Club Meatballs Offering To Pimp Your Balls?

Club meatballs is opened by the same people who created Sarnies and The Lokal. I love how cafe owners open several cafes in order to create different menus and cater to different crowds. Club Meatballs prides itself on its meatballs, so much so that it promises to “Pimp It Up”

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Case in point: The mains on dinner menu has an entire section dedicated to “Pimp(ing) Your Balls”. You can choose your “balls”, what you want “on your balls” and “under your balls”.

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Before you start to think about other things, remember its meatballs :)

My friend ordered free range chicken as her “balls”, truffled mushrooms “on her balls” and roasted vegetables “under her balls”. I ordered the wagyu beef, pesto and veggies. If veggies aren’t your thing, the waitress recommended mash potato or parmesan risotto.

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Personally, I recommend the wagyu beef as the chicken tasted like fish :/ I love how flavourful the roasted veggies are.

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If you don’t adventurous about your balls, you can always go for “Pimp My Salad”, which is only available in the Lunch Menu.

You get to choose what balls, carbs, etc, you want.

I chose salmon balls with arugula, pomegranates, tomato and onion relish. I actually prefer the relish compared to the pesto. It had a sweet sour crunchy tang to it.

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I like the concept and the vibe of Club Meatballs. The healthy wholesome mains make a good dish if you’re famished after work or after gym. Get your protein and carbs and PIMP IT UP today!

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