LoL Soraka Health Regen Sustain Guide

LoL Soraka Health Regen Sustain Guide by NaughtyGaymer

I love the new Soraka and I think balance wise she is in a great place right now.

So I’ve done some math to attempt to get the most out of her W,Astral Infusion and to make it available for use as much as possible.

The best way to sustain yourself when there aren’t enemies to Q is through HP/5 regen. There aren’t really a lot of early game items that give these stats in a meaning full way so I’ve taken it upon myself to maximize my HP/5 regen through Runes and Masteries.

Here is what I’ve concluded to be the best setup (In my opinion) for a Soraka support.


MarksGreater Mark of Armor x 9
GlyphsGreater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction x 6/ Greater Glyph of Magic Resist x 3
SealsGreat Seal of Scaling Health Regeneration x 9
QuintGreater Quintessence of Health x 3

These give the following stats.

+78 Health

+4.0 Magic Resist

+8.2 Armor

+5.00% Cooldown Reduction

+18 HP/5 at Level 18

You receive +1 HP/5 every level in addition to other bonuses.

The 5.00% Cooldown Reduction runes are optional, I just like to have a little bit of CDR early on.

The HP/5/Level Seals are the best bang for your buck in terms of HP regen for Runes. No other type comes close, expect Quints but they are still lower.

What players might normally use as a rune page is Armor Quints, HP Seals and what ever they like for Marks, Glyph usually stay the same. That set up gives very similar stats in relation to the HP and Armor.

+72 Health

+13 Armor

The above is actually more efficient in defensive stats than the recommend table from earlier, but the difference is almost moot at later stages of the game.

Next we have Masteries.


I’ve taken a screenshot to make this easier.

Basically, you want to take the 0/16/14 route to get the most HP regen possible.

Most notable are these masteries.

Recovery gives +2 HP/5.
Pretty standard, great little mastery.

Perserverence gives regeneration equal to 1% of missing HP every 5 seconds.
Also another great mastery since you are going to be missing HP at practically all times so it’s always at work.

Strength of Spirit gives +1 HP/5 for every 300 maximum mana.
Since Soraka starts with a little over 300 mana this kicks in at level 1, and then every subsequent 5 levels after that.

Altogether these runes and masteries give you a whooping +40 HP/5 HP at level 18 which is over double your base regen allowing you to use your heal as often as possible in lane and between team fights.

Not including items of course :D

TL;DR Use these mastereies and these runes.

Let me know if you guys have any comments or issues with it!

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