi damage build)

10. Q is a great low CD spell which can be used to escape, it dashes you through flat terrain as well as walls. May even get you on the other side of the map within seconds (do so when being chased on enemy side if you can’t execute yourself)

11. Q & E (R too but not recommended in this case) trigger passive, therefore use it when low to save your life. E.G. ignited etc or Karthus Ulted

12. Q lines up jungle camps at certain locations around the camps, use it to clear with E to save time & HP (made a Youtube guide:

13. Vi’s good with and against assassins because she can either help her assassins reach their target or lock down and focus enemy assassins to kill them faster

14. Don’t be scared to use your CC to deny damage dealt to you or your team-mates and to penetrate your enemies

15. E and Q apply a stack of W (only when W has at least one point in it, duh)

16. Use E right as you finish an AUTO ATTACK. E resets AUTO ATTACKS (and is treated as one) Good combo is Auto>E>Auto

17. Q is a slight knock up as well as a knock back!

18. Predict opponents flash or dash, and ULT beforehand to avoid escapes and burn their summoners/escapes

19. Flashing can re-adjust Q’s landing position, which can be used when your opponent changed their position all of a sudden and your Q is already casting (very difficult) In other words “Q Flash” where you Q and Flash at the end of your animation to still apply the knockback!

20. Flashing whilst Q-ing can skip a target and hit someone behind it (very difficult) Vi > Opponent > Target (on the left is a layout of a diagram, best I could do)

21. Vi can deal with tanks, blow up squishes and her ULT allows you to by-pass the enemy front-line to lock down and take out high priority targets. One of the many reasons why she’s my favourite champ :)

22. Your ULT always lands behind your target which means it’s important to hit that semi charged Q right after you finish your ULT, to lock down your enemy for even longer and bring it closer to your team

23. Save your Q when invading enemy jungle to either, attack the enemy jungler once he/she shows up, or to escape with it in case you can’t win the duel

24. When chasing an enemy don’t always ULT them, as long as you have vision of their team. Your Q is a low CD ability and can be used to chase down enemies instead of ULTING which may come in handy later on

25. 40% CDR! CDR as well as Armour Pen are stats that work AMAZINGLY on Vi. To get my 40% I get 10% out of my Runes and Masteries, 10% from Warrior Enchantment and 10% from Brutaliser which puts me at 30% CDR and the last 10% can be either blue buff or Iceborn Gauntlet/Frozen Heart

26. Use Q to avoid wards when ganking, similar to J4 and Lee Sin(if blue side support wards river bush I would Q from drag to tri-bush. Same concept on purple side)

27. Some combos: AA>E>AA / Q>AA>E>AA>E>AA / Q>AA>E>R / R>Q>AA>E / Q>AA>E>AA>R>AA>E (AA = Auto Attack)

28. While Jungling, when using Q to go through a camp, position yourself so that E blows back into the jungle. The blast wave is visible and may give away your position (Thanks to Diakonran)

29. Q Damage scales with charge time so when possible, try to gank with a max charge of Q

30. Q can stop dashes, so try to time it to stop an escape/engage dash like Wukong’s E, LeBlanc’s first W or Lee Sin’s Q! (Stops the second Q once Lee charges at you)

31. Watch if the rest of your team is close by every time you ULT for a follow-up on your engage.. you don’t want get dragged into a full enemy team 3 miles from your teammates (Tip 29, 30 & 31 Thanks to NewAssassin)

32. One of the best things about Vi is how much you can adapt your build to fit your team and who you’re playing against, so the best build will basically be different every game (Thanks to cosmoflop12)

33. A tip for fighting enemies with Banshee’s: You can smite enemies mid-Q and pop their shield, allowing you to deal the full damage of your combo

34. If you hit a champion with Q, you immediately do an auto attack without even clicking on them, so hold your E until you get that auto off so you can proc Denting Blows right away. Doing this does insane burst damage before they even have a chance to react

35. When you know you’re about to get CC’d hard, use your ult. You get cc’d but the time you’re in your ULT duration and reaching the target, it pretty much mitigates the CC time (sometimes lowering it).

36. You can flash during your ultimate to deviate from your path and knock aside targets that didn’t expect to be hit before going back to the initial target.

37. Buying Tenacity reduces all CC that affect you. Q Slows you by a fair amount which means it’s a de-buff, therefore tenacity items like Mercury Treads will reduce the slow on Q, making it a must buy on Vi!

Feel free to add in some of your tips if you think I have missed out on some. Don’t hesitate if you have any questions or criticism (it’s most welcome)

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