Dragon Age Inquisition Templar Guide

Dragon Age Inquisition Templar Guide by Salsadips

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  • Wrath of Heaven (stuns nearby enemies in a 4m AoE for 6s. Deals 700% weapon damage to demons only. Upgrade grants 300% extra damage to demons and stuns for 2s extra)
  • Spell Purge (Dispells all magic in a 5m AoE. 24s cooldown. 35 stamina cost. Eldritch detonator. Upgrade grants 600% weapon damage when dispelling enemies)
  • Shield Wall (Blocks incoming attacks to generate guard at the cost of stamina. Upgrade grants allies nearby 30% armor bonus when blocking.)
  • Horn of Valor (15% damage bonus, 15% armor bonus. 10s duration, 18s cooldown. 35 stamina cost. Upgrade grants 35% extra damage)

Mandatory Passives

  • Turn the Blade (20% melee damage resistance from the front)
  • Turn the Bolt (50% ranged damage reduction from the front)
  • Flow of Battle (critical hits reduce cooldown by 1 second)
  • Deep Reserves (50% stamina regen rate when less than 50% stamina.)

Unlock Order

Go straight for Wrath of Heaven, then Spell Purge (level 8). Get Horn of Valor. Upgrade all abilities except Shield Wall (level 12). Get Turn the Bolt, Turn the Blade and Flow of Battle (level 16). Upgrade Shield Wall and use the rest of your points in whatever you choose.


For the first group of enemies, or when finishing off stragglers, try and gain some guard by blocking attacks with Shield Wall. This will allow you to gain a bit more durability when you charge straight into the middle of the next group of enemies to unleash your Wrath of Heaven/Spell Purge combo. If you are fast and lucky enough, you can take out the entire spawn with 1 combo. I find that archers usually try and stick together and given they are a huge pain in the ass to your team, they are best taken out first. Venatori Brutes and Templar Knights can usually withstand a single combo, so be prepared to counter their attacks with Shield Wall.

Use Horn of Valor as much as humanely possible. Before fights is best, then during, when you have the chance (it does have a fairly long animation so choose your moments wisely). Your team gains a 50% attack bonus, which is pretty good given you can apply it to your entire team in 1 use. Great supporting ability.

All in all, you are fairly tanky with the passives you have and Shield Wall, so make sure you are the main draw of aggro. The more aggro you have, the better. If you get overloaded, use Wrath of Heavens/Spell Purge as a get out of jail free card. Know where archers are and prioritize them. Use shield wall to deflect arrows and wait till the melee units have caught up with you before using your WoH/SP combo to liquidate them all.

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