Path of Exile Economics Guide

Path of Exile Economics Guide by StefanLoncar

Lately i’ve gotten a lot of messeges from friends who don’t know how to aquire decent amount of currency in the game. The most common thing i noticed is “I can’t get anything good to drop, my rng is sooo bad” and i’m here to try and make a little guide which i’m sure has been done already but there is no harm in saying things again. Poe has a unique economy system known as currency items which makes it somewhat difficult for new players to understand and even some veteran players don’t know completely how it works i’ll be covering some basics today. This guide will contain

  1. Vendor Recipes
  2. Farming Methods
  3. How to manage even if you cannot afford multiple stash tabs
  4. Learning Mods
  5. Using external sites and programs to help you.

Vendor Recipes

There is no question that this is the most common an easiest way to aquire currency in Poe. A full set of rare items with an item level of 60+ will net you a chaos orb when you sell them to any vendor in the game. However there are a few tricks to make your life easier with deciding will you ID the item or not, because identifying the item lowers your chaos net gain by 1 it may not seem like much but if you add up your chaos recipe it will amount to alot of chaos lost. There are 9 most common and best used vendor recipes These recipes require a full set of rare items. A full set is capable of filling all item slots in the inventory screen (not including flasks, the alternate weapon set, or a quiver). Specifically, it consists of One of the following:

Two-Handed Weapon (including bows, quiver not required) ×1 One-Handed Weapon ×1 and Shield ×1 One-Handed Weapon ×2 Helmet ×1 Body Armour ×1 Gloves ×1 Boots ×1 Belt ×1 Amulet ×1 Ring ×2

Your net will warry of 3 things:

Item Level, Item quality and state of the item (Identified or unindetified)

A full set of rares with an item level 1 to 59 will net you 1 Orb of Chance

1 to 59, all unidentified OR all 20% quality will net you 2 Orb Of Chance

1 to 59, all unidentified AND all 20% quality will net you 3 Orbs Of Chance

For the Chaos recipe the same rule above apllies only the Item Level is 60 to 74

For the Regal Orb same recipe applies again but with a minimum item level of 75

For the full vendor recipe list go to

EDIT : Good Base Items

Armour:[Glorious Plate (STR), Zodiac Leather, Assassin’s Garb (DEX), Vaal Regalia (INT)] Triumphant Lamellar (STR/DEX) Saintly Chainmail (STR/INT) Carnal Armour (DEX/INT)

Boots: [Titan Greaves (STR), Slink Boots (DEX), Sorcerer Boots (INT)] Dragonscale Boots (STR/DEX) Crusader Boots (STR/INT) Murder Boots (DEX/INT)

Gloves: [Titan Gauntlets (STR), Slink Gloves (DEX), Sorcerer Gloves (INT)] Dragonscale Gauntlets (STR/DEX) Crusader Gloves (STR/INT) Murder Mitts (DEX/INT)

Helmet:[Eternal Burgonet (STR), Lion Pelt (DEX), Hubris Circlet (INT) Nightmare Bascinet (STR/DEX)
Praetor Crown (STR/INT) Deicide Mask (DEX/INT)

Belts : Rustic Sash, Leather Belt


2H Axe : Void Axe 1H Axe : Infernal Axe

Bow : Harbinger Bow

Claw: Terror Claw

Daggers: Ambusher, Platinum Kris

1H Mace : Nightmare Mace 2H Mace : Imperial Maul, Piledriver

Wands : Imbued Wand, Prophecy Wand,

1H Sword : Corsair Sword, Fancy Foil, Spiraled Foil, Jewelled Foil 2H Sword : Reaver Sword

Shields : Titanium Spirit Shield, Archon Kite Shield, Imperial Buckler

Farming Methods

There are a few farming methods but i’ll include the easiest ones in my oppinon.

Dominus runs in merciless difficulty, if done in a party will net you alot of rares which you can use for the recipe explained above.

Fellshrine runs in merciless difficulty is the first zone you’ll encounter ilvl 60 items and can start saving sets for your chaos recipe

Not so popular but effective is Vaal runs, with a bit of rarity it will net you alot of rares and i’ts easy to run.

Last but not least is running maps which are the only way to get ilvl 75+ items, and item level 75 item can drop as soon as a 73 map.

How to manage without multiple stash tabs

Easiest way i’ve found is to create a mule characther, in other words make a new account and use it only for it’s extra 4 stash tabs, you can have as many of these accounts as you like just remember to keep track of them all. I do not recommend saving your recipe items in those mules but rather uniques and items that you can use in the future but are not planing using it in the near future.

Learning Mods

Alot of people ID everything because they want to sell it but some bases will not net you very good results, In my honest oppinion and experience if you have good enough gear, you should start IDing only ilvl 76+ items because those have a good chance of rolling high Tier mods, to learn the mod tiers go to

External help

Last but not least is the use of external trading sites to make your trades Most popular program for trading is Procurment within a few minutes you can setup your own shop and sell while you are afk, it’s easy, simple and safe. And it will improve your gain by alot. There is also a search based trading site where you can find exact gear you’re looking for and find something affordable to yourself.

Using those 2 sites/programs will improve your currency gain substantialy. Link for Procurement Link for

I know this guide isn’t perfect but i hope it helps out atleast one person.

Poe Spreedsheat of usefull recipes made by (enamelprotection)

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