Destiny Heavy Ammo Glitch Guide

Destiny Heavy Ammo Glitch Guide by IAmWhiteBoy

I see a lot of confusion out there about the heavy ammo glitch and how to do it. There are lots of ways, but this is mine; hopefully it can help some of you avoid ever having to spend glimmer again on heavies for the Crota fight.

Items Needed:

  • Icebreaker
  • A rocket launcher
  • No Land Beyond (or, failing to have this:)
  • A low-reserve ammo hand cannon (Edit: mizzou541 pointed out that Word of Crota works exceptionally well)


The Heavy Ammo Glitch. Also known as the “Heavy Ammo Cheese” or “The HAG” (i.e. “Mom, I’m hagging! I’m finally special!”), this glitch allows the user to empty heavy and primary ammo at the start of the Crota fight and then proceed to have most of the enemies at the initial crystal room fight drop heavy ammo packs.


  • Step One – Empty all heavy ammo. A rocket launcher works best for this, and you are already probably using either Hunger of Crota, Gjallerhorn (I hate you), Truth, or a vendor launcher with a lucky tracking roll.
  • Step Two – I may have found the only use for No Land Beyond. If you have it, equip it now with any legendary as your special weapon. The benefit of NLB here is that the reserve ammo supply is a relatively low ratio compared to clip size. In other words, you only have 12-15 rounds total, 6 of which are in the clip. This is a bad thing normally, but here it’s great. The game will refill your ammo if it senses that you have a tiny supply of primary ammo left. This is where most people mess up trying to time firing their ammo off. But if you fire off all but six rounds (one clip) of the NLB, the game still sees it as a significant ratio of the gun’s overall ammo (thus, not refilling it). (Note: You can also do this with a really low reserve ammo hand cannon. The same steps should be taken so that about one clips-worth of ammo is left). (Edit: SlipperySherpa pointed out that if you start out with NLB, you have more like 25 rounds total. If you switch to it from another primary (like I do), you’ll have about 12-15.)
  • Step Three – Wait patiently for as long as you need to for others to drain their 500-round auto rifle in the desperate hope of timing the ammo regen perfectly to get heavy ammo drops.
  • Step Four – As soon as everyone steps on the crystal plate to start the Crota fight, start firing off your your last clip of ammo. With the 6 rounds in the NLB, you should finish firing right around the time Crota’s twin spires form (giggity) and he spawns in.
  • Step Five – Quickly switch to a legendary primary and then equip your Icebreaker. Congratulations… You have perfectly timed emptying all your heavies and primaries.
  • Step Six – When the glass breaks, start killing enemies (specifically, acolytes) with your Icebreaker and grenades. Almost every enemy should drop heavy. After about ~10-15 seconds, your primary ammo will refill. Use it and supers to finish the fight and generate orbs for your Titan and swordbearer.
  • Step Seven – Look at the sea of heavy ammo you’ve created. Congratulate yourself that you didn’t make everyone wait 3 minutes while you emptied out an auto rifle to do the glitch. Resist the urge to tell everyone about it so that you won’t get booted. Pick up a full supply of rockets and forget about heavy synths unless there’s an emergency in the fight (i.e. you need more rockets for ogres).

There you go, guys. That’s my method; there are other ways out there that work, but this one is mine… And it’s pretty much foolproof. I hope I helped some of you.

On an unrelated note, who wants to help castrate Xûr in the tower this weekend?

TLDR; No Land Beyond can actually do something. Use it to get heavy ammo. What are synths?

More Tips

The primary ammo timer starts once you go below 30% of your total maximum ammo.

To get rid of heavy ammo faster, just switch back and forth between 2 heavy weapons 2-3 times. You’ll be at 0 without a shot fired.

For Word of Crota, 12 rounds in the chamber and 24 rounds in reserve is the perfect amount that does not start the timer. Once I get to that amount, I just stand on the plate to start the event. If you start firing the second the walls go up, you’ll have emptied everything the second the walls go down.

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