Hearthstone Rank 1 Legend Druid Deck

Hearthstone Rank 1 Legend Druid Deck by Fr0zen54

Fr0zen Druid Proof: http://prntscr.com/5gf8cg


rank 1 druid

Hey guys its Fr0zen here and I just hit rank 1 NA last night with a non-hunter midrange token druid deck. Over the past 3 days the deck went 124-37 over the past 3 days. The list contains


2x Innervates
2x Wild Growths
2x Wraths
1x BGH
2x Savage Roar
2x Shade of Naxxramas
2x Swipe
2x Keeper of the Grove
2x Violet Teacher
1x Harrison Jones
1x Loatheb
2x Spectral Knight – Amazing in the meta right now over druid of the claws as it is a direct counter to shaman, mage, warrior and if you can get buffs off of it with power of the wild it just becomes stronger.
2x Force of Nature
2x Ancient of Lore
1x Dr. Boom – Can be Replaced with Rag but not nearly as good
1x Cenarius

Non – Core Playable Cards in this deck according to meta

1x Black Knight – Really like the fact that it’s a 6 drop and perfect counter to Sludge Belcher which is why its in the deck right now.

1-2x Claws – At first I really liked the card but then later I realized how dead the card is when you don’t have coin. If you are on coin and you kill an undertaker it is so much value and sometimes a 16 damage combo on turn 10 can cheese people out.

1x Thalnos – Used to think this card was amazing but now realized that playing thalnos loses you way too much tempo and the spell power is way too inconsistent to draw

1x Starfall – Actually a really underrated card but the 5 mana slots are stacked

1x Cairne – Really good against new control warriors who don’t run silence but really loses to aggro decks The main skill of the deck is knowing when to innervate big drops to contest warrior weapons and when to buff minions to get out of range of aoe and setting up for lethal with force of nature savage roar.


Warlock 60/40 – Worst matchup because both handlock and zoo have tools to snowball out of control and the weakness of druid is the inability to clear board while gaining tempo and removing big threats. Still from my experiences but requires a really good hand.

Control Warrior 75/25 – Very easy matchup, most warrior don’t have a way of dealing with early shades and you can keep pumping them with buffs then otk them. If a warrior doesn’t have a perfect hand it is very hard for them to deal with all your minions efficiently and still live. Most of the time the game relies heavily on them RNG brawl (which most warriors cut) or RNG ragnaros to win which is why you try to get in the shade damage before those turns.

Shaman 90/10 – On ladder I actually didn’t lose to any shamans however I did have a few losses in the tournament. If you have innervate early and can put on any early pressure you can constantly clear their board and maintain tempo until you have lethal, also shamans don’t have heal so setting up for lethal is really easy.

Hunter 60/40 – This matchup is a high skill matchup (for the druid), really requires you to play around traps with violet teacher tokens as its sometimes worth it to innervate just to get a 1/1 out or savage roar for a 1/1 in order to protect the teacher from freezing trap. You race the hunter hard as you have no taunts.

Rogue 80/20 – Spectral Knights Loathebs low amounts of heal gg

Paladin 80/20 – Keep swipe for muster and if you have Harrison, there’s no way a paladin can come back from the card advantage you get

Mage – 70/30 – Also skill matchup, mage right now plays minions that are sticky with 3 health and uses spells for removal then free roll damage with minions. As long as you clear efficiently and get out your anti spell 5 drops this matchup should be in your favor.

Priest – 80/20 As long as you they don’t have blade master circle this game is over, if anyone has time, watch my game vs dog in the nesl, craziest comeback ive ever had.

Druid Mirror – Everyone thinks druid bad so no one plays it anymore :(, only played 3 or 4 druids on ladder and I think I only lost once. But I expect this beats most other druid decks.

This is a very tempo based deck and curving out is the most important part so it’s not always correct to save power of the wild or spells with violet teacher you just want to get minions and things on board. Also, Dr. Boom is 100% MVP

I dropped a few ranks from testing for the tourney, I will be streaming the deck later and if enough people ask, I can write a more detailed guide.


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