LoL Singed Quick Guide

LoL Singed Quick Guide by Nutzutin

Early game is the hardest part about playing singed to be honest. After you hit 6 you shouldn’t really die to anybody unless you pick a fight with gnar for an example. Mid game is Singed’s strong point, you can just farm waves infinitely between their towers, and not one champion can 1v1 you if played correctly.

Early game against a counter(Lulu, Ryze, Jayce, Gnar etc.)

  • Abuse the bushes.
  • Don’t last hit unless the enemy laner has damaging abilities on CD.
  • Try to get all the XP you can have without risking your life.
  • Don’t be afraid to go back to base.

After you get your defensive item to survive (you don’t have to rush tear/RoA every single game), you can start proxy farming if it’s safe.

Early game vs. normal match up

  • If against a champion with no wave clear, push lane
  • If against a weak early game champion, take ignite and all in lv2
  • Champions with high sustain are strong against Singed, but rarely can deal with him proxying
  • Farm up, TP ganks are always good(if you didn’t pick ignite)
  • Freezing a lane works really well if your opponent is scared.

Learn to read your opponents movement!

Mid game

  • Farm, Farm, Gank, Farm
  • Counter Jungle if enemy jungler gets spotted out of place.
  • Help mid lane (Bot lane with TP)
  • Either force their jungler top, or help your team get dragon by first farming a wave between tier 2 and inhib towers -> gank mid -> dragon

Late game

  • You should be a monster of a tank at this point
  • Pop ult and ghost, catch people out with W – E
  • Splitpush if necessary and safe


  • Peel for carries
  • Be a dick to the enemy team by slowing carries and running around them
  • Be their point of focus as best as you can
  • When at 5% health run away and survive :^)

I hope this helps out, Platinum 2 Singed main.

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