RuneScape Elite Loot Farming Guide

RuneScape Elite Loot Farming Guide by mentions_the_obvious

Backstory: after seeing how powerful legacy mode is with dharoks at jadinkos, I started elite camping around September and have been camping off and on since. This little farming guide may have a lot of text but it’s pretty simple.

Album of loot if you want to check them all out

Album of notable drops, including Third Age Cloak with proof, and a dragon pickaxe off a trisk key I made from jadinkos


I don’t really do thieving at elf city, but it’s definitely less work than my method. Not sure about how the two elite drop rates compare, but I enjoy committing genocide on jadinkos and it’s practically guaranteed 1 in an hour at the least from my experience.

Proof of the great jadinko genocide

Basically, a lot of people don’t realize that dharoks is very good in legacy mode, and many monsters, particularly slayer ones, don’t hit hard. DH one hits jadinkos regularly, almost always 2 hits them, and very very very rarely requires 3 hits. Plus, they don’t hit high enough (or live long enough) for you to seriously worry about being killed.

Pics of 1 hit KOs as proof. The scythe and outfit are overrides FYI.

Set up

Note that this is based off the gear below and max combat. If you aren’t max, I doubt your experience would be all that much different though, as long as you have dharoks:

Here’s my set up and inventory

There’s likely more effective gear to use, but it really doesn’t take much to 1 hit them as long as you’ve got solid melee stats, dharoks set, and are in Legacy mode. The two masks are to show the two teles to / near the lair, although you can also just retune an elf city portal (near max guild) to them too.

The combat experience is good, but if you don’t want to farm, at least use this method on jadinko slay tasks. A one hour test with dharoks + my gear, ovl’d and turm’d at full attention gave 571,558 combat XP and an elite at 35 minutes. Each jadinko gives a total of 859.5 XP when killed.

As most people know due to tasks, jadinkos have good drop rates for elites. Getting one is a bit random, as it can take 1 minute or 30 minutes. If you go longer than an hour with this method, you have horrible horrible luck. I say this because I’m almost always watching a show while farming, and I’ve never gone a whole episode of a show without a clue at some point.

How it works

With dharoks you’ve got to drop your health for the full effect. For that, I use the orange stuff, called Zamorak brews. They drop your health, raise your offensive stats a bit, and drop your defence. Once you you drink them and get health down to ~100, take a couple sips of super restore to bring your defence up a bit.

You can also spam the rock cake instead, but it takes longer to drop the health. I bring the cake to drop my health if I over-heal on soul split or if a jadinko fruit heals too much when my HP gets low.

Once your health hits around 50-60 hp, that’s when you need to start paying attention, as the jadinkos can hit around 50 hp, though they don’t do it often. Typically they hit between 15-40. You can flash SS or eat a fruit off the ground to get your health back. Be sure to try keeping health below 200 for better chance at 1 hits.

I always use turmoil, and it does the job fine alone. Ovls aren’t necessary at all, but I do use them when I go for 1 hit KO killstreaks, which happen regularly. My highest chain of KOs (paying attention and counting at start of an ovl dose) is at 13 jadinkos.

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