Dragon Age Inquisition Elementalist Guide

Dragon Age Inquisition Elementalist Guide by Salsadips

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  • Wall of Fire (6m plane that panics and burns enemies that touch it. 20s duration 200% weapon damage per second. 4s fear duration, burning duration 8s. 32s cooldown. 35 mana cost. Upgrade gives 3m extra size and 4s extra burn duration)
  • Firestorm (Meteor shower that hits 12 targets, knocks them down and deals 100% weapon damage. 60s cooldown. 65 mana cost.)
  • Winters Grasp (freezes a single target. 200% weapon damage, 4s duration, 8s chill, 16s cooldown. Cost: 65 Mana, upgrade grants 3m AoE chill effect) (use fadestep if you prefer)
  • Barrier (provides additional health bar which must be depleted before you are damaged. 4m AoE, 24s cooldown. 50 mana cost. Upgrade reduces cooldown by 4s)

Mandatory Passives

  • Death Siphon (20 mana and 10% health restored when an enemy is killed near you)
  • Gathering Storm (0.5s cooldown reduction per attack)
  • Control of the Elements (15% duration for all status effects (frozen/burning/panic/chill)

Unlock Order

Beeline Firestorm (level 6), then upgraded Wall of Fire and Death Siphon (level 9). Get Gathering Storm, then Barrier (level 14). Upgrade Winters Grasp and Barrier and get Control of the Elements (level 17). Then fill out the rest of your points (I choose Strength of Spirits, Veiled Riptose and Chaotic Focus).


The Elementalist really isn’t that difficult in terms of strategy. The one thing I will mention though is that you should always wait for the Flashpoint icon to show up on your HUD before casting Wall of Fire or Firestorm (its the yellow star with a red flame inside it). This ability is incredibly useful, and you get it while beelining to Firestorm. As im sure you can imagine, 2 wall of fires active at the same time does an insane amount of damage (2x 200% weapon damage per second for 12 seconds = 2400% x2 weapon damage over 12 seconds(does not stack)), while 2 firestorms active means that an area can be completely locked down for a significant period of time.

There is no specific casting order, though I recommend casting firestorm first if its a large group being targeted in an open room, Wall of Fire if there is some kind of chokepoint. Or both. Because you can do that. 1 directly after the other from a full mana bar.

If you have a tank, or teammates that are being targeted, throw out a barrier when you need too. You aren’t a keeper so don’t feel obligated to keep barriers topped up at all time. You are for the most part, an AoE crowd controller, and this is the role you should prioritize.

When enemies get too close to you (which does happen, but rarely) just cast winters grasp on them. Try not to move around too much, as Winter Stillness increases mana regeneration by 50%, meaning barriers will be available faster after casting firestorm for example.

Death Siphon should keep you alive, besides, enemies wont get in melee range of you, and if they do, you can just cast Winters Grasp/Fade step and continue the onslaught of magic.

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