Heroes of the Storm Advanced Map Tips

Heroes of the Storm Advanced Map Tips by walshroom

There are many guides with basic, general tips for beginning players. Here are a few more advanced ones that aren’t hard to grasp and can make games easier :)

Map related

Haunted Mines

siege giants will go into the enemy golem’s lane. If you capture your siege giants when the enemy golem is walking past their tier 2 (very front) fort, the giants will stay behind your gate and help kill their golem faster. *You can kill the giants when the golems are rising, but if they die and the yellow circle pops up, wait to take it until the golem is at the enemy front fort)

When the mines open for the first time, they stay open. You can enter at anytime. It can be useful when running from certain death (go into the bush, go into mines, mount somewhere and b). It can also be good to get in the mines early when the dead are about to rise. If you can camp the mob spawn points, it is easy to get 20-30 skulls immediately. The 2 middle groups (middle far left and the one right beside it) hold most skulls out of the mobs. Get their before they spawn and (and before enemies) so they can’t gank you or get skulls

Blackheart’s Bay

Great map to juke on (Juke is going through walls and such to get away from enemies) good spots to juke are: Where blackheart is, right below him, water that is separating 2 close pieces of land, some forestry.

Chests are important, but there are also 4 mobs of 2 (the purple circles) being able to control those gives almost as much coins as 2 chests.

Controlling camps is key too. Instead of trying to turn in coins if the enemy keeps ambushing you, take top knights or boss camp. Then try to turn in. Either they will still camp you but the push will hurt them, they will split and You can get a kill and cap cannons, or they kill camp and you get turn in. Camp and coin turn in synergy do wonders on that map.

Bribe is big on this map. price for free siege giants, free coins, and problems for enemy team = 1 talent.

When you are turning in coins, there are 2 rules: 1)Only turn in the amount you need. If 2 heroes have 5 coins and 1 has 3, but the turn in only needs 10 coins……the math says only the rwo 5 coin carriers need to turn in. This leads to point 2) zone! This means if someone with a lot of coins is turning in, guard him by standing in/just past the vents. This gives vision, so if the enemy team is coming, you can stall, or the person turning in can run if there isn’t enough time. Also, it deters 1-2 enemies from stopping the turn in

Cursed Hollow

mid to late game, if the enemy team is at tribute and you’re still waiting on the rest of your team to arrive, don’t jump in and stall. Poke the ppl taking tribute (tychus nade, valla arrows, ranged attacks really) and run. Stall them until your team arrives, then fight. don’t die needlessly.

When you cap your third tribute, it is better to just push their forts early-mid game. their minions have 1hp, being there is free exp, and your heroes are as good at pushing as merc. also you can zone out enemy team / possibly get kills.

It is better to start taking camps soon after you cap second tribute. that way you can heal for third tribute and team fight, and the camp(s) will push. If they contest tribute, the camp will do damage. if they defend, hello ravenlord!

Like Blackhearts bay, zone the person capping the tribute. ONLY 1 person needs to grab it. The rest should zone. there usually 2 bushes near the tribute to camp in. look around the person capping to see where they have the least vision, and go there

Dragon Shire

If you get dragon knight first early game (level 6 and below, lets say) have 1 person in top and bottom lane and 2 push with dk. That way you gain massive exp from lanes and dragon knight killing towers, and enemies HAVE to go kill dk or he will cause early problems.

Dragon knight is important, so if you have trouble taking the shrines away from enemies, there should be at least 1 person mid preventing enemies from capping the DK. like tributes, poke and run. be careful though, you don’t have vision like tributes. Best is to have 2 mid running annoying defence, and 3 taking a shrine back quick.

When using DK, if you are alone at first, clear enemy minion wave first, and let your minions eat the tower damage. That way you prolong the DK life. Don’t kick an enemy your team is killing. Kick the full health problems, dying enemy as finishing blow, or to save an ally. (Also good to kick an enemy before the DK dies/expires so u have 1 less person on you when u get out)

Garden of Terror

Seeds are important. The mobs give 15 each, and terrors give 60. (if I’m wrong someone correct me, its late) Try to get mobs quickly. aways go after the terror. If a team fight is happening around a terror, be sure to not get caught in the terrors stun. It will cost you the team fight. Don’t go near it until after it stuns. This way you know it wont stun for a little bit, and u can pick up seeds he drops due to aoe or targeted damage.

The Garden Terror is not the same as the Dragon Knight. Dragon knight forces his way through towers and is pretty mindless. Garden terror has many uses. Unless ur getting curbstomped and a big push is coming, use it offensively. GT’s [W], the plant in a pot, does massive structure and minion damage. Place it around the most enemy structures possible. HOWEVER, if enemy team is there to defend, put it in a spot the enemy can’t really attack it. If they are behind the towers/gate, put it outside the gate, they have to get through you and your team to kill it.

You don;t need to push the same fort. lots of times you will be alone. The best thing to do is drop your [w], sprint to another lane’s fort, and drop [w] again when the cooldown is done. Hit structures till enemies show up, repeat. If there is 30-40 seconds on the GT time limit, and it still has a good amount of health no need to sprint around. start doing as much damage as possible, drop plant pot when time is about to expire/enemies will kill GT, and then sprint away to safety.

GT is also efficient at killing heroes unlike DK. it does good hero damage, can sprint chase enemies, and can polymorph them to slow / stop abilities. This doesn’t mean go out of your way to kill enemies. If they are defending well against your team backup, punch em a couple times, or hit them when they come out to kill the plant pot. Always best to hit them when they are morphed.

These are just map related tips for newer people. I don;t know if people will find this useful or not, but I feel this info will help. I’m not saying these tips are advanced, but they may not be known to newer / lesser experienced people. Feel free to add anything else in the comments and I’ll try to update. If people like this then I will do one about advanced tips for beginners on hero abilities and how to use them smarter/differently

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    This was exactly what i was looking for! I’m a pretty advanced MOBA player so any of the tips about not tower diving and standing behind your minion wave was just useless. These were really good, thank you :)

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