LoL Jungle Nautilus Guide

LoL Jungle Nautilus Guide by 2th

Runes: standard jungle rune page, AS reds, armor yellows, mr per level blues, MS quints.

Masteries: 4-23-3 (gotta have that extra AS in the Offensive tree and that extra MS in the Utility tree)

Items: Machete and 2 health pots

Camp order:

Gromp (SMITE HIM) and use your first health pot > Blue and use your second health pot > Wolves (You will be level 3)

Back #1 Buy your Rangers AND NO HEALTH POTS, not the recommended Skirmishers. You are Nautilus, you are not there for damage, you are there to CC the fuck out of people and tank. Also, you already have enough CC in your kit that you do not need anymore from your smite… SO GET RANGERS.

Krugs (smite them) > Red > Razors (smite) > Wolves > Gromp (smite)

Back #2 You can get boots 1 and a ruby crystal. You will not be able to get any health pots but you do not need them.

Krugs (smite) > Razors > Wolves > Gromp (smite)

Congrats… You are level 6 around 7:05. A full 30 seconds before your second blue should spawn. You are also full health so you can go gank easily.

PLEASE NOTE: You are incredibly susceptible to counter jungling early. Because you have to back after your first buff, it is very easy for the enemy to take your second and set you behind. You also need to manage your shield usage properly. For example, you want to have your shield on for the last hit of your first Gromp so you get a few hits with it on Blue. same thing for the end of your first Red, you want to activate shield so you have it on for your first few hits on Razors. You should also not be afraid of backing. Due to the brutality of the early jungle now your first back is an absolute must. Also, if you are more concerned with clearing than ganking before level 4, you should have 2 points in shield at level 3 and ignore hook. Your second back though… it is not a must, at that point you will have nothing to farm, so if your teammates are not giving you any openings to gank then do not feel bad about backing. Being able to buy boots and a ruby crystal on your second back can be a god send for your first gank since more than likely your enemies will not have backed at all so you will be faster and tankier than they are, which should make your gank easier.

Also note: starting Krugs and basically just swapping the order from Gromp means you hit level 6 a full 10 seconds slower with about 3/4 health.

I will be updating this periodically after I do more testing, but it really does look like starting Gromp is the vastly superior start for the big CC machine known as Nautilus.

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