Hearthstone Priest Crazed Alchemist Legendary Deck

Hearthstone Priest Crazed Alchemist Legendary Deck by MechaSixVII


priest crazed alchemist


I finalized this deck earlier this week at rank 5 and shot up 1 rank per day before getting legend today. This deck has an insane winrate against the current meta, and with the right opening hand, can burst down a handlock before they even get a chance to play Jaraxxus. There’s about 10 cards different than the current meta priest deck that’s being played. This deck is 100% just punish the opponent for being greedy. Punish for over extending. Punish for not putting up enough taunts. Punish for not killing my turn 1 northshire.

Why no holy nova?

Holy nova is slow beyond belief. It doesn’t develop your board and the heal only matters when you’re ahead. Most of the time it’s not needed, if my board needs a heal to solidify it’s position to prevent removal, I’ll just use a circle of healing.

2 shadow madness?

The better AoE option for priest. You can use it to clear board of two bigger minions or you can use it to bypass taunt completely and win the game. The synergy with crazed alchemist is unreal.

Crazed alchemist? Why not two shrinkmeisters?

No one plays around it. This guy gave me a lot of wins I don’t deserve. That handlock will play belcher at 9 health while you have a 4 attack minion and not realize he just gave you perfect lethal. Other times you just need an efficient way to clear. Or even more funky situations can arise. Like when I used shrinkmeister + crazed alchemist on dr. boom before running sylvanas into him to guarantee I’d steal ragnaros. It occupies a different niche than Shrinkmeister, the cards they have synergies with are the same but how they’re used is quite a bit different. Shrinkmeister combos in order to get good value, are much slower than crazed alchemist combos. Crazed alchemist combos, the four or five of them I tend to keep using, on the other hand are so situational that I would never want to run 2, and I wouldn’t want one in my opening hand. Same goes for shrinkmeister. It looks like a 2 drop. It’s not a 2 drop.

Light of the Naaru?

I would say that this is the strongest card added for priest in GvG. Stronger than Shrinkmeister. Stronger than lightbomb. Stronger than Vol’jin. It’s versatile beyond belief, and there’s very rarely a time to not use it. You can use it to ping with auchenai, you can use it to create 4/6 blademaster, which draws cards from northshire, it’s a spell so it procs pyro. The versatility and synergy this card has is insane. This deck would not be possible without this card. Priest decks, my old one in particular, are so heavily focussed around the circle of healing; light of the naaru has all of the same synergies as circle of healing, but also creates a lightwarden, a card that has all the same synergies as northshire cleric.

Have you tried recombobulator?

Yeah, he’s really slow, and really inconsistent. You don’t need the pseudo heal for your minions because you’re playing priest. You have a 2 mana healing ability already. He doesn’t help any particular matchup and this deck is all about crazy high tempo plays.

What do you think of lightbomb?

Better in a slower deck than this. I do like it a lot more than holy nova though.

What would you replace Vol’jin with?

You can’t really. There’s nothing quite like him, the same is true of sylvanas, but if you have no other options, put in a faceless and switch one of the shadow madnesses for a death.

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