Heroes Charge Crusade Team Setup Guide

Heroes Charge Crusade Team Setup Guide by everspidy

One of the important tips for Crusade is to train multiple Heroes. Other than 5 main Heroes you also need to pay attention to the rest of your Heroes and set up your 2nd and even 3rd formations.
Each formation should contain 1 or 2 Tanks, 2 or 3 Damage Dealers and 1 Healing Support.

In my own case I categorize my heroes as followed,
Tanks: Soulhunter, Shallows Keeper, Savage One
Damage Dealers: Master Mage, Necromancer, Frost Mage, Succubus, Pilot, Leaves Shadow
Healing Support: Chaplain, Cleric

You will also need to set up your main force and your second team.
Main Force: Soulhunter, Necromancer, Frost Mage, Master Mage, Chaplain
Second Team: Shallows Keeper, Savage One, Cleric, Pilot, Leaves Shadow

The matches in Crusade are based on your power value in Arena.
Every 3 stages can be regarded as one difficulty level and there are totally 15 stages and 5 levels.

At the first 6 stages, send as many heroes as possible and try to save up their energy for later.
At the 7th, 8th and 9th stages, use your Main Force, but replace the Front line position with one Tank from your Second Team. In this way you can keep your Main Force’s HP for later stages.
At the 10th, 11th and 12th stages, the opponents power becomes very close to yours. Keeping your Heroes alive is the vital importance. Use 2 Healing Supports and use 1 Tank with stunning skills to interrupt enemies ultimate skills and AoE-damage skills.
At the 13th, 14th and 15th stages, first, send your Second Team if they are still alive. And then send your Main Force. However, if the opponent has healing support, do not send your Second Team otherwise they will gain more energy without losing any HP.

In order to complete the Crusade, you must have a Second Team and don’t forget Chaplain, she will be the queen of the Crusade if you treat her well(upgrade her with level, equipment and decent stars).
Tanks are the most important Heroes in your Second Team. So develop your Tanks as much as you can. I hope this article helps. Good luck with your Crusade!

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