Heroes Charge Outland Portal Guide

Heroes Charge Outland Portal Guide by Mystara and flexr

Northern Dragon (Can only be Harmed by Fliers)

Old Curse
Master Mage
Poisoned One
Phoenix(this month sign-in)

A Sturdy Tank of Choice, like SoulHunter/War Chief
Auras work, so if you don’t have that many fliers, you can use commando/lunar/mystic/leaves etc to boost up their damage

Special mention: Iron hoof tank, which can negate the initial silence casted by the boss

Raged Blood (Needs Heroes with Healing Abilities)

Shadow Shaman
Wandering Spearman
Disease Bringer(Summons giant to tank,VIP only ATM)

Actually, you don’t exactly need healers, you need to SURVIVE because the boss will kill himself after sometime. Hence all tank formation works too.

DK, DM can buy lots of time with their US. Same as WC revive.

Special mention: Lightning Elemental. This guy sucks all the boss dmg and at the end the boss hit you for <10 dmg which is a joke!

Burning Phoenix (Repeatable Damage)

Bear Warrior
Rifleman blue skill(activate when boss like is around 98/99%)
Monkey (VIP only ATM)
Vanguard warrior
Sword master
DK (Need his aura if your other units can’t survive the beam attack)
Tusked storm(For his US which speeds up attacks)

Recommended Team : DK / Panda / Bear Warrior / Tuskedstorm / Shadowleaf

Commando (To Boost Panda and ShadowLeafs damage)
Lunar (To boost Panda and ShadowLeafs damage)
Shadow Shaman (Shield and Heal)

Don’t use Auto, save your Ulti until when Phoenix is an Egg, ShadowLeaf and Pandas ults are enough.

Lord of the Caves (Need Magic Burst-Damage)

Frost Mage
Ice Mage
Imperial Executioner
Lightning Elemental
Lunar Guardian
Death Mage

Recommended Team: Psychopath / Machinist / Frost Mage / Ice Mage / Death Mage

The best way is still using Soul Hunter IMO, wait till you have all your US ready, activate the other 4 and use SH US to finish off when the boss has around 50% hp. It’s insta-kill.

One of the key issues is having your heroes have enough hp to stand the boss’s poison-like attack

Don’t turn on Auto, save the ulti for when the Lord emerges from the ground.
If not using soul hunter, just press auto battle when the boss emerges to immediately activate all ulti at once.

If you want to use mystic, you must manually release his US around the 0:59 mark, just before the boss burrows again.
There is an alternative way to drag the timing by cancelling US one by one so mystic can store a little more power, but its kinda hard to time.

Robot Fighter (Need Dotters)

Poisoned One (best damage)
Shadow Shaman
Wandering Spearman
Psycopath(best dot tank, highest magic resist, US can stun and cancel boss US)
Old Curse
Silencer(disable boss magic attacks)
Disease Bringer(DoT plus summons tank,VIP only ATM)

Recommended Team: Psycho / Old Curse / Shadow Shaman / Silencer / Poison one

Special mention: Leaves shadow/Death mage and silencer. The boss attackers are mostly magic based so a silent will stop most of his attackers.
Silencer is especially good because he can US just before the boss US, making sure your front line don’t die.

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