Destiny Faction Weapons, Shaders and Ships List

Destiny Faction Weapons, Shaders and Ships List by Debo37

If you’ve reached the endgame, you have probably figured out that those Faction vendors in the tower don’t sell everything their faction has available. I’ve never seen a good list of absolutely everything belonging to each Faction, so I’m consolidating it all into this post.

To get Faction items that are not sold by the Vendor directly, you must rank up the Faction to level 3 or beyond – upon each rank-up, you will get a Postmaster package potentially containing any of the following items listed under that Faction below. In addition, you can occasionally get Faction weapons from Rare or Legendary Engrams, or from the Weekly Nightfall as rewards.


Weapons listed in BOLD text can be acquired from the Faction representative in the Tower. However, the perks on those “vendor weapons” are the same for all Destiny players – to get different perks on a weapon the vendor sells, you must obtain it from a random source – a rank-up package, an Engram, or a Nightfall reward.

Also interesting to note: Future War Cult does not have an Auto Rifle, while Dead Orbit and New Monarchy do not have a Pulse Rifle. Thus, each Faction has 8 weapons.

Auto Rifles

Weapon NameFactionMagazineROFImpactRangeStabilityReload
Unwilling Soul-09Dead Orbit721002232269
Vanquisher VIIINew Monarchy237728325472

Hand Cannons

Weapon NameFactionMagazineROFImpactRangeStabilityReload
Venation IIIDead Orbit82281244437
The ChanceFuture War Cult62281254338
Red Hand IXNew Monarchy102281215033

Scout Rifles

Weapon NameFactionMagazineROFImpactRangeStabilityReload
Crypt Dweller SR1Dead Orbit134238594480
The CallingFuture War Cult163748774464
Crusader INew Monarchy143748754672

Pulse Rifles

Weapon NameFactionMagazineROFImpactRangeStabilityReload
The ConduitFuture War Cult18737355978

Fusion Rifles

Weapon NameFactionMagazineCharge RateImpactRangeStabilityReload
Final Rest IIDead Orbit62584443964
The CalmingFuture War Cult63771353351
Purifier VIINew Monarchy51891426555


Weapon NameFactionMagazineROFImpactRangeStabilityReload
Hide and Seek-42Dead Orbit42348173242
The CrashFuture War Cult62348163431
Judgment VINew Monarchy41458213346

Sniper Rifles

Weapon NameFactionMagazineROFImpactRangeStabilityReload
Broken Truth LR1Dead Orbit32616724671
The ChosenFuture War Cult4379814369
Prudence IINew Monarchy4406634878

Machine Guns

Weapon NameFactionMagazineROFImpactRangeStabilityReload
Deviant Gravity-ADead Orbit306653175633
The CullingFuture War Cult7410025171746
Prestige IVNew Monarchy8710025152237

Rocket Launchers

Weapon NameFactionMagazineROFBlast RadiusVelocityStabilityReload
Exodus Plan RS/1Dead Orbit21168835162
The CureFuture War Cult11168775875
Admonisher IIINew Monarchy11896366657


Each Faction has 4 Faction-specific Shaders that can ONLY be acquired randomly through Postmaster Faction rank-up packages. You CANNOT acquire them through purchase, so you’re at the mercy of RNG if you want one of these. If you wish to check out what a certain Shader would look like on your Guardian, DestinyTracker has a great tool for doing just that.

Shader NameFaction
BittersteelDead Orbit
RevenantDead Orbit
The Hanged ManDead Orbit
The NowhereDead Orbit
Babylon 9191Future War Cult
Carthage 0100Future War Cult
Nineveh 8611Future War Cult
Tyre 4470Future War Cult
AmaltheaNew Monarchy
Cleopatra AKNew Monarchy
Nefertiti AKNew Monarchy
ThemistoNew Monarchy


Each Faction has 1 Faction-specific Ship that can ONLY be acquired randomly through Postmaster Faction rank-up packages. You CANNOT acquire them through purchase, so you’re at the mercy of RNG if you want one of these sweet and super-rare loading screen flairs.

Note that there are TONS of ships coded into the game – and several of them seem Faction-themed. At this point in time, however, there are only 3 Faction ships confirmed to exist – some players have obtained them after the launch of The Dark Below. The 3 confirmed ships follow, and while more ships are certainly in the Destiny database, their release has not yet come to pass.

Ship NameFaction
The Fermi SolutionDead Orbit
The Teilhard WarFuture War Cult
The Visible HandNew Monarchy

So that about wraps it up for Faction weapons, shaders, and ships. If I missed anything or made any errors, feel free to correct me in the comments. If not, feel free to discuss/show off the coolest Faction-related items you’ve snagged thus far! Hopefully this guide clears up the confusion surrounding the process for getting Faction weapons, and the controversies all over the place about just how many Faction shaders and ships there really are.

TL;DR: Factions have cool weapons, shaders, and ships. If you need something else to grind, give Factions a shot.

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