Clash of Clans TH8 DE Farming Base Design

Clash of Clans TH8 DE Farming Base Design by 3TomBro3


After trying a few other TH8 farming bases that worked well overall at protecting resources, I thought I’d take a stab at one myself to protect my DE as a late TH8, the result of testing from Crystal 3 through Masters 3 is Dark Lovin’ (This is what the base looks like to attackers).

Overview of the Base:

This base features maximum protection for dark elixir including, quadrated mortars, triangulated wizard towers and air defenses with storages in front to take hits from air troops while air defenses do work, semi-centralized clan castle along with a semi-centralized barbarian king. The overlap of the defenses over the DE storage can be seen in this picture, with the storage being covered so much by all the defenses that it is almost impossible to spot. Most of the traps in this base are in the core or very near the DE, proving it very hard to reach this storage. This base also contains a ton of funneling as well of course!

Functions of the Base:

The point of this base is perfectly supported with the picture above, everything in the base is there solely to protect the DE. The other storages are used as bait for attackers and if you plan on protecting your DE at TH8 you almost always will have to sacrifice your other resources because there just isn’t enough room in your base to support it all efficiently. I thought that from how exposed they are they would be taken almost every raid but my defense log has proved differently.

How it Works(or at least how it should work):

This base is meant to protect against any type of attack based on a few characteristics. While giants are usually the death of many TH8s from TH9 attackers, this base has shown differently to me. I don’t see too many giants in my defense log anymore and when I do they really don’t get much, maybe half of the storages. The biggest enemy of all TH8s is the Archer Queen. From my experience before using this base I have been wrecked over and over again by her power and range but I have recently seen many TH snipes from people using archer queens, even one guy with a level 10 archer queen happily taking my TH and leaving the rest. If the queen does reach near the center of the base, which is bound to happen at some point if the attacker is experienced, I’ve seen the teslas rip her apart before she gets to the dark elixir. I have not been attacked by hogs yet from my journey to Masters from Crystal 3, and I’m not positive how that will turn out but my hope is that the hogs trip the double giant bombs and leave the rest of my base alone. One weakness I have seen with this base is against Loonian, but really at TH8 you can’t defend against TH9 loonian, especially at high levels. I tried my best to make it tough to get to the center with centralized wizard towers and semi-centralized air defenses but it is very tough to defend still. Your best hope would be maxed teslas doing heavy damage from the core, which I have seen the balloons go right around. The funneling in the base overall is great, most of the troops go right around the core or right along the outside edge without ever touching my dark elixir.

Tips While Using the Base:

If you plan on using this base, I recommend a couple things that you should do. First thing is that this base works best when you are maxed out or near maxed out structure wise and farming exclusively for DE. If your gold and elixir storages go over 2mil each you are much more likely to be attacked by a high level player and in turn more likely to have your DE stolen. I also recommend keeping your clan castle full at all time you don’t have a shield, especially with troops such as archers, wizards, max loons(these bad boys can be AQ killers), or minions, which all work very well at wasting opponents troops and time.

Defense Log:

I moved from Crystal 3 to Masters 3 in my time using this base because this is the most likely area that a TH8 is going to farm for DE in.

Crystal 3- Crystal 1 (2000-2600): I put these all into one group because I saw similar results the whole time in this range. It was mostly all TH snipes and some zaps on my dark elixir. Only one person got to my dark elixir storage, and that was a TH9 using balloonian. All of the others who obtained DE got it through my drill or lightning. –

Masters 3 (2600-2800): My experience in masters was not pleasant, with TH9 and 10 trampling on me with different army comps. These attacks were from experienced players who were in masters for a reason. The two balloonian attacks were rough but besides that I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t lose everything each defense. Some even lightningd my DE because they couldn’t get to it –

Well, that’s all I’ve got. If you have some questions feel free to ask and if you plan on using it or have ideas for modifications please share. :)

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