FFXIV T13 Scholar Guide

FFXIV T13 Scholar Guide by jessicaredding

A Scholar’s Guide to Bahamut Prime

Phase 1:

Rotation: Megaflare > Flatten > Earth Shaker

Megaflare: Megaflare is the primary mechanic of the fight. Scholars are key to this fight as they will prefent that majority of megaflare damage, which is enough to outright kill all non-tank party members.

  •         Sacred Soil the main tank and the megaflare stack point.
  •         Apply succor to the entire party before megaflare is cast.
  •         Succor the party after damage is dealt by the circle beams, but before damage is dealt by towers.
  •         Heal the main tank before megaflare finishes ensuring he does not die to the next flare breath.

Flatten: Flatten is the tank killing move of the first two phases of the fight. Flatten will be followed by three flare breaths, which also hit the tank for a considerable amount of damage.

  •         Apply an adloquium the main tank to assist the white mage in healing this mechanic. However, the white mage should be able to heal the majority of the damage.

Earth Shaker: Earth Shaker will target two random players and hit them three times in a row. Each of these hits will leave a liquid hell pool below the target.

  •         Land a heal after every hit.
  •         Make sure to top off the target after all three hits before the next Megaflare.

Phase 1 DPS:

  •         Open the fight with an x-potion of mind and DPS until the first flatten. Initial stoneskins will ensure the safety of the party.
  •         A long DPS rotation can be used between flatten and earth shaker.
  •         A short DPS rotation can be used between earth shaker and megaflare.

Phase 2:

Rotation: Shadow of Meracydia > Flare Star > Flatten > Megaflare > Rage of Bahamut

Shadow of Meracydia: The shadow is a hard hitting add that will use deadly drive on the off tank.

  •         Make sure the tank is always above half health for the next deadly drive.
  •         Help heal the main tank as there is not much damage on the off tank.

Flare Star: Flare star is a move that will spawn orbs on the battlefield tethered to random players. This will happen three times per rotation. You want no one to take more than two orbs.

  •         No one can take more than two orbs.
  •         Avoid giving two orbs to bards and ninjas.

Flatten: This mechanic is dealt with the same as in phase one.

  •         Use the time during the flare breaths to succor the whole raid.

Megaflare: Megaflare continues from phase one. Towers are added in this phase. See phase one notes.

Rage of Bahamut: Rage of Bahamut deals 3k damage to each player for each stack of the orb debuff they have.

  •         Adloquium anyone with two stacks or more.

Phase 3:

Rotation: Megaflare Dive > First Add Wave > Megaflare Dive > Second Add Wave > Megaflare Dive > Teraflare

Megaflare Dive: This ability involves Bahamut Prime and the Storm of Meracydia diving across the arena followed immediately by a megaflare.

  •         Succor before every megaflare dive.
  •         Rouse and whispering dawn before every megaflare dive.
  •         Sacred soil every megaflare dive EXCEPT the last one.

First Add Wave:

Rotation: Pain + Blood > 3 Gusts > 2 Sins

  •         Apply all dots to the pain.
  •         Apply all dots to the gusts and bane onto the sins.
  •         Apply all dots to both sins.
  •         Heal tanks below half health.

Second Add Wave:

Rotation: Storm > Blood > 2 Gusts > Sin > Pain

  •         Apply all dots to the Storm immediately then heal the first death sentence.
  •         Apply all dots to the sin and bane to the storm.
  •         Second death sentence comes when the sin dies.
  •         Focus heals on off tank (tanking pain) during final megaflare dive.

Teraflare: Bahamut’s ultimate ability.

  •         Use all fairy cooldowns, sacred soil, and succor the whole group before entering the neurolink.

Phase 4:

Rotation: Akh Morn > Megaflare > Earth Shaker > Akh Morn > Megaflare > Earth Shaker > Gigaflare

Akh Morn: The ultimate tank killing move. Hits an additional time every time it is cast.

  •         Adloquium both tanks before akh morn.
  •         Focus heals on warrior. White mage can handle the paladin.
  •         Use lustrates when scared.

Megaflare: Second tower is added in this phase. Tempest Wing is added in this phase.

  •         See phase 1 notes.

Earth Shaker: Tempest wing is added in this phase.

  •         Your target must end with full health and an aldoquium or they will die to tempest wing.
  •         Recommendation: Adloquium > Physick > Physick > Adloquium > Lustrate


·         Sacred soil, succor, and fey covenant are sufficient to save the party.

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