Heroes of the Storm Abathur Guide

Heroes of the Storm Abathur Guide by balancedbreakfast

Abathur is my all time favorite hero to play in Heroes of the Storm. His unique set of abilities and the roles he plays in games makes it feel like you are playing a whole different game when you pick this strangely cuddly zerg. The following build and playstyle has been tremendously successful for me in solo queue.

The Build:

  • Level 1 – Survival Instincts: Health increase on locus will help your locus push a lot harder, waste more ammo shots.
  • Level 4 – Ballistospores: Global range on nests lets you deep tunnel anywhere, push any lane, mark any objective. Tremendously increases overall map presence which is Abathur’s greatest power.
  • Level 7 – Regenerative Microbes: The heal makes minions surprisingly tanky, especially as the heal scales throughout the game, and can save allies during prolonged teamfights.
  • Level 10 – Ultimate Evolution: Tough choice at this tier. Awesome ability, extremely flexible and useful in any fight. Adds instant +1 backup. Great for securing key objectives around the map.
  • Level 13 – Assault Strain: Cleave damage and exploding death. Wrecks any enemy minion lane and will significantly increase their threat against enemy heroes and structures as well with the exploding death.
  • Level 16 – Locus Brood: Fun times begin! With the ability to spawn 3 locus, you can ninja drop these bad boys anywhere on the map and cause havoc. This also allows you to do mercenary camps. Just auto-attack a merc, then drop locus and watch them melt the camp. Also in-base drops are the funnest thing, just toxic nest for vision near keep, drop these guys in on the keep and hearthstone out. You’re in, out and done in less than 5 seconds (that’s what she said) and your opponents will start losing structures from the inside out.
  • Level 20 – Evolution Master. The cooldown reduction + longer duration will basically mean you’ll have this available whenever you need to use it.

Super general gameplay style: Prioritize team fights obviously whenever you can and when there are no fights, constantly heavy push all lanes (especially empty/lightly defended ones) with your abilities.

The video guide this is based off of goes in depth on the build and playstyle and it’s (hopefully) like no other video guide you’ve ever seen! –https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5Vo7mGArJc

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  1. Adam says:

    Only issue is that level 7 – regenerative microbes is a level 1 ability. It comes down to Survival Instincts or Regenerative Microbes.

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