Monster Hunter Hard Hitting Lineup Guide

Monster Hunter Hard Hitting Lineup Guide by ThePhyrex

Good day fellow Hunters!

I’ve been struggling with soloing Hard Hitting Lineup for the Dragon’s Roar SA. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a lot of suggestions for this particular quest, so I thought of writing a guide for myself. Let’s get to it!

Preparation: I’m going to skip items, since it’s always the same and obvious ones(mega potions, max potions!, pills, energy drinks, combs for more potions etc.)

As a solo hunter you need to face the fact that fighting two monsters at the same time in a narrow space is not going to give you many open windows of attack. This is why we are going to try and maximise our passive damage

  1. Use a poison weapon (My set up is Dirty Graf + Gigginox X armor)
  2. Bring the Lamp Mask/Artillery Mask Combo. The Lamp Mask has the highest raw of any Mask and will increase the damage of the projectile
  3. Give your Shakas the Abilities: Attack Boost, Speedy Recovery,Seven Lives for Lamp Mask and Speedy Recovery and Guard Boostfor Artillery Mask

Tips for the fight: One thing you need to do before entering the arena isaccepting the fact that you will cart, especially at the start where the monsters aren’t fatigued. So don’t give up. Many times I won at my last life and without any more potions, which brings us to our first point.

  1. Use your potions! You know the old “Hit/don’t get hit”? Well here it is even more important. One B. Diabolos charge can very well take away half of your health (assuming you have 150hp). You don’t want to be at half health when the Diabolos roars during a chin smash or you are staggered when the Diablos charges! Also you will have time to refill after you defeat the first two monsters (you get 7 Mega Potions from carves and 4 from gathering spots)
  2. Activate your Artillery Mask as many times as possible! Your Shakas won’t stay alive for long, so killing one of for damage is a win-win. Also, since the Diablos loves to dig, the Uragaan is going to be the preferred target of your Artillery Mask so:
  3. Focus on the Diablos, but keep the Uragaan in the targeting cam. Diablos is the most agile of the two so you have to keep a constant eye on him and occasionally look at what the Uragaan is doing
  4. NEVER. EVER. ATTACK WHEN THEY ARE IN CLOSE PROXIMITY. This will very well result in your precocious death trip on the cart. They will stunlock you very easily and if they are near the wall its impossible to see with the camera what is going on.
  5. When a monster trips it’s the perfect opportunity to attack the other monster. With one monster downed you don’t have to worry about a double attack so you can hammer on the one still on its feet without problems. If you attack the one on the floor however you can easily get rammed from behind!

Things to keep in mind:

Poison status can be applied while a monster is poisoned. So attack whenever you see a chance even if the monster is affected.

Don’t worry about sharpening. We aren’t going for raw damage but for status. Still, sharpen if you are at the camp.

I hope this guide will help you overcome this quest. Tell me about your successes or your defeats, I’d love some feedback :)

Happy Hunting!

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