Heroes Charge Team Building and Hero Investment Guide

Heroes Charge Team Building and Hero Investment Guide by AyameNoop

Got real tired of seeing people posting long lists of their heroes and asking which heroes they should invest in and how to fit them in teams. Information in this guide should not be taken literally as Heroes Charge is a relatively deep game and there are many many hero combination to try out. What this guide tries to do is to help beginner/intermediate players work towards a basic cookie cutter team to learn with, after that they can branch out to their own unique combination after gaining some in game experience. The guide is also targeted at players ABOVE LEVEL 50. Since before that the main focus is to level up and to use whatever strong heroes are available.

The heroes will be divided into the following categories, modeled after sports teams

Starter: Generally your team will consist of 3-4 of the heroes here
Subs: Heroes that are interchangeable with the starter heroes, but won’t be used as much
Reserves: Heroes that can fit with the team, but will be used only when the situation calls for it.

How to use the Guide
Look at the heroes and how they are divided. Now generally try to invest in heroes in the Starter category, once that is done followed by the Subs category (not all the sub heroes are needed though). The reserves category can be ignored if you lack the resources or they are easily rented from your Guild.

The list is also NOT MEANT TO INCLUDE EVERY HERO, just the ones that are important. If a hero is not in this list, they are on low priority.

The main 2 team types are presented below

A general, well rounded team with stable damage output. Good from level 50+

War Chief
Vengeance Spirit
Luna Guardian

Arcane Sapper (After level 73)
Drunken Master (Focus on Old Curse first)
Iron Hoof (backup tank)
Cloud Walker
Fallen Dominion
Silencer (very very late game hero)

Tusked Storm (mainly for Raids)
Rifleman (mainly for Raids)
Shadow Shaman
Depths Voice
Savage One (mainly for Raids)

Magic Team
Generally Physical heroes are higher priority as magic heroes only start to be on par after level 78.

Death Mage (very important for post level 78 Crusade)
Old Curse
Frost Mage


Imperial Executioner
Ice Mage

Heroes that don’t fit into either category are here

Death Knight
Very very important for Crusade when below level 78, if you get him from a chest go ahead and gear/star/level him. Otherwise don’t bother and just rent

You CANNOT complete crusade without her. Gear and star (at least 4*) her up like a Starter before level 80. After that if you can complete Crusade without much problem treat her as a Reserve hero

But I don’t have any of the heroes here! What do I do?
Well the most important thing is to start farming soul stones for heroes listed as Starters here. In the meantime, follow this guide for how to use what you have to build a team.

Note: Heroes that are in Magic hot stone are exempt from this guide, as well as recently released heroes like EB and Phoenix

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