Destiny Defeating Crota Guide

Destiny Defeating Crota Guide by WhatisARyan

Hello Guardians, almost every fireteam I have seen has disbanded and given up on the final showdown with Crota. With this, I have decided to write my own detailed guide on how to successfully defeat him and complete the raid! This strategy worked for my team, and should work for yours too!

First off, before you even start the battle, you need to sort out a few roles in the team. These roles include:

  • The Samurai / Swordbearer
  • The Sniper
  • The Caller

The Samurai is the one who uses the sword and does all the damage to Crota. Must be level 31.

The Sniper is going to be alone, killing knights to protect the Samurai. Must have maxed Icebreaker

The Caller will keep a keen eye on Crota’s shield %age and call out when the Samurai should approach Crota

Quick Tips

  • Ogres and Thrall will spawn after every 2 Swordbearers. Kill the Ogres to spawn the next swordbearer.
  • Oversoul will only activate each time someone dies, so keep that in mind.
  • You need to get Crota’s shield down two times per sword in order to beat him before enrage.
  • If you do not get a couple hits on him with the first sword, it’s best to wipe and try again
  • Do not start to shoot Crota until the Samurai has the sword in hand.

Phase 1

Initiate the fight by having everyone stand near the crystal.

Now have 3 players on the left and 3 players on the right and clear all the enemies when the barrier drops.

Once all the enemies are clear, everyone except the Sniper makes their way to the downstairs entrance underneath the room with the crystal.

The Samurai should grab the Chalice on the way down, and shoot the Swordbearer in order to lure him down to the entrance as well, where everyone can see him.

If anyone needs to heal, now is the chance to grab the chalice, but make sure the Samurai gets it back after.

The Sniper will hang around by him/herself upstairs on the right side, where they can snipe the Hive Boomer knights in the right tower, and also the occasional sword knight that jumps on to Crota’s platform.

With me so far? Great!

The Sniper

Your main priority is to kill the knights that are a threat to the Samurai.

There are 2 Hive Boomer knights that spawn in the right tower, and the occasional Sword Knight that jumps down onto Crota’s platform. Before doing anything else, kill these guys. (2 Icebreaker headshots)

If all knights are dead and the team has killed the Swordbearer, help shoot Crota to bring his shield down quicker.

If someone dies and it’s not worth wiping, you must also focus on the oversoul to ensure it gets destroyed.

After every 2 swordbearers have been killed, a wave of Thrall will spawn and will come at you down Crota’s platform and from your left. Switch weapons and take care of these. There aren’t too many so you shouldn’t get overrun.

Occasionally, Crota will come round to the right side. When this happens, hang at the back of the room so you aren’t noticed.

If you do your job right, you should take no damage whatsoever and will not need the chalice.

Phase 2

You are now ready to do some damage on Crota.

Everyone downstairs should focus fire on the Swordbearer to bring him down.

Once the swordbearer is down, the Samurai must run and pick up the sword and wait on the alter just below Crota’s middle platform.

When you see that the Samurai has picked up the sword, everyone must begin to shoot Crota to bring down his shield (assuming that the sniper has killed the knights on the right)

When Crota’s shield reaches 50%, the Caller should call out for the Samurai to get ready, and at 25% the Caller should call out for the Samurai to jump up on to Crota’s platform.

If timed correctly, the Samurai should arrive next to Crota just as his shield hits 0%, allowing the Samurai to get 2 smashes on him before he gets back up.

When Crota gets back up, instantly fire everything you have at him to bring him down a second time. Remember the Caller needs to give out the calls again.

This should allow the samurai to get in another 2 smashes before the sword disappears.

The samurai should now return to the group and Crota will run off to the right side.

The Samurai

Make sure you have the Chalice equipped each time you go to run out.

When the swordbearer is down, grab the sword and stand on the alter where the Chalice spawns.

If the surrounding thrall are a problem, throw down a grenade or keep tapping the jump button to avoid them.

When the caller tells you to go, jump up onto the platform towards crota and smash him twice with the right trigger/heavy attack.

Instantly jump back down onto the alter and wait for Crota to go down a 2nd time, where you can get in another 2 smashes.

Now you can fly back towards the group and allow them to use the chalice if they need it.

Phase 3

Be careful standing outside the entrance as Crota is above you to the right and can easily kill you.

Eventually Crota will run back towards the middle.

Make sure not to kill the swordbearer until Crota starts to run towards the middle.

Now just repeat Phase 2 and Crota should be down to around half health.

After you’ve dropped his shield twice, this time he will run to the left side.

Phase 4 – Ogres

Now that you have used 2 swords, 2 Level 32 Ogres will spawn in along with a wave of thrall.

The thrall are not a threat to you, but you must kill the Ogres ASAP! Use your Icebreakers and launchers and grenades to get rid of them. Weapons of Light is a lot of help here.

Remember to be careful going outside the entrance, as Crota is above you to the left.

It’s quite common for someone to die here, so if that happens, everyone should focus on the Oversoul and then back to the Ogres.

Remember to make use of the Chalice, which is still with the group.

Once the Ogres are dead, another Swordbearer will spawn in and Crota should have made his way back to the middle by now.

Phase 5

Back to Phase 2 now, take out the swordbearer and go ham on Crota.

Remembering that the Caller is shouting out when the Samurai can go, and that the Sniper is still upstairs taking care of the Knights on the right hand side.

Crota will run to the right again after being pummeled and the rest of the fight is identical to Phases 2-5, so maintain good form and you’ll have him down!

Enrage will hit after only about 5 or 6 sword uses, so you pretty much need to make no mistakes or you will run out of time, although if you go flawless, it can be done in 4.

For those curious, Enrage consists of constant Oversouls, Ogres and thrall on top of what you were originally doing. Yikes!


You have now become one of the very few fireteams to successfully defeat what the Hive call a god… And you have a sweet new emblem to prove it!

Welcome to the club!

Eris will now admire you in the form of new dialogue when you approach her!

p.s Sorry if it’s a bit long or confusing, I tried to make it as easy to follow as possible!

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