Heroes Charge Getting to Level 50 Guide

Heroes Charge Getting to Level 50 Guide by Cappuccinoman

Hello, I’m Cappuccinoman and this is my guide for new players, hope it helps!

Edit: A video of me doing 15/15 crusade on a free account without DK http://www.twitch.tv/cappuccinoman/c/5397320

1: Clear elite stages 3/3 every day, if you don’t have enough stamina, prioritize ones that give soulstones for Heroes you use or will be using.

2: Early on you will get a quest to clear an elite stage, then after turning it in you will get a follow up quest to clear it 2x additional times. Make sure you don’t screw up by clearing all 3 stages before getting the quest to clear it 2x additional.

3: As soon as you unlock another tank replace Admiral, trust me anything beats it. Ideally Death Knight is god tier, but Savage One is also great. Admiral will still be useful for the Female Only Trial, but that’s about it.

4: Commando is a staple in every team; arena,crusade,campagin etc. You can unlock her with crusade points, as soon as you get points spend them on Commando. After you can choose to keep upgrading Commando (I suggest it) or start going for Wind Master.

5: Old Curse is also a staple in every team; arena, crusade, campaign etc. You can unlock it with arena points, start spending them asap on this. I recommend getting Old Curse to 3 or 4 star then you can consider getting Death Knight or maxing Old Curse.

6: Finding a Death Knight is a important, either by spending $$ or getting lucky with free chest or finding a guild with one you can hire (merc). Death Knight is really the only tank that can single handedly do all 15 crusade stages without losing hp (lvls 30-50) – Not required though.

7: Chaplain is also a must for crusade and maxing her heal really does help. Convert is also nice to max but not a high priority. Her damage skill isn’t worth maxing at all. (maybe 50+)

8: I want to mention again how strong Commando really is, same for Old Curse, I went from struggling to beat people with same power level to crushing people with 500-1200 higher power level in arena. Aim to get these ASAP (Through Arena Coins and Crusade Coins) even if it says your power level goes down swapping Commando in for another Hero, do it anyway, losing 400 power level is nothing compared to how strong it will make your team.

9: Knowing which skills to upgrade is pretty big, a general statement is any AoE skill is worth maxing asap. CC skills are second priority then w/e remains. This isn’t always true, but is usually the case. Your main line-up will eventually have all their skills maxed so it won’t matter late game.

10: Now for enchanting… You always want to complete the daily quest enchant when you get it, but fully enchanting gear shouldn’t be done until blue+2 or higher. – Unless your competing in arena and need the early power spike.

11: Enchanting your gear before you promote does not increase your promotion stats. You will get a bit of enchanting mats back as return, but not as much as you spent.

12: Your heroes secondary stats are increased when you raise your Str/Int/Agility. (Like Physical Crit)

13: Don’t level up all your Heroes together, just your main team and a few extra to help for trials etc, (Like Female Only Trial). – Very important!!! Do not level all your heroes!

The account I currently play mostly on is Cappuccinoman@War Chief server (#29) I bounce from ranks 5-30 depending on how early I upgrade after Daily events reset. I’m VIP 5 on that account which I spent like 40$ (Worth it all the way!). Anyway my team line up differs on what I’m doing. My team level is 40 as I’m writing this and I’ve completed 15/15 crusade every day since unlocking it. I was very lucky that a member in my guild had a DK I could hire.
– I’m now level 53 on the account and still 15/15 crusade daily!

For arena I run Savage One (2star), Wind Master (3star), Succubus (3star), Old Curse (2star) and Commando (1star). I actually unlocked Commando today and swapped Leaves Shadow out for it once I skilled up Commandos party buff skill.
-At level 53 im now using: War Chief, Old Curse, Commando, Wind Master and Leaves Shadow.

For crusade I run Death Knight (merc, 3star), Wind Master (3star), Succubus (3star), Old Curse (2star) and Chaplain (1star).
– Still using the same team at level 53! I have a new strategy though; sub chaplain out for another tank for 1st stage ONLY. The sub tank will die but it will give time for Death Knight to get full energy so that all the other stages he can ulti at the start. (Again, only for 1st stage! I use chaplain for all other stages)

For campaign I use my Savage One (2star), Wind Master (3star), Succubus (3star), Old Curse (2star) and Commando (1star). – Same as my arena setup
-Similar to my arena team change now at level 53, I use the new setup for campaign.

For trials it really depends on what one you get, all females or phys only or magic only. I try and make best with what I have. I have noticed Admiral plays a key role in the female only team.. Admiral, Wind Master, Succubus, Commando, Leaves Shadow. So don’t worry if you spent points on Admirals skills early on, not entirely wasted.

The map and what to look out for. (Excluding obvious Chest, Mailbox, Time Rift, Trials, Campaign)

1. Enchanting Lab

You should use this to complete Daily Event quest each day and also to bolster your Heroes when they are blue +2. Don’t fully enchant pre blue+2, you don’t need to.

2. Guild

You can toss 2 of your Heroes into the guild merc camp to start bringing you gold income, also a daily to do it. Really good. You can keep using the Heroes you put in there so no harm in putting your best Heroes.
You can also worship a player once a day, either free 15 stamina or you can pay 30k for 30 stamina when you worship.
Guild coins what to buy… well idk yet, Succubus is good, Lunar Guardian is good, Brute is good, Shallow keeper is good.
At 46 you can begin raids, I’ll fill more detail on that soon as well as loot app system for it.

3. Merchants

Sometimes you can get rare combination items that are worth buying to save stamina farming for it (so you can ideally do more elite stage maps). Already upgraded boots are a good example, or the trial blue combination items too. You can also sometimes find soulstones sold for gold, worth checking.

4. Arena coins

You should be buying Old Curse asap and making it 5 star. You can think about getting Death Knight soulstones but, I think Old Curse more important.

5. Crusade coins

Buy Commando asap! Keep upgrading Commando to atleast 4 star **** then you can choose to go for 5 star or another hero

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