Destiny Crota’s End Solo Video Guides Compilation

Destiny Crota’s End Solo Video Guides Compilation by TrueAnarchist42

After seeing many, many posts with you legendary guardians finding ways to solo all the parts of the raid, except for Crota, I decided to make a list of videos showing you how to solo every part of the raid except for Crota. COMPATIBLE WITH EVERY CLASS. AS FAR AS I KNOW.

*Note: A lot of people are saying that these strategies will be patched within the next couple of weeks and they are right. Some of this stuff is considered cheesing in a sense. So, I suggest you do this as much as you can with every alt you have. If you don’t have any alts, what I recommend is you create an alt with the same class so you have twice the chance of getting level 32 raid gear. From what I’ve seen, doing it solo is a lot faster then having to communicate between 6 people at once. So this may be the fastest way to get raid gear until it gets patched. Just wanted to put that out there, anyways enjoy the guide everyone! While you still can.


Many people think only hunters with invisibility can do this part but, that’s not true.

For those of you having trouble with getting launched by the lamp on to the ledge, here’s a more lengthy way to do it.

Credit: /u/jcgill (With the genius idea of using the lamp as a god damn cannon)

/u/Ooga123459 (Beasts through it the normal way)


Once again I’m pretty sure every class can do this. But I included 2 videos each with their own method. Both work the same.



Warlocks and Titans


Credit: /u/willpringle

Ir-yut the deathsinger:

Warlock and Titan-


Credit: /u/Nominalx /u/Rickstir10

And that’s about it!!! Have fun soloing (half of) Destiny’s most difficult challenge. I’d like to remind everyone that these are not my videos, I am merely a messenger, please give credit to these legend’s!

Edit: BONUS Solo the second chest:

Edit 2: Added the legends responsible for coming up with these strategies

Edit 3: Someone tried the strategies with the bridge and the lamps and uploaded videos on to their you tube channel of them doing it successfully.

Thanks to Spiffyster

Edit 4: How to solo gatekeeper/bridge section of Crota’s …:

Edit 5: This guardian was nice enough to take the time to make a tutorial on all these parts in German!

Great stuff. Made 3 videos (4th will be online tomorrow I think) covering everything that can be done solo for the German speaking folks with thorough explanation, if anyone is interested.*

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