Puzzle & Dragons Plus Eggs Guide

Puzzle & Dragons Plus Eggs Guide by semaiheya

Every time 5x technicals comes around, questions will pop up about the best dungeon to farm, how to farm it, etc (pretty sure there have been three or four threads on the same thing in the past day) so I figured it would be nice to write up a short guide answering some common questions and pointers on what to farm.

What are plus eggs?

Sometimes, an egg will drop in a dungeon with a + marking on it. This can then be fed to another card which will then gain that plus, up to a maximum of 99 per stat, or 297 total. A plus gives 10 to HP, 5 to attack, or 3 to recovery.

Why plus eggs?

Pluses are your key to end game content. Barring Robin/Anubis, pretty much every single team needs them in order to clear (0-stone) late late game dungeons such as God/Devil/Hera Rush, the latter levels of the Challenge Dungeons, etc.

Who do I plus?

I would recommend plusing leaders. +297 or highly plussed friends see a lot more use than ones that aren’t, and PAL points can be very valuable now that the PEM can give jewels and mythical evo materials. The other option is a sub that you use on many teams, in which case plusing them would benefit all of the teams (some common choices are Valk and Echidna). Another piece of advice is to focus on one pet to plus and stick to it until it’s finished. Otherwise you just end up with your eggs spread across a ton of different pets and not being that effective.

Farming Plus Eggs – The Daily Grind

  • King of the Gods, Starlight Sanctuary is the best option (even taking into account not 1.5x drop days). This is because the amount of rank exp KoG gives is miles beyond any other permanent dungeon, which means that you can continuously farm eggs up until the latter 100s. For a better explanation on effective stamina, see here.
    • The next best alternative to KoG is QoG, and then the T5/6’s on 1.5x drop if you can’t run Starlight Sanctuary yet. OoH is a good option on weekends as well.
  • A different alternative to KoG may be the coin dungeons. Many of the true technicals that are on sale for 1m give rank exp/stam ratios on par with or greater than KoG, and Mechdragon Rush even more, which means they can also be good for general plus farming. The true technicals also have the added benefit of dropping significantly higher leveled fodder and every run is a chance for 100% skill up material. However, a few things to keep in mind:
    • The true technicals are difficult. IMO, it is much easier to die in these dungeons than in KoG just because RNG plays a bigger role in what spawns and what their starting cooldowns are. Harder hitting monsters also means it is not always possible to stall for skills.
    • Mechdragon Rush is definitely more difficult than KoG, endgame team required to farm.
    • At higher ranks, continuous running of true technicals often requires stones for stamina refills.
    • Coin dungeon farming is not sustainable without farming for gold in the weekend dungeon.

Farming Plus Eggs – Speed Farming

  • The best overall dungeon in terms of speed and raw stam/egg ratio is Ruins of the Star Vault at around 19.5 stam/egg. Starry Lane is an urgent dungeon available for one hour at a time, similar to metal/super metals. If you’re going for speed, stoning this dungeon is one of the best ways to farm plus eggs.
    • The absolute fastest way to gain eggs from this dungeon means quitting on the boss floor if no pluses have dropped on the first four floors. This is because (though it may seem counterintuitive) you save more time quitting and running the dungeon again than clearing and waiting through the after dungeon wait screens. The chance at one plus egg is not worth the extra time it takes to clear the floor.
  • During 5x technicals AND 1.5x drop Mondays, the best dungeon to run is Forbidden 4, Door of Light and Shadow.
    • Some commonly suggested teams: Noah/Goemon/Ronia/Rodin + 5 Rodin (max skilled and awoken, in order of fastest to slowest). Basically pop skills and profit.
    • Farmable suggestion:
  • I want to add that you can use a Whiskey Dragon if you don’t have skilled up ROdin/RSonia/Goemon/Noah. Go with Ardberg (or one of the others) and friend 4 ROdins and RSonia or skilled Goemon. Wipe first floor with fire or dark mass attack, and then use the dragon and ROdins, then the board changer. You don’t need an difficult to obtain monsters as long as you use challenge mode.
  • Another option for 5x/1.5x technical Mondays is Tower of Blazing Fire 1 for speed. This is because a high level Kagutsuchi can clear all trash waves to speed run. If you care most about speed, this dungeon may be for you.
  • The last option during the 5x/1.5x is the Mechdragon dungeons. It is possible to speedfarm these with a few teams, but the data for these dungeons isn’t huge so I’m not entirely sure where this places in the ranking.
  • Some data for the interested
  • See comment for specific numbers

Feeding Plus Eggs

  • Feeding one plus at a time quickly becomes unsustainable in terms of gold, because every plus means that it costs more to feed fodder to that monster. A generally accepted strategy for feeding eggs is to feed 5 +1 to another +1 to get a +6, feed 5 +6 to another to get +36, etc etc.
  • A simple tip to use is also to store ATK pluses on one type of monster, RCV pluses on another, and HP pluses on another so you don’t end up wasting some in your feeds. Of course, this isn’t too important until you get close to maxing your pets, but something to keep in mind.

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