Heroes Charge Arena Guide

Heroes Charge Arena Guide by chipersimmons


Edit it as you see fit and we can get an ultimate guide going! I will start/finish the basic stuff as soon as I can!

Heroes will be taken into consideration on how easy it is to farm extra stars for them/starting stars with 0-72, and after that will be assumed to be all 4-5 stars. These will be based BOTH on usefulness in a strategy team (like frost mage in all magic) AND in just overall usefulness in any team (commando)

Admiral. 505075
Arcane Sapper. 402098
Bear Warrior. 72-6050
Brute. 896350
Chaplain- 363650 (Just for sapper counter)
Cleric- 203040
Commando- 999997
Death Knight. 775050
Death mage. UNKOWN, no clue.
Depths voice: 404068 (Apparently good sapper counter)
Drunken master- 607094
Emberstar- 675060
Frost mage: UNKOWN, only use Ive heard is with all magic team and crusade.
Ice mage- 606070
Imperial executioner- 707272
Shadowleaf. 708586
Lighting Elemental- 754030
Lightning Master- 755050
Lunar Guardian- 709570
Machinist- 404085
Master mage: UNKOWN
Mountain: 505075
Mystic- 307090
Necromancer- UNKOWN
Old curse- 859080
Pilot- 507080
Poisoned One: 756560
Professional Killer- 955060
Psychic Sword – UNKOWN
Psychopath- 303060
Rifleman- 303030
Savage One- 68 6565
Shadow Shaman- NO CLUE
Shallows- 507875
Silencer- 457083
Sniper- 586065
Soul Hunter- 797071
Succubus- 906050
Tusked Storm- UNKOWN except for 72 plus. So ?-?-87
Vengeance Spirit- 607087
Wandering Spearman- 656570
War Chief- 599594
Warrior Monk- 706070
Wind Master- 857075

Thanks to anyone who can help, criticize, agree/disagree, and modify. Also,I know, for example, EVERYTHING has a place at level 80 BUT. I can assume arcane sapper will be better than cleric, even if some random person or two managed to get a top 50 deck with a cleric in it.

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