Dragon Age Inquisition Keeper Guide

Dragon Age Inquisition Keeper Guide by Salsadips

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  • Barrier (provides additional health bar which must be depleted before you are damaged. 4m AoE, 24s cooldown. 50 mana cost. Upgrade reduces cooldown by 4s when barrier expires)
  • Fade Step (Evade ability. 2s Duration, 12s cooldown. Upgrade grants 300% weapon damage and 8s chill when passing through enemies)
  • Disruption Field (Slows and weakens enemies. Enemies in a 3m AoE have a 50% speed reduction for 10 seconds. 24s cooldown, 65 mana cost. Upgrade reduces speed by 99% for 5s)
  • Chain Lightning (250% weapon damage, 8s shock, up to 4 hits, 5m arc range, 8s cooldown, 50 mana cost. Upgrade gives +4m arc range and 2 additional hits)

Mandatory Passives

  • Strength of Spirits (50% barrier bonus)
  • Guardian Spirit (Barrier activates when you are badly injured)
  • Gathering Storm (0.5s cooldown reduction per attack)

Unlock Order

Immediately grab Fade step upgraded (level 4). Get Upgraded Disruption Field (level 10).Get Guardian Spirit, Upgrade Chain Lightning and get Gathering Storm (level 16). Fill in rest of points as you desire.


The main aim of this build is to provide an aggressive support role for your team. While it is possible for you to stand at the back of your team and spam barriers over and over again, I find that its much better to contribute to your teams DPS and crowd control by allowing Fade Step and Disruption Field to become offensive rather than defensive abilities.

First off, barrier your team before the charge. Safety first. Next, charge straight into the middle of the enemy group and cast Disruption field. Remain in the bubble. You will be immune to all ranged fire and the melee units will be frozen in time. In the event of a melee unit or two not being frozen, your barrier can absorb the hits. As soon as fade step has come off cooldown, charge back out into the flanks and cast chain lightning. Keep barrier off cooldown so that you can use this on your team if they run into trouble. Fade step can now be used to evade enemies and you should fulfill a more traditional Keeper role of casting auto attacks, barrier when necessary (dont just spam it) and chain lightning.

Disruption Field will freeze every single enemy except Behemoths, Pride Demons, Templar Commander and Demon Commander. Us this to trivialize Guardians, enemy rogues and high value targets in general.

When it comes to zone 5, keep your team alive. Don’t pull any heroics. Your role is to ensure that your teams barriers are topped up and that all 4 of you stay alive. Do not under any circumstances get into LoS of Archers, because you will die. And when you die, your team will follow suit if you are their lifeline.

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