Dragon Age Inquisition Unique Weapons and Armor List

Dragon Age Inquisition Unique Weapons and Armor List by QuickM3

I wanted to post a real list of unique items for Dragon Age Inquisition; unique weapons, unique armor and other items like unique belts, unique rings, recipes, etc. By real, I mean one that I’ve confirmed over three playthroughs and one that has item stats, item locations, quests and vendors they are tied to. This is NOT information that was copied from random vague and often horribly incorrect postings on other sites this is all stuff I have found in game.

Here is the list.
(I find Internet Explorer to be a bit wonky with Google Docs, so if you’re just getting a grey screen on the tabs, try Chrome or just a wait a bit it should load.)

The list of items is as complete as I could get it. If I find others I will add them as I am able to confirm their stats and how you acquire them. It’s not outside the realm of possibility that there are quest paths in the game that I’ve not followed and as such there may be items that I don’t have on this list.

I’m looking for help keeping this up-to-date as well as filling in the gaps. If you have an item that got missed I would appreciate repeatable steps on how you got the item. If I can successfully get the item myself I’ll add it to the list with the steps you’ve provided on obtaining it. “I found this item, here are the stats, I don’t know where or how I got it” isn’t going to get it on the list.

Although I have tried to added notes where appropriate, this is not a how-to quest guide, as such there are not going to be detailed descriptions of how to obtain and complete every quest that is referenced. That’s what Google and YouTube are for. ;)

Some Caveats About This List:

  • Please note that the values listed in the Armor, DPS and Damage columns can vary when the item is “dropped/looted” there seems to be a range of values that the game selects from for them. What I have listed is simply from the values that were geneated for me. I have gotten multiple items through different playthrough and compared them and the variation is minor. If I felt the variation was so much that it invalidated the data, I would not have included it.
  • Please note that this list does not contain “Special Shipment” / DLC items that a given player may or may not have access to based on the version of the game they purchased.
    In the future, if real DLC drops and new items get added to the game, I will include them.
  • Please note that no prices are given for the vendor related items. This is intentional as various Inquisition perks will cause these values to vary on a per player basis. As such, I did not find that it would be reliable to put in numbers that could be vary quite a bit from person to person.
  • No masterwork armor or weapon schematics are listed. I was not actively tracking these drops and as such did not have enough information on hand to determine which were guaranteed drops and which were random chance. I felt the potential random nature of this would cause listing them and the locations I found them at to be misleading.


  • Superb Amulet of Constitution
  • Superb Amulet of Cunning
  • Superb Amulet of Dexterity
  • Superb Amulet of Magic
  • Superb Amulet of Willpower
  • Superb Cooldown Amulet
  • Superb Stamina Amulet


  • Axe of Green Edges
  • Cleave
  • Song of the Marshes


  • Superb Belt of Cold Resistance
  • Superb Belt of Electric Resistance
  • Superb Belt of Fire Resistance
  • Superb Belt of Fire Resistance
  • Superb Belt of Healing
  • Superb Belt of Health
  • Superb Belt of Magic Defense
  • Superb Belt of Melee Defense
  • Superb Belt of Ranged Defense
  • Superb Belt of Spirit Resistance
  • Superb Belt of Spirit Resistance
  • Superb Belt of Staggering
  • Superior Belt of Focus
  • Superior Grenades Belt
  • Superior Guard Belt
  • Superior Potions Belt


  • Bane of Red Crossing
  • Farslayer
  • Grunsmann’s Bow
  • Longbow of the Griffon
  • Longshot
  • Perseverance
  • Punched by the Maker
  • Tenasarin
  • The Trepanner’s Requital


  • Agony
  • Audacity
  • Bleeder of Souls
  • Cordova’s Smile
  • Gift of the Talons
  • Knightslayer
  • Lady Jocasta’s Revenge
  • Nameless Blade
  • Promise of the Storm
  • Silkdart
  • The Tongue of Serpents
  • Walking Death
  • Wyvern Tooth


  • Axe of the Dragon Hunter
  • Gift of the Mountain-Father
  • Glittering Darmallon
  • Rebuke of the Sunderland
  • Siege’s End


  • Certainty
  • Rendor’s Blade
  • Sulevin Blade
  • Verdict

Heavy Armor

  • Armor of the Knights-Divine
  • In Peace, Vigilance
  • Masterwork Battlemaster Armor
  • Masterwork Battlemaster Mail
  • Masterwork Vanguard Armor
  • Masterwork Vanguard Coat


  • Ambassador’s Mask
  • Arishok’s Vitaar
  • Cowl of the Overseer
  • Dread
  • Dukes Mane
  • Helm of Drasca
  • Helm of the Inquisitor
  • Mask of the Empress
  • Mask of the Grand Duchess
  • Mask of the Grand Duke

Light Armor

  • Ancient Elven Robes
  • In War, Victory
  • Masterwork Battlemage Armor
  • Masterwork Enchanter Mail
  • Robes of the High Keeper


  • Soulkisser
  • Thunderstrike
  • Vidathiss


  • Call of the Dark
  • Mhemet’s War Hammer
  • The Boon of the Spoon
  • The Last Stand

Medium Armor

  • In Death, Sacrifice
  • Masterwork Prowler Armor
  • Masterwork Scout Armor
  • Masterwork Scout Coat
  • Vir Banal’ras


  • Antivan Fire Grenade Recipe
  • Cold Resistance Tonic Recipe
  • Confusion Grenade Recipe
  • Fire Resistance Tonic Recipe
  • Healing Mist Grenade Recipe
  • Jar of Bees Grenade Recipe
  • Lightning Resistance Tonic Recipe
  • Lyrium Potion Recipe
  • Mighty Offense Tonic Recipe
  • Pitch Grenade Recipe
  • Regeneration Potion Recipe
  • Spirit Resistance Tonic Recipe
  • Tears of the Dead Recipe


  • Superb Ring of Armor Penetration
  • Superb Ring of Attack
  • Superb Ring of Barrier Penetration
  • Superb Ring of Bleeding
  • Superb Ring of Critical Damage
  • Superb Ring of Flanking
  • Superb Ring of Guard Penetration
  • Superb Ring of Life Drain
  • Superb Ring of Staggering


  • Aegis of the Order
  • Dirthamen’s Wisdom
  • Estwatch Guard
  • Magehunter
  • March of the Everlasting
  • Schaefer’s Rampart
  • Shield of the Emperor
  • Wedge of Destiny
  • Wintersbreath


  • Blizzard’s Path
  • Bloodwake
  • Deathward
  • Fade-Knocker
  • Grand Enchanter’s Staff
  • Staff of Corruption
  • Staff of Stasis
  • Staff of the Void
  • Stormbreak
  • Tempest
  • The Sunless Staff
  • Tyrdda’s Staff
  • Wrath of Lovias
  • Yavanalis


  • Avenger
  • Caliban
  • Evanura
  • The Dueling Blade
  • The Sweetish Fingers

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