Dragon Age Inquisition Warrior Equipment Guide

Dragon Age Inquisition Warrior Equipment Guide by Salsadips

Hi All,

Ive put together an equipment guide for the Warriors in this game. There is a few examples and proofs in the video, so I definitely recommend watching it just to show how effective gear choices can be.

Youtube Link is here.

If you don’t want to watch the video, here is the transcript:


Hello and welcome to my guide to selecting equipment for your warrior.

In this video im going to be talking you through some of the things to consider when choosing weapons, gear and upgrades for your warrior.

So all the warriors have a passive called ‘flow of battle’. This passive enables each critical hit to reduce all cooldowns by 1 second. In my opinion, this passive, tied with Bear Mauls the Wolves, is probably the single most useful passive the warriors can carry, so its important that we boost our critical hit chance as high as possible in order to take advantage of this.


The accessories that we are going to be using will be based around increasing our critical chance, cooldown times and survivability. Ability rings aren’t really that benificial to warriors as they dont really rely on their abilities to deal damage(with the exception of the reavers dragon rage, but as far as I know, an ability ring for this does not exist), but if you have no other rings, then by all means, fill the slots.

There is only two rings that I take on my warriors, the life drain ring which steals up to 10% of your total health on kill and the ring of critical chance, which increases critical chance by up to 10%.

For the reaver and Katari, I recommend using two life drain rings. Both of these characters are pretty squishy and need all the survivability that they can get. With two life drain rings you can yield up to 20% healing on kill if you have two unique version of the ring. This completely negates dragon rages health cost on the reaver and it hopefully will allow the katari to enter another fight instead of crawling around on the floor after an archer looks at him funny. for the templar and the Legionnaire, a critical chance ring and a life drain ring. Critical hits are vital on reducing the long cooldown of the templars wrath of heaven/spell purge combo and the legionaires long cooldowns for his survivability skills such as unbowed, walking fortress and counterstrike. the heal on kill in also good for tanking, as both weapon and shield classes lack a healing passive or ability.


There is a few amulets which greatly benifit the warriors, and the options here aren’t as limited as the rings are. The Templar really benifits from the Amulet of stamina, as her Wrath of heaven/spell purge combo consumes all 100 of her default stamina. With the additional 50, you can use a defensive ability such as shield wall to reflect any incoming damage before or after you use your main combo. If you don’t have this amulet, then add the templar to the next section.

The legionaire, katari and reaver benifits most from either the Amulet of Cunning or the Cooldown Amulet. Rampage makes the reaver pretty much invincible and walking fortress makes the legionnaire totally invincible, so its important that these skills have as much uptime as possible. The kataris best form of defense is to incapacitate enemies so again, its important you have the abilities available to do this as often as you can.

If you don’t have any of these, I suggest taking the amulet of consitution, amulet of strength and amulet of willpower, in that order.


Belts really are subject to whatever you have. I recommend taking either the Belt of health, ranged defense, melee defense or magic defense. unique versions of any of these take priority of course, but if you have a choice, then take them in the order I listed.


Weapon upgrades should be tailored towards critical chance and cunning, which is found in leather crafting materials. You will want to use the Hilted Haft or Raider Sword Grip for 1 handed weapons and the Dense 2 handed haft for 2 handed weapons. Try to use the highest tier leather you can in order to gain the most critical chance, or cunning.

Armor upgrades are pretty straightforward. The order you should be prioritising your upgrades are as follows: Ranged Defense, Cunning, Melee Defense, consititutions and magic defense. Obviously this is level dependant, so if you have an upgrade which is 10 levels higher than your next level upgrade, then throw that in there. You can always replace it later on if needs be.


Weapons should be selected based not only on damage output and DPS, but on critical chance and survivability traits such as heal on kill.

For the legionnaire best choices are either the Firm Tournement axe or the moon axe for the high critical hit chance and their slightly faster hit rate.

The Dwarven Crusher is really good on the Templar, as the wrath of heaven/spell purge combo will explode everything it kills for 75% of the combos damage. This basically causes a chain reaction that can extended past the 4 meter range and hurt bosses (who are immune to this combo) a great deal by just killing enemies in close proximity to them. Another great choice is the Caliban, one combo will more than likely bring you back to full health, or close to it, when detonating multiple enemies.

For the reaver, the best choice is hands down the Axe of the Dragon Hunter. It has an almost 1 in 3 chance of critical hitting, and thats without any other buffs. This synergises with Terrifying Fury so well that you will find yourself panicking all neaby enemies several times per zone as opposed to a few times a game. It also deals 5% extra damage for each enemy in an 8m radius. The special effects of this weapon easily compensates for its lack of raw damage and gives it a position as one of the most damaging melee weapons in the game. You can also use Mauls effectively via the use of Dragon Rage. Mauls usually have a slightly higher base damage to compensate for its slow hit rate and lack of AoE, so this is a good alternative option.

The Katari will benefit most from Sulivans Blade. The chance to proc pull of the abyss really helps when fighting ranged units, as you can take care of them all at once, as opposed to just watching them laugh as you trip over at the first stick they throw at you. If you dont have this weapon then another high damage AoE weapon such as Slayer would be a good second choice.

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