Destiny Crota’s End Detailed Information

Destiny Crota’s End Detailed Information by Superbish

Below Contains all the collated information about the new raid. from start too finish. chests will be added as they are found and further information as it trickled through! KEEP this thread alive for people who want the Guide. Hope you all enjoy!


Chest 1: Once you have dropped down into the darkness there is a chest that can either spawn left from the first light or directly left from where you drop in. There will be a path directly left that will take you too a set of doors, it should be in one of these rooms (chance of exotic). When you die – the chest will move. Video

Possible Chest 2: There is another chest in the running part. As you run up the first hill, and the next light is in the right, jump on the order on the left. There is a door down there that opens and has a chest.

The first section of the raid is a run and gun survival experiment with the Thrall. You and your fireteam need to make sure you are following the lights which are dotted throughout a route marked out for you. When in the darkness you will be marked and this will slow you down. This mark will stack with the amount of team members in the darkness and can be removed when you run into the light. These lights last for a short amount of time so DON’T run off ahead and leave your team mates behind. Stay together and run from light to light. be CAREFUL of pot holes on route which you can fall to your death in. when you reach the end of the lights there will be a platform that you must stay on to form a bridge. HOLD your ground here and once the bridge has formed you will receive you first loot.

If you stand near the lights too long, they blow up, if the blast doesn’t kill you, it throws you very far, usually into the darkness or into 30 thralls. Best way is to have the team group, and try to get to the light at the same time, when it starts to change to a orange/yellow colour, run.

When you complete the first part of the raid and get the reward, don’t wipe or leave, this is not the checkpoint.


NOTE: with the sword the combo of using RB/R1 , RB/R1 , and RT/R2 is the most effective or just using RT/R1 to kill the gatekeepers.

Part 2 of the raid involves getting the team across a bridge. There will be three platforms (2 annihilation totems and a centre platform) on each side of the bridge. To create the bridge the guardians must stand on the central platform. If no one is stood on this the bridge will disappear. Which ever side is activated in correspondence to the bridge, that is the side to have people stand on the annihilation totems to keep from wiping. If you see a Totem glowing red then you need to calm them by walking into the relevant platform area. the totems will continue to glow as long as a guardian is stood within the bridge spawning circle. guardians can calm the totems almost instantaneous.

you and your team will need to get the bridge formed as fast as possible while keeping an eye out for a sword bearer. when this mob spawns you need to kill him and he will drop a sword. someone will need to pick up the sword and cross the bridge. you can ONLY cross the bridge with a sword in hard else you will die. the sword is also on a timer and will vanish after a specific time (time) so the crossing needs to be swift. On the other side of the bridge there will be a gatekeeper which can only be damaged by the guardian with the sword. kill the gatekeeper and then hold off adds and keep the bridge open. this is then rinsed and repeated until all members are across. Titans with Saint of the 14 helms have a huge advantage and should go first as they can then place a bubble in the middle platform which will stun the gatekeeper long enough for the sword bearer crossing to kill the S.O.B

Other Possible Tactics:

3 teams of 2-Centre,mid,Left (Facing swordbearer spawn, or whatever way you want, just make sure everyone knows what right is right, right?) 1st person from Left grabs first sword, runs across, kills gatekeeper, then holds left side 2nd person from Right grabs next Sword, runs across, kills gatekeeper, holds right 3rd person from Middle grabs 3rd sword, runs across kills gatekeeper, holds middle The 3 left on the starting side group up, NOT on the centre (whatever side holds centre has to hold totems too) if you want to stay in the centre which is a great idea, wait for the team across the bridge to capture centre and get “Bridge fully formed” before you step back on it. Group up, and repeat the 1st 3 steps. Once last person crosses, continue to hold Totems and Centre Kill Wizard ASAP upon spawn. Then prepare for ogres 2 Ogres will spawn, team up to kill one side first, then the other Survive until loot drops

Further added notes:

  • Aim to hit the gatekeeper in the left hand as he carries his sword in the right. he will then miss the first strike and you have him pinned.
  • You can entice the Gatekeepers to commit suicide. cheesy!
  • The side that activates the bridge, has to control their annihilation totems.
  • Don’t activate the bridge until the Sword Bearer spawns, it gives you more mobility.
  • Flashbangs can be very effective against the Gatekeepers and Sword-bearers.
  • The bridge disappears extremely quickly when the totems are lost so be wary and know how to ‘bat-fly’ using the sword with RB/R1
  • Make sure to kill a gatekeeper with your sword.. if swords are wasted the group will be overrun with Gatekeepers and the team may need to wipe. In some instances it is safer to call a wipe if a gatekeeper isn’t killed as it becomes extremely hard to kill multiple gatekeepers within one Sword timer.
  • The sword bearer won’t spawn until the sword disappears from the guardians hands. The gatekeepers on the other side spawn as soon you kill the swordbearer.
  • you have about 60 secs with the sword from the moment you kill the swordbearer so it’s best to make sure the bridge is up and grab the sword straight away.
  • Leaving the sword on the floor does not delay the countdown to disappearance
  • HELM OF THE SAINT 14 for defender titans
  • Striker Titans with Flashbangs are MUCH nicer to have than Defender for quite a few parts of the raid. Giving your team a RANGED Blind is amazing. Specifically for Swordbearers on the bridge, place a Striker in the middle and grenade the sword Bearer as he climbs the center steps. It lasts long enough for the whole team to blast him in seconds.
  • You do NOT need to kill the GateKeepers once you cross the bridge as they till not attack you as long as you stand under the Totems and look at them. They may come close, but they won’t attack until you turn your back to them.
  • if you have Bad Juju, you should have a super up and ready every wave of swordbreaker.
  • only need 4 across.

Link to Chest 2/3: Video ———————-

The chest is located after the bridge encounter with the gatekeepers, right after the gauntlet with the shriekers and before the drop to the summoning crystal.

There is a door on the opposite side of the hole where you drop down. You have to be fast in order to make it in before the door closes, but once you’re in you can open it from the inside. I used Bladedancer and Vex Mythoclast with Lightweight and ran up to each of the invisible walls while my teammates killed the adds and Shriekers, double-jumped over the hole and slid into the door just as it was closing.

Part 3 HOLY S**T (LEVEL 32 MOBS) Video

The next part of the raid involves clearing an area full of Knights, Shriekers and wizards. the area is symmetrical from where you come in dividing it into a left hand side and a right hand side. The guardians need to push their way into the area and watch out for Knights on the second level as well as on the ground floor. Behind where the guardians come in to this area on the left and right hand side there are two rooms on the second floor.

After starting the engagement, a Message will appear about the Deathsinger (wizard) starting Her song. From that point you have 2:30 until she starts the 30 sec kill timer. Sometimes guardians are able to kill a Wizard before she started the song, others it would be way sooner, so not sure exactly what the trigger is, but definitely way before the Shriekers. The whole encounter is maybe 3:30 before timer wipe.

Within these rooms the wizards and Shriekers are spawned from the get go, however the 2 wizards are behind an impassable (by guardians) barrier with the Deathsinger wizard. They will come out after the guardians get close enough and then fly around outside so everyone can take them down. An option is to have one guardian run in and “pull” them out while the rest stayed in the back of the area to snipe them. The Shriekers are there the whole time as well but can not be hurt until the corresponding (left/right) wizard is killed. After that, the barrier drops and you can finally hit the Deathsinger wizard. In her little area there are some ledges that can be reached that make taking her down while ignoring the Knights a breeze.

Further Added Notes

  • The locked room directly above the team when they walk in can be opened quite easily with a triple jump Hunter, releasing the wizards pretty easily.
  • Save Time: The timer starts when you shoot the first two Knights with Swords. If the guardians run past them and go top middle while two people go to draw out the Wizards, it can be very effective. The guardians can then kill the Wizards from the middle and shoot at the Knights in order to get the Shriekers to spawn (timer starts) and proceeded from there.
  • once the final wizard is downed the group can clear up the last of the Knights and other adds and that part of this mission shall be complete.
  • This part of the raid will not drop items and is a section combined with Part 4 so loot will drop after Crota’s Fall.
  • You don’t actually need to kill the knights. You just need to kill the Wizards and destroy both Shriekers to access the room.

Other Possible Tactics

Tactic 1

From the corridor shoot the two Knights, and start timer on first shot. From there you have three minutes. Everyone run up right staircase, with two peeling off to pull the Wizards by running into the tower,miring a couple of shots at their class wall and retreating to centre. If one of those people has a gjallerhorn then they can probably solo the wizard on the way out and then get the shrieker. If not just run out of the tower along the elevated platform to the center where you can snipe from cover. Once wizards are down, take out any Knights blocking the doors and drop some rockets in the shriekers on both sides. At this point the glass comes down from the side chambers allowing killing of the witch. All hell breaks loose and we just charged into the room jumping like crazy and rocketing her. I think the ledge at the back of the room over the doorway would be a nice place to get out of the Knights way. The timer isn’t too much of s problem we found. Main challenge was getting that final witch killed without getting overrun as lots of adds spawn.

Tactic 2

On the 3 wizard part, we had one guy go left and one go right, while everyone went into the back ledge. The 2 front drew out the wizards, everyone shot them with primaries until they died. Then the 2 front guy go back in and ballerhorn the 2 shriekers. Then, we had the whole team hop (literally constant jumping to avoid melee knights) into the left side and take out the last wizard. Then we retreated and picked off all the mobs. The whole encounter was less than 2 minutes.

Tactic 3

Our method for the Wizards worked really well. Everyone goes to one of the towers on the right or left side. Two people, one left and one right, go and lure out the wizards first thing. Once the wizards come out, everyone regroups and uses Ice Breaker/Hezens/Ballerhorns to destroy them. Then, we move through the mobs as a team on each side to destroy the shriekers. Once the shriekers are down one of our 3 titans drops a bubble to protect from the void tracking things. Repeat for the other side, everyone goes in and takes out the shrieker. Once the shrieker is down everyone storms into the wizard room and does massive damage. Use all heavy ammo, ice breaker, etc. Once he dies everyone runs out to the towers again for cover. We had 2 people alive at this point. They just sat in those towers for cover with ice breakers until they took down enough mobs to safely come revive us.


*Invigorate completed the raid in 6 hours and gave some spoilers: *

Without giving too much away, they said you’d need to have at least one level 31 on your team, or you simply wouldn’t be able to do enough damage before the enrage timer. For the first phase, it’s best to stay under cover on the very bottom area, and have the level 31 use the sword to hack away at Crota.

During forth part of the raid the guardians will now meet the final boss Crota!

The area which the guardians cleared in the last part of the raid now becomes the playground for the final boss fight. multiple adds will start spawning in and Crota will spawn in on the opposite ledge to the guardians. A permanent de-buff called ‘presence of crota’ will become active and the guardians will then need to look for the Sword bearer and the Chalice of Light. The Chalice can heal the guardian holding it and it can be shared between the guardians. The De-buff doesn’t allow the guardians to heal so the Chalice is ONE of the only ways of healing within the group. sharing is caring when it can heal you so quickly!

When the group move into the arena a Sword bearer will spawn. when killed it will drop a sword which can be claimed by the guardians and will dissolve after 45 seconds.

When the sword is claimed, the guardians can then start damaging Crota. Crota has a shield and any weapon can take down his shield, but only the sword affects his health. When his shield drops he crouches and then regenerates shield after a few seconds. So it’s important to time his shield dropping with the swordbearers approaching for MAXIMUM DAMAGE. The guardian with the sword can hit Crota and he will take damage. Becarefull when going up to attack Crota with the sword due to Knights pouring in from the left and right hand side. Other Guardians need to clean these out and protect their sword bearer. If other guardians shoot Crota in the faltered state (shield down) then he will raise back up quicker! (confirmation?). Ogre’s will spawn in the middle and need to be dealt with quickly. their whispering eye damage is crazy!

Further Added Notes

  • Ogres are supposed to spawn only if the swordbearer can’t damage the boss before the sword de-spawns. After you kill the 2 ogres, a swordbearer enemy should spawn normally.
  • As far as I can tell, the tower is a safe spot. Or supposed to be. Deaths inside the tower, 90% of the time, do not trigger oversoul.
  • Crota will enrage, when he does, he starts to continuously summon the oversoul. So basically insta-death.
  • If a player dies Crota’s sun (Oversoul) will spawn. this needs to be destroyed ASAP and an effective weapon so far seem to be the Ice Breaker or Super Good Advice.
  • you don’t need the chalice to regen all your members health. You can also use “Blessing of Light” from the Defender tree or any item that heals. This applies to; Suros Regime, Red Death, Apotheosis Veil, etc.
  • Thorn will help keep crotas sheild down due to the DOT it has.
  • You can take Crota down twice in one sword “session”. That’s how you do it without a level 31 before he enrages.
  • After the sword is picked up, time the damage you deal so your sword bearer arrives just as his shield is going down. If you do it right you can hit Crota upwards of six times and an additional Sword Super if timed correctly. We were able to drop his shield twice before our Sword disappeared meaning twelve attacks and potentially one super.

The combination that worked best for us was RB/RB/RT -> RB/RB/RT and Super if you have enough time then run away.

Rinse and Repeat of the sword attack on Crota is estimated at around 10 times for a level 30

Other Possible Tactics

Tactic 1

(we had everyone down low with one guy high on left pulling aggro from knights in towers so sword bearer didn’t have to worry about them). After you kill first sword knight, stun / DPS crota, Crota will path to right. He can be ignored for now since you’re waiting on the next sword knight to spawn. Crota usually moved back to center by the time you get sword but not always. After stunning / DPS a second time you will get 2 ogres that come out together. This pattern repeats. 2 sword knights back to back then 2 ogres together. He usually enrages before you get to ogres again though.

Tactic 2

  1. team spawns and splits left and right to clear the mobs.
  2. team member gets the challace and runs to entry to room with 3 other players standing on the circle (ref point no purpose).
  3. other two players stand in doorways shooting the ranged knights in left and right tower. Dont kill wait for sword bearer to die (leave them with enough to one shot them).
  4. challace and sword are collected after killing the sword bearer.
  5. all players using slow heavy machine guns take crotas shields done, call out 20%, when sword and challace holder jumps up and hits 3 time (no more).
  6. repeat
  7. ogres must die asap
  8. takes about 25-30 sword hits with a level 31 to kill him.


stormbringerx82 says Also you get some nice music if the swordbearer has the chalice so maybe that has something to do with it!. Now we know the sword bearer attacks crota.. so could he attack crota with the chalice for healing at the same time? more survival/time beating down on crota? needs confirming..

potential glitches or features encountered:

Crota will sometimes enter the tower (happened on very few of our tries). This makes it no longer a ‘safe’ zone, and oversoul will trigger as he obliterates your entire team and your false sense of security.

swordbearers sometimes stop spawning. Either a glitch or somehow connected to the ogres.

This is as far as I have seen and obviously some of this information needs to be taken with a pinch of salt. I haven’t written this to show people what I know.. but more to hopefully compile a good guide for any team interested through everyone’s inputs.

Good Luck Guardians!

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