Aura Kingdom Sorcerer Comprehensive Guide

Aura Kingdom Sorcerer Comprehensive Guide by lionstaring

What is Sorcerer’s place in Aura Kingdom?

In Aura Kingdom’s definition, sorcerer is suppose to be a “support buff/debuff” class. For those of you who watch Log Horizon, this class is suppose to be kind of like what Shiroe does. However, in reality, Aura Kingdom dungeon running in general doesn’t have a high demand of needing a class like sorcerer, very much like guardian and bard. They are nice to have, but not crucial to a party.

Then why should anyone even consider playing sorcerer then? You may ask. Other than the usual reason of “because I just like that class”, sorcerer gives you a sense of accomplishment that other class do not offer. With its many cc skills and buff/debuffs, sometimes you can even ensure a smooth run of dungeons better than a guardian or bard could. That’s what got me into this class in the first place. This is also the most difficult class that I’ve played so far, especially when I want to keep up my DPS while helping out my teammates at the same time. But with time and experience, anyone could easily master it.

Sorcerer also has the OPest life steal skill in the game – Soul Draw. This skill can potentially ignore the need of nocturnal (life steal) weapon all together if mastered into your rotation.

One thing you have to know about this class is the important of jump cast. All of sorcerer skills have very long animation time, so it is important to jump cast all your skills to make sure you can move around freely while sometimes throw in some auto attacks.

How should you build a sorcerer in PVE?

Because of the way that Aura Kingdom is designed, other than guardian and bard, you should not run a supposedly “tanky” sorcerer in PVE. Sorcerer does not have the best DPS throughout the classes, but it’s not the worse either. If you could help out your teammates with buff and debuffs, all while dealing large DPS as well, people will be fighting over you like crazy.

How should you build a sorcerer in PVP?

This is where it gets interesting. Sorcerer is a very versatile class when it comes to PVP. Because of its natural DoT nature (which means it ignores defense and deals a set amount of damage over time), it makes it viable even running a tankier build. You can either run glass cannon or godmode build. I will talk about this further in the PVP section of my guide.

How does DoT work in Aura Kingdom?

– It ignores the target’s defense and directly deal a set amount of damage over time
– It can be increased by having more CDMG, upon hitting a crit
– It can be increased by directly adding points into your DMG stats
– It is not affected by elemental damage % and detail damage %
– The speed in which the damage ticks can be increased by up to 0.8 seconds (originally 1 second) by having 30% speed.

Popular Subclass Choices

Just like many other class with bard subclass, bard will increase a sorcerer’s damage the most overall. The reason is because of the 12% detail damage the bard mechanics offers. This class also becomes the hardest bard subclass of them all due to the need to keep up 3 stacks of notes and matra, all while being able to keep track of your overall DoT to your target. This is also the best subclass to choose if you are running a tankier sorcerer in PVP, due to an extra 10% reduction and healing abilities. Though generally bard weapon does not have 10% boss damage like any other weapons, this can be solved by buying the blue/white harp from npc till you get a weapon with “Killing” suffix. That suffix will give you a nice 12% damage to boss.

Weapon Choices

  • (lv58 White/Blue) Harmonielehre/Zither of Enchantment
  • (lv60 Orange) Poseidon’s Harp/Zither of the Holy Moon

This class is probably the best glass cannon PVP subclass. Wizard skills offers one thing that sorcerer lack – a reliable stun. Since all combo skills that wizard offers are relative close to each other in sorcerer’s envoy, one can potentially get all 3. That is an incredible 9 SECONDS of invincibility. You will be able to at least take 1-2 people out before any one else even hit you. This subclass however falls short in PVE in my opinion. Though it does have a really nice sub weapon to go along with it, the need of even using most wizard skills are quiet slim. Not to mention sorcerer skills are already hard to keep track of.

Weapon Choices

  • (lv50 Orange) Staff of the Archmage

Grenadier was once a rather popular subclass, especially in Chimera. This subclass in my opinion is probably the best “DPS supportive” subclass in PVE out there for sorcerer. With gren sub, sorcerer gain an extra way of defense debuff via turret. The range stun that grenadier gives comes in handy at times. Not to mention the crit buff that it offers. If you can survive in dungeon with the need of combo skills, I definitely recommend this subclass.

Weapon Choices

  • (lv40 Orange) 88mm Deck Gun

It doesn’t seem possible to write a guide without mention the word “ravager”. Ravager is surprisingly a pretty neat subclass for sorcerer. Mostly because the rage mechanic and tornado spin paring up with sorcerer’s debuff envoy. If you learn your rotation correctly, you can apply all the possible sorcerer debuff onto your target in one go. Contrary to popular belief, I do not think you need a high fortified axe in order to run this subclass. You can jump into your target to apply all the debuff you need, then run out and start using just your sorcerer skills again (with flame and mirror axe maybe). I believe you can deal more dps that way than basically running a “ravager with longer skill cool down”

Weapon Choices

  • (lv60 Orange) Sacred Scar Battle Axe

Definitely a very good subclass. It pairs up very well with necromancer’s needs. With frozen tomb secret stone, your freeze becomes a extremely large 11m radius! It makes supporting your entire team even easier. Purgatory bats is also a very good skill for you to stack your debuffs. Not to mention you get the best lv60 weapon of all as your sub weapon. Butterfly–whatever it’s called, the combo skill is also a very nice addition, and it’s a must get. SPD buff is also a plus! Overall I would definitely recommend this subclass over any other class if you are less funded player.

Weapon Choices

  • (lv60 Orange)Evil Eagle Scythe

Gear Choices


Lv1-49: Just follow the main quest, you can choose any gears you like to wear. Even if you are completely naked with just the weapon you’ll do just fine.

Lv50-59: Dungeons aren’t incredibly hard at this point, you’ll be completely find just running green gears. However, if you want to walk the extra mile, you can run either top requiem bottom aria, or even full aria set. As far as weapons goes, you can run orange, green, or gold weapon however you like. It won’t make much of a difference overall, just get to lv60 asap.


Due to sorcerer’s “dark element is the only element” nature, this is the cheapest and easiest weapon to obtain. This weapon will give you the most damage to boss, while having a nice support ability to buff your party members with more crit and cdmg. The down side is that it offers no HP like the gold weapons

This is probably the only other weapon you should consider. This weapon gives a extremely large increase to sorcerer’s main skill Soul Draw. The HP and SPD proc that it adds is pretty useful as well. This is harder to obtain, though. Unless it’s dark element don’t even consider using it, just use Forbidden Tome.

Top Armor Sets

If you are a new player, or if you do not have a lot of money/gold to spend, this is the set you should go for. The 15% boss reduction and 5% all reduction this set offers will help you with any types of dungeons. I do recommend that if you can at least +15 all your armors, you should switch to the other options.

Probably the best top set in PVE for new and veteran players alike. Not only does it have 15% boss damage that can increase your damage a lot against boss, but it also has good amount of crit what can help you with your stat allocation.

Surprisingly, this is the set that deals the most damage out of all the other sets. However, this set is more toward veteran players. You have to sacrifice a lot of defensive stats in order to make this work. Don’t consider this set unless you are absolutely sure you have no problem surviving dungeons.

Bottom Armor Sets

Similar to titan top set, this set is the most novice friendly set there is. Not only does it give 15% more boss damage, it also procs speed and 20% more cdmg. The evasion can actually be of help against minion monsters. If you cannot afford gold set, definitely consider this set as your priority.

Since sorcerer relies on applying debuff as soon as possible, the 50% more auto-attack speed that this set offers is superb for sorcerer.

This set is probably not the best set for sorcerer compare to other classes. You need at least 50% spd (yes, cap speed) to match up to lion’s roar set’s bonus speed. Unlike some other classes that doesn’t necessarily have to run fast auto-attack speed, auto attack is rather important for sorcerer. So unless you are playing a gimmic sorcerer/gun, I really wouldn’t recommend using it. This set is also the least novice friendly. With all that being said though, if you are a gunslinger subclass and who are not planning to switch elemental accessories, while having at least +15 or more on your armors, you can run this set.


For all you new players, this is the accessory to go. This set of accessory is cheap and easy to obtain. It adds a needed speed, damage, and cdmg.

Get your hands of this set as soon as possible (usually via Dragon Points). This set gives an amazing amount of spd stats that allows you to cap the 30% speed needed for 0.8s DoT tick, as well as help with your rotation. It has a bonus damage effect as well. This is the most basic set that every DPS class should have now.

This set is extremely pricey is used more for the veteran players. This set offers an enormous amount of crit and a nice defense debuff, pairing up with sorcerer’s innate debuff skills it comes out to be rather nice.

These are the so called “elemental accessories”, each of these set adds a 30% more damage to a specific element. A lot of veteran players use this now to further increase their damage. Since sorcerer usually do not have a rotation problem, it’s a good choice to switch to different element depending on your target. If you have completed most of your gears, you should consider getting them if you can.

  • Storm: Scales of the Thunder King/Taloc’s Amulet of Thuner/Taloc’s Electrified Band of Bone
  • Lightning: Tavana’s Bloody Cloak / Tavana’s Toxic Vial / Tavana’s Watchful Eye
  • Flame: Sloar’s Slippery Skin / Wade’s Amulet of Destruction / Varis’s Signet
  • Holy: Quetalo’s Misplaced Cloak / Zeram’s Dominating Eye / The Seal of Gainey
  • Ice: Doniland’s Immortal Skin / Bayin’s Amulet of Warmth / Senka’s Venomous Band
  • Dark: Whispers of the Dragonborn / Aveline’s Undying Vengeance / Vachnam’s Vigil


These two are probably the best DPS trophy there is out there at the time. It offers a very nice bonus 30% damage to every or 45% damage to boss. These damage are detail damage too!

Similar to the accessories, these are the “elemental trophies”. These trophy will deal the most damage to the specific element you are attacking. Collect them and switch them on depending your target. You can also use the dark elemental trophy to increase your shadow bolt and soul draw damage.

Since sorcerer auto-attack very often, you can potentially use this if you really have trouble surviving with life steal. But with soul draw at your disposal, I really wouldn’t advise using this. Just keep using double malodnak claw or elemental trophy for more dps.

My PVE Build


This is my usual set of gears while running dungeon (on neutral bosses).

Offensive Stats: As a sorcerer, I feel like both raw damage and DoT damage are equally as important. In order to deal enough damage, I made sure I have enough crit before adding it into damage. With the proc of forbidden tome, I am able to get roughly around 70% crit. The reason why I didn’t add into spd for the 0.8s DoT tick is because I think it’s not extremely necessary. I’d rather deal more overall damage while having my DoTs having a high chance of crit. Not only that, after I switch on elemental accessories I don’t really get enough speed anymore. So I just ignore speed all together. Sorcerer doesn’t really have rotational probably like wizard anyways.

Defensive Stats: Aura Kingdom’s stats isn’t exactly rocket science. As long as you can get to the cap defense amount (75%), there’s really no need to add anymore to them. The reason I have a couple of points into defense is because I do not have orange best defense, and I need some extra points into it for PVP purposes. One thing for you all new players is that your stats % will drop as you gain more levels. Basically it means that if you need 18k defense to cap defense at a certain level, you might need 18.5k defense to cap defense at the next level. I myself like to have at least 17k defense at all times before adding anymore points into HP.


Top Devourer Set: As always this is the set that allows you to deal the most damage to boss at the time (baring Ambusher top). Once I get my zaahir to 3 stars and orange best defense, I am going to switch my top to the Ambusher top I have already prepared for myself for even more damage output. Your choice or cores should be imperial, bestial, or anything that adds damage, defense, or crit. I value move speed the most so I always imperial everything I can. But sadly my hat isn’t imperial. But in the future my Ambusher set will be full imperial.

Bottom Lion’s Roar set: As I mentioned before, due to sorcerer’s slow casting animation nature, you really need that auto attack provided by this set. So unless you can get exactly 50% speed all the time, or rather, I can, I am sticking with this set. The HP also helps out a lot once I start running Ambusher top.

Main Weapon: Like I said, I focus on dps/support on my sorcerer. Forbidden Tome is naturally the better weapon overall in my opinion. I currently have a deadly core on it. As I said before your choice of cores is pretty much destroyer, deadly, protector, and nocturnal. Obviously if you manage to get a high % anyways with a bad core, you can stick to that anyways. Though for my set of equips it would be really nice to have destroyer main weapon. I will try to aim for that once lv70 weapon comes out.

Sub Weapon: Like I always have, I am running an entire set of 12% boss or 30% elemental weapon. The difference is that instead of nocturnal prefix, I am running protector prefixes. I have no problem surviving dungeons without nocturnal life steal just with Soul Draw. That is one of many advantages as a sorcerer. Though I would much prefer destroyer as well, I just couldn’t get any of them while I am rolling them. Also, all these are 5% move speed stats instead of 5% hp like many people have.

Trophies: My usual set is green+orange malodnak claws. Though running dark trophy is probably the better choice to replace one of the claws depending on boss or not, the way I switch my gears gets me confused if I have a constant dark trophy one. It doesn’t really make that much dps difference so I just stick to this way.

Accessories: Flokja set is my main accessories. But on elemental bosses I will switch to the target element for even more damage. Pretty standard now for every hardcore dps players.

– Hat: 10% boss damage/20% elite damage
– Face: +5 level to rejuvenation mantra
– Armor: 25% cdmg to boss/50% cdmg to elite
– Back: 5% move speed
– Weapon: 35% HP upon revival

P.S. I organize my inventory like this in case any of you are having trouble knowing how to switch things faster. Have the obvious elemental trophy at the bottom to let yourself see which element you are changing into.


This is my usual envoy. The orange indicate what I will be going for for the last 3 envoy points I can get. If you are pure PVE, I do not recommend getting the shadow bolt mastery. The frequency of you using shadow bolt isn’t very high in dungeons, it’s probably better just to allocate those points into any other envoys you might need such as damage, crit, or even HP and defense.


General Skills: I use Entangling Roots for PVE mostly. This is the best choice for myself. The DoT that Corrosive Shadow provides is really low to really count as DPS, and putting storm song (defense % debuff) is kind of hard for me. With this mastery, I can debuff my target’s damage by 10% + 15% (protector weapon) + 15% (organized sabotage) + 10% (envoy)= 50%! Once I get orange sabotage it will be 55%. This way I can make sure that no one gets killed by my target that easily and achieve better overall support.

Attack Spec: Though many people say Zeal is the better mastery, I’ve heard debates how it might be a different case for sorcerer. Many people believe that due to sorcerer’s low attacking frequency, Divine Power can potentially be better. But honestly, I can’t tell, and the difference doesn’t really seem all that high. Both are fine for sorcerer for PVE, run whichever you like.

Advanced Skills: This part of the envoy is versatile. Normally I run Sad Love Song for the damage boost. Obviously if you are less geared, I would suggest running Rock and Roll Ballad for the defense boost. If you have a main bard in your party, most of the time you won’t overstack his or her ballad. So you are free to run any other mastery. I usually use Regenerative Barrier for a longer mantra duration and simply because I have no other mastery I really use. If you are one of those players who also utilizes flame impact, I would suggest using Flame Lotus or Breath of Ashura for more critical chance or DoT respectively.

Defense Spec: As I said I prioritize move speed over everything. So the obvious choice here for me is Extreme Speedand its 15% move speed. With the “rush nature” of Aura Kingdom lately, running faster and faster becomes ever so important. If you are less funded and have trouble dying in dungeon however, I suggest running Courage to achieve more defensive capability.

Tactical Spec: This is also a very versatile slot. You can basically run which ever you feel fitting to the party. I personally uses Organized Sabotage because of the previously mentioned reason. Everyone runs Break Defense anyways, so this gives it more flexibility while dungeon running.

Special Skills: At our current content, there is no reason to run anything else but Best Defense for sorcerer. You need the necessary damage to defense conversion to achieve more defense.

P.S. Hopefully the mix between pictures and text isn’t too confusing for you guys. I tried to make it as visual as possible. I’ll take the pictures off if it is too much. Just inform me about it.

Secret Stones

There are only 4 mandatory secret stones for my sorcerer/bard: the two for my weapons, Indigo Ambient Drone stone, and Azure Soul Draw stone. The rest can just be any random stones since it doesn’t really directly affect my performance.


I use an entire set of 2% reduction 2% damage stones. Due to my deadly prefix weapon, 15% cdmg buff, costumes, and lion’s roar bottom set, I have no problem capping the required 300% cdmg on both boss and elite monsters without having a single cdmg stones. This way I can increase my survivability.

If you want to go for more DPS, I would definitely suggest 1% crit or dark/storm % elemental damage. I myself is in the process of collect 1% crit stones for future content.

On the topic of thunderous or zephyr. If you have 60-65k HP without the secret stones, and you are skilled enough, feel free to run zephyr stones. If you feel like you are having trouble in dungeons or have less than ideal HP, use thunderous. Obviously make sure both of them at least have 2% damage (which makes 4% damage total).


You are free to choose which ever eidolon you like honestly. I am all for “I want to use this eidolon because I like how it looks”. There’s nothing wrong with that since this is in fact just a game.

If you want to maximize your DPS, though, these are the eidolon to consider:

3 star Yanaros (25% auto-attack speed, 24% damage): the most popular eidolon right now. I think it’s effect is very limited for sorcerer though, if you cannot get high enough crit I would definitely suggest Zaahir.
3 star Zaahir (25% auto-attack speed, 15% crit rate): as I said, this is probably the better eidolon for sorcerer in PVE in my opinion. But once everything gets updated in the near future with 70 gear, Yanaros will probably eventually replace it. So you are free to just use Yanaros if you don’t want to invest too much into two eidolons. But 70 gears won’t be cheap, so even if it does come out you probably won’t get it until a while later. I am personally in the process of getting my Zaahir to 3 stars.
3 star Uzuriel (15% more damage to storm, 60% cdmg): if you really really really are lacking cdmg, you can use her. But with lion’s roar set already in mind, most of you probably don’t need her that much.
2 star Bel-Chandra (25% auto-attack speed, 5% crit rate): for all you new players who cannot afford an evolutionary bead yet, GET HER! She is the best eidolon for 2 star eidolons in my opinion. Her crit and cdmg buff is also superb.


This is the gist of how I usually run my sorcerer. Hope this information helps yall at building your very own sorcerer. If you have anymore questions feel free to leave a comment and I will try my best to answer your questions. As always, I will upload a video of me soloing a couple of dungeons in the near future.

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