Destiny Eris/Xur Urn Bounty Easy Guide

Destiny Eris/Xur Urn Bounty Easy Guide by Waveguider

Easy Methods For Eris Urn Bounty!

Step 1: Purchase the Urn of sacrifice from Xur You need to fill the Urn with burned ember from killing Thrall with Solar Fusion rifle.

Step 2: Launch up The Dark Beyond moon mission on level 9 heroic difficulty and get to the bit where it says “WE’VE WOKEN THE HIVE” Use Murmur on fire setting or Vex Mythoclast to burn through this bounty easily. Burn eh? See what I did there? Leaving the embers on the ground won’t destroy them so farm up till you have more than 25 and collect them all in one go. You’ll need to do this for the next step as well

Step 3: Now kill 5 cursed thralls with your melee attack I’m not sure how to find a lot of them but they come up a lot in the new Omnigul strike! The Telthor mission “Chamber of night” has many cursed thralls! Leave the shard things on the ground because death resets progress but they are still there so grab them all at once

Step 4: Woot! The telthor mission is really good for that thrall bit! Now to defeat hive acolytes and wizards with void damage and collect what they drop! lose minor progression on death! Time to shine my Atheons Epilogue! I reckon the We’ve Woken the Hive mission is still the best for this as it nets about ~15 acolyte kills per runs (0 wizards) with the fastest respawn and kill times (A bit slow but good if you don’t have Telthor mission) The Telthor mission CP net about 30 per run. 4-5 runs will get you the total! head to orbit each time! Don’t die! Acolytes count as 1, Wizards count as 5!

Step 5: Need to kill Urzok in an “enemy is moving against each other” event! looks like Urzok is very tough with an Arc shield! will need help to take him out! Urzok seems to spawn in any public event or even just roam around the cosmodrome!

Step 6: Urzok down. Need to now go to the moon and complete a special mission called ritual of sacrifice! (Do this on hard and earn 5 Motes of light!) Mission is complete and the URN has been tURNed in. Apparently all you get is a pair of +33 Legendary light gloves (Eyes of Eris), good for one strange coin but a lot of effort and really not worth it in my opinion :) but if all u need is one +33 light glove, go for this questline! it is extremely fun but unrewarding for some!

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