Aura Kingdom Archaeology Basic Guide

Aura Kingdom Archaeology Basic Guide by GM_Rheigah

With the 2nd of October’s update, the Archaeology system has finally arrived!
Get your hat, your identifying tool, your pickaxe and dig up the remains of Time’s unstoppable progress.
Therefore, in order to help you out in your archaeological excursions, we’ve put together this small tutorial.

Dig Sites

First of all, you are going to have to find open dig sites. Now, as you can’t just run around digging holes everywhere, all of these sites have their own opening day.


  • Port Skandia (309,666)
  • Crescent Hill (269,791)
  • Cactakara Forest (517,550)
  • Candeo Marsh (328,172)
  • Sludgemarke Marsh (687,429)


  • Helonia Coast (666,306)
  • Demarech Mines (267,688)
  • Triatio Highlands (106,779)
  • Star Sand Desert (482,645)
  • Rainmist Reach (527,201)


  • Helonia Coast (374,578)
  • Cactakara Forest (550,180)
  • Candeo Marsh (260,773)
  • Ventos Prairie (771,846)
  • Oblitus Wood (765,551)


  • Port Skandia (272,464)
  • Crescent Hill (774,621)
  • Ventos Prairie (521,611)
  • Star Sand Desert (228,700)
  • Rainmist Reach (704,190)


  • Helonia Coast (341,279)
  • Demarech Mines (371,279)
  • Triatio Highlands (287,152)
  • Oblitus Wood (480,451)
  • Sludgemarke Marsh (436,275)


  • Cactakara Forest (157,619)
  • Triatio Highlands (665,554)
  • Ventos Prairie (862,583)
  • Oblitus Wood (695,195)
  • Rainmist Reach (584,431)


  • Port Skandia (544,575)
  • Crescent Hill (443,495)
  • Demarech Mines (820,426)
  • Candeo Marsh (737,697)
  • Sand Star Desert (373,520)
  • Sludgemarke Marsh (122,488)

Note: due to a localization issue, the currently displayed opening days are not always correctly indicated by the NPCs. This will be resolved very soon.

How it works

Getting your Archaeology gear and equipping it!

In order to become an Archaeology expert, you will need a set of tools: an Archaeology Pickaxe and an Identification Tool Set. You will have to go to the Archaeologist Merchant to purchase both of these items.
You should be able to find him easily by checking the dig sites’ opening days and by checking your minimap:

Speak to the NPC and choose the option “Purchase the Archeology tool for this location”.

Purchase the Archaeology Pickaxe and the Identification Tool Set:

To equip the Identification Tool Set you just bought, simply open your inventory and right-click the item. You will then see the equipped item in your Character UI (right under your fishing bait).
Only the Archaeology Pickaxe will remain in your inventory. And there you go! Ready to set off and discover ancient artifacts!

Note: an Identification Tool Set will break apart once you’ve used it 100 times, so you’ll have to buy yourself another one if you want to keep digging! Not so fast though, because you can’t identify more than 100 items per day (this resets daily at midnight) and per character. Archaeologists need rest. Time itself can just wait for a bit while they do.

But where to dig?

It’s very easy. When at an open dig site, you should be able to see small flickering sparkles that look like this:

Simply go up to those, get your Pickaxe out and start digging! Once the item is out of the ground though, you will have to carefully identify it.

What’s this random item I just got? What do I do with it?

Once you’ve dug out the item, the Archaeology icon will appear on your screen. Now, here’s where you’ll have to prove your Archaeologist’s worth. Be vigilant and have patience as you will have to identify the item depending on the color of its glow.
It will either be blue, yellow, or red.
To correctly identify the item and recover it in a good shape, simply click the identically colored Archaeology UI button.

Note: please keep in mind that you will have to have space in your inventory and NOT be in Combat mode, otherwise you will not be able to identify the item.


Here comes the most interesting part though… the Rewards!
Digging stuff up is fun and all, but what are you going to do with all of it? Well, if you’re not interested in staring at artifacts all day, you can always trade them in for some more exciting things.

First of all, you can trade all the artifacts you’ve dug up for some Tokens. These Tokens will enable you to get items from theArcheology Merchant (or Vera the Relic Collector in Navea) such as gear upgrades, weapon upgrades, character upgrades but also Eidolon upgrades.

Sometimes, you may even get mud covered items. You can either sell them or open them to see what they contain!

Not finished here! You can also fin one of these mysterious treasure maps if you’re lucky enough! You can collect these andonce you have 10 of them, go to the Relic Collector in Navea. and exchange them for a real treasure map! Once you have the real thing, simply right click on it and you pathfinder will take you straight to your future wealth!

With an extra bit of luck, you can also manage to dig up one of these:

You can either exchange one of them for 1 Dragon Coin OR you can keep a few of them some place safe and exchange them (along with a nice handful of Dragon Coins) for some cool items in the Adventurer’s Encyclopedia.

If you’re dedicated enough to Archaeology, who knows, you might even be able to get the dangerous Rhino Raptor!

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