Evolve Wildlife Guide

Evolve Wildlife Guide by Exire

This is a quick guide to identify and understand the various wildlife in Evolve.

Aggressive Wildlife

Blitz Leopard

blitz leopard
Predatory creatures with powerful attacks. Can be a danger to monster and hunter alike. Their signifying feature is their luminous tail.
Meat- 2
Buff Monster- Climb 50% faster.
Buff Hunter- Jump 400% higher.

Canyon Eel

canyon eel
These dangerous water creatures are unlocked by a Monster win on Dam.

Desert Nomad

desert nomad
One mean giant camel that will attack anything that gets near.
Meat- 4
Buff Monster- movement ability recharge 50%.
Buff Hunter- Jetpack recharge 200%.

Dune Beetle

dune beetle
These dangerous giant Beetles are tough and hard hitting. They can incapacite hunters.
Meat- 4


mega mouth
These look like boulders that stick out like sore thumbs in the middle of an area. They are mostly mouth as their name indicates and can incapacitate hunters until death.

Meat- 4
Buff Monster- Stealth pounce attacks are dealt faster.
Buff Hunter- 50% class skill cooldown reduction.


These are flying creatures that are unlocked by a Monster win on the Aviary map. After the win they can appear on all adjacent maps to the Aviary.
Meat- 1


These weak creatures have a simian shape and hunt in packs.
Meat- 1
Buff Monster- 30% armor regeneration increase.
Buff Hunter- 35% less jetpack energy used while flying.


Pack hunters that are much akin to wolves, they have a chance to appear when a lot of bodies are in an area.
Meat- 1


Think a giant snapping turtle with no shell that dwells within the water. Can incapacitate a hunter until they die.
Meat- 4
Buff Monster- HP regeneration.
Buff Hunter- HP regeneration.

Venom Hound

venom hound
Nimble, tiny creatures that momentarily incapacitate a hunter to poison them.
Meat- 1
Buff Monster- Attacks cause poison.
Buff Hunter- Attacks cause poison.

Defensive Wildlife


Can be killed, hollowed out, and lived inside by Reavers, Trapjaws, and possibly hunters.
Meat- 4
Buff Monster- 35% damage reduction, does not apply to armor.
Buff Hunter- 35% damage reduction, does not apply to shields.

Basking Cephaladon

basking cephalodon
This octopus faced creature can ensnare and damage a hunter.
Meat- 3
Buff Monster- 50% reduction to consumption time.
Buff Hunter- All Wildlife runs away.

Crowbill Sloth

crowbill sloth
A giant and slow sloth, but will hit with very powerful attacks if hit or walked next to.
Meat- 4
Buff Monster- 35% damage increase.
Buff Hunter- 35% damage increase.

Mammoth Bird

mammoth bird
When inside mele range, this pack animal will attack with an aoe electric attack for medium damage.
Meat- 3
Buff Monster- 50% Ability cooldown reduction.
Buff Hunter- 50% Weapon switch and reload speed.

Man-Eating Plant

man eating plant

man eating plant 2
Will trap a hunter and slowly kill them until rescued by another hunter. After the Monster wins the weather control map, mutated versions of the plants can grow and be fed on by the Monster.

Harmless Wildlife

Canyon/Marsh Strider

canyon marsh strider
Fast moving, cowardly pack animal that has no damage.
Meat- 2
Buff Monster- 30% move speed
Buff Hunter- 30% move speed


Excretes blue shiny poop that is good for armor and energy.
A.K.A. Blue Poop Machine.
Poop- 1

Obsidian Grub

obsidian grub
Like a hermit crab it will hide in its shell and be harder to kill.
Meat- 1
Buff Monster- Birds can no longer be startled.
Buff Hunter- 75% ammo/battery increase.


This creature will release a burst of steam that discolors the screen of monster and hunter alike.
Meat- 2
Buff Monster- Attacks will slow(ministun) target.
Buff Hunter- Bullets will slow(ministun) target.

Detection Wildlife


Can be startled by Monster to reveal the location to hunters.


Have a chance to appear over Monster kills. As the monster gets stronger so does the chance.


Let out a loud keening sound when startled. Can set off Griffin’s sound spikes.
Meat- 1
Buff Monster- 100% smell range.
Buff Hunter- See life within 40m.

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