Dragon Age Inquisition Venatori Faction Guide

Dragon Age Inquisition Venatori Faction Guide by Salsadips

So I created a faction guide which details all the abilities and traits of every enemy from the Venatori faction. Ive made a video to display each ability and behavior, while also listing the weaknesses, resistances and immunity of every unit. Ive also commentated over the top of it to explain these a bit more, and written a transcript for those who want to get the information, but don’t want to watch a video to get said information.

Link to the video is here, hope you enjoy watching :)

Hello and welcome to my venatori faction guide. Ill be covering all the enemies including all their resistances, weaknesses, immunities and any other observations that I find.

Zealots and Marksmen are the two most common enemies you will find in this faction. Zealots have a standard melee attack and have a chance to block melee attacks, while the marksmen can utilise the Full Draw ability. You can see this when the marksman drops down on one knee, and his arrow will turn purple. He also has an ability where he will run backwards after being attacked, then do a 180 turn and quickly shoot for massive damage. This shot will deal well over 1000 damage and often will result in a 1 hit kill. Neither of these two enemies have any resistances, weaknesses or immunities.

Gladiators are the enemy you will find who carry a large rectangular shield. They have the charging bull ability which will knock you down and they also can use sheild wall to block most incoming melee attacks and projectiles from the front.The mace that they carry will always knock you down if hit with it. Gladiators are vulnerable to Electricity and has no immunities or resistances.Its best to use a disabling ability such as winters grasp, knockout bomb or static cage on this enemy.

Spellbinders wear large robes and carry a book which enables them to cast elemenatal runes infront of them and cast elemental projectiles at you. They have the ability to enchant and cast barriers on their nearby allies. This barrier, unlike player cast ones, do not expire naturally and must be destroyed before units can be damaged. Enemies that recieve barriers also recieve an elemental enchantment, this enchantment gives the unit reistance to whatever element the spellbinder carries.

There is 3 different elemantal varients of this enemy and this can be identified by the color of the runes they cast. Fire spellbinders have orange runes, ice = blue runes, lightning = purple runes. Walking over these runes will either shock, chill or burn you while also knocking you down. Jumping immediately after activating a rune will deonate it, but it wont hit you. Spellbinders can also vanish and warp to a different location when being damaged.

Spellbinders are resistant and immune to whichever element they carry for example, ice spellbinders are resistant to cold damage, and cannot be frozen, electrical spellbinders are resistant to lightning and can’t be paralyzed and fire spellbinders are resistant to fire, and can’t be panicked.

Mages are units which wield staffs and cast elemental magic. Like the spellbinder, they come in 3 forms, fire, ice and lightning, and this determines the element they will attack with. They can cast runes on a player, which they then remotely detonate. If this rune damages you, a green orb appears and homes back in on the mage, providing him with a barrier. This can occur 3 times. On the third orb, the mage will purge his barrier and launch an energy barrage at you. Mages can also retreat, similar to fade step, leaving an elemental trail which will shock, chill or burn the attacker. Mages, like spellbinders are resistant to their own elemental type and also immune to its own elemental status effect. In addition, they cannot be put to sleep.

Brutes are large armored enemies that carry 2 handed axes. They take can use mighty blow which will knock you down if hit, and their auto attack will knock you down on the last hit, regardless if the previous 3 hit or not. They can also activate rampage which will cause them charge the player, then rotate and ground smash around them. This move gives them full guard. Brutes are vulnerable to lightning and cannot be disabled by physical effects (stuns, knockdowns etc). If they have guard, they will be immune to all disabling effects.

Stalkers are dual bladed rogues that utilise stealth to attack you from your flanks. They will active stealth upon being aggroed. You cannot target the stalker while he is in stealth unitl he is in close range of you, then you will perceive him and he can be targeted. The Stalker will use twin fangs out of stealth, and will use combat roll and other evasion moves when you target him. He can reenter stealth and will often teleport to a new location nearby to avoid any tracking. Stalkers can’t be put to sleep, slowed or panicked. They also have no elemental resistance or weaknesses.

Venatori Commander is the fire mage boss of the faction. She has fade step, an immolate style move which detonates 4 small runes in an area, wall of fire, barrier and energy barrage. Fade step will be used to dodge attacks if it is available, even if you are attacking from behind. Wall of fire will move in the direction it was cast, albeit slowly, and barrier can only be cast on the commander herself. Venatori commander is resistant to fire and immune to sleep, fear, paralysis and all physical effects. this means she can be frozen.

This concludes my venatori faction guide, I will be following this up with the other two factions, plus all other enemies such as guardians and animals.

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