Destiny Crota’s End Phase 4 Quick Guide

Destiny Crota’s End Phase 4 Quick Guide by MikeyJayRaymond


  • Crota: A smaller Atheon. Very silver looking, but so much more threatening. Kind of like mini-me. He spawns in the middle of the map towards the back. Right under the giant shattered planet in the sky.
  • Knights: These spawn in the towers to the right and the left of Crota.
  • Thralls: These will spawn from the same towers as well. Also underneath.
  • Cursed Thralls: Same as above.
  • Ogres: Spawn from underneath. Will spawn after two sword kills followed by Crota getting up.

Player spots:

  • Sniper One & Sniper Two: These two should be your Alaskan IceBreakers. They need to be the sole cause for global warming. They should spec using high armor and agility, obviously should also have an IceBreaker. Titans can be prefered for this since they can heal themselves using Blessing of Light. Anyone with a Red Death can also regen as well. They will not be within range of the Chalice for two full rotations. These two will be positioned in the doors to the left and right, but will move later in the phase.
  • Sword Carrier: Has to be, and I repeat, has to be a level 31. I’ve heard of people doing it with a level 30, but let’s be realistic. Most of us are not the best players in the world that can carry 29’s. Nor do we have the same six people we’ve known forever. The sword carrier is the main man and should also be your best player. They need to be smart and dodge enemy postions while also getting in range of Crota at the right time. This is the hardest position, not for those who get their Jimmies easily rustled.
  • DPS Team: Gjallarhorns, Truths, IceBreakers, long range weapons. These are all incredibly useful. If your DPS has three Gjallarhorns , then you’ll be set. These guys are responsible for taking down Crota at the right time, while comunicating to the Sword Bro what shield percentage is left on Crota. They will be positioned underneath, where phase 3 began earlier.


  • Summoning: Everyone must stand around the green crystal to begin phase 4. All pre planning can be done before this. Make sure to walk through everyone’s positions and practice the jumps and routes you’ll be making. During this phase, shields will appear around you in the hallways and the windows. It’s about 25-30 seconds before the shields drop. Once the noise drops to near nothing you’ll have less than 3 seconds before they do. Once they drop, three people are clearing right, and three are clearing left. Make sure the snipers are clearing their respective sides.
  • Post-summon: Once the rooms are cleared, the groups are moving out the doors, leaving the Alaskan Snipers behind (don’t worry, we’ll hug and kiss soon enough). The Sword Carrier is running straight for the Chalice, grabbing it and bringing it underground where the entire DPS team should already be. Sword Carrier also has to aggro the Sword Bearer to the DPS team and down the staircase. SC you’ll need to share the Chalice with those who were injured before taking it back. As you’ll need it out there.
  • Wave 1: Once the Sword Bearer is aggroed, make sure to kill him on or near the staircase. This gives the carrier more time with the sword, since it only stays active for 45 seconds. Once the Sword Bearer is near death, everyone beside the Sword Carrier should start DPSing Crota. Titans on the DPS team should be dropping Weapons of Light in the back for everyone to use on the SB and Crota. Snipers, you’ve been killing the Knights that spawn in the two towers, left and right. You’re picking off all the enemies you can get to. Once the DPS phase starts, switch to Crota, when he’s down or almost down, switch back to watching the towers, your Sword Carrier will need it. Now it’s important that the DPS team and the SC (Sword Carrier)get their timing down. DPS team has to communicate the shield left on Crota, when it’s near gone, or a quarter, SC should be slowing in so that when he’s about 30 feet away Crota is starting to kneel or pray to RNGesus. SC can get three hits in before he’ll get up. After this it’s most likely Crota will move to the right and your second DPS chance will be gone.
  • Wave 2: Crota will have moved to the right, but SC should still kite the SB (Sword Bearer) down to the DPS team. This is where you can either kill the SB and jump out to Gjallarhorn Crota all together, or you can wait until he returns to the middle platform before finishing off the SB. Your choice, but if you can do it the first way, it’ll help that much more. If you wait for the second option, make sure to time Weapons of Light so that the group can use it to DPS Crota.
  • Wave 3: Ogres will spawn instead of the SB. Everyone, including the Snipers, are jumping down below. SC can aggro the ogres towards the middle so that everyone, including himself once he turns around, can shoot the crap out of the Ogres. We’re talking about dropping the heavy ammo rounds at WWII levels. Titans need to drop their Weapons of Light and Blessings of light in the back. Everyone needs to drop them as quickly as possible since the third SB will not spawn until then. Once the Ogres are down, treat it like Wave 1 with Snipers returning to their positions.

Now, if you’ve done this all quickly enough, you should be doing as Crota moves to the left. Crota’s movement is not kill based, but time based. He will move right, back to middle, left, back to middle and repeat. Waves 1 through 3 will also repeat.

If there’s anything that anyone would like cleared up, or if you’d like to add or change a bit of the strategy here, let me know. Good luck guardians!

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