Hearthstone Voodoo Miracle Rogue Legendary Deck

Hearthstone Voodoo Miracle Rogue Legendary Deck by Verikukko0123

Proof: http://i.imgur.com/7Hohz7s.png


voodoo miracle rogue

Last season I got legend with Miracle rogue too and actually had to grind for legend, it was difficult. But this season I got legendary rank quite fast with a much higher winratio because this deck fits the meta extremely well. (Obviously I improved as a player a lot too). This deck completely counters hunters and priests, and it has positive matchups against most of the other meta decks too. There are now more hunters than ever and if you hate hunters then you might want to give this deck a try.

The Voodoo Doctors are one of the core components of this deck. They are the hardest working minions after Auctioneer. They are much better than what they might look like on the surface. First of all, they allow you to proc Combos for 1 mana. Against aggro decks (hunter+zoo) they contest for board control, kill the enemy minions and heal you, all for 1 mana. If against a hunter you survive to turn 6-7 with 20ish hp, you pretty much won the game. It’s very hard to lose the game from there.

Against Midrange decks the Voodoos slow down the game. And disrupting the gameplan of the enemy is the key point of this deck. Do you know what the enemy Druid wants to do for his first 5 turns? He wants to play cards like Wild growth, Haunted Creeper, Shade of Naxxramas etc. But if he has to heropower/wrath to kill your Voodoo, he can’t do those things, so you can control the pace of the game.

The Southsea Deckhand is in the deck to proc the Freezing traps of the Hunters, start combos for 1 mana (like Voodoos and Sinister strike) and to kill minions with Coldblood such as Spectral knights or Doomguards. Many people like using Faceless Manipulator with Deckhand, but that’s a different kind of Miracle Rogue and I don’t like it. It has more dead cards and it’s weaker against aggro decks. The Deckhand in this deck is not a finisher, you don’t have to save it; you can just play it early and it’s fine.

Against all control/late game decks, avoid Eviscerating their minions! Warrior, Priest and Paladin can all heal (or armor) theirselves consistently, and this deck struggles with dealing 40+ facedamage if you spend too much damage to killing their minions. You usually have to use at least 1 Eviscerate to their minions, but at least avoid it, and aim to kill the minions with Backstabs/Fan of Knives/dagger etc.

Remember to always play around Harrison Jones’s, they are very common atm in control decks!


Hunter Mulligan: Backstab and Fan of Knives are the most important cards, Shiv is decent and SI:7 Agent is good if you have either coin or backstab to combo it.DON’T keep Deadly poisons!! Many Miracle players make the mistake of keeping Deadly poison, but it’s very weak against the current versions of hunters, you can’t afford to take damage early. Try to kill their minions with spells, not your face.

Against hunter your aim is to survive the early game and to not lose too much hp. Normally you don’t deal any damage to the Hunters face in the first 5 turns and thats completely fine, just kill his minions.

If the Hunter plays turn 6 Savannah Highmane, that’s a game deciding mistake. You have 2 Saps so you should have one of them by now, and when you Sap a turn 6 Highmane the tempo gain is absolutely massive.

Druid Mulligan for Gadgetzan/Azure drake, on the coinside Gadgetzan is better and on the coinless side Azure drake is better. If the druid keeps most of his hand in mulligan, then keep Sap. Him keeping most of his cards means that there’s a high chance that he has Innervates and Sapping an Innervated minion is massive value.

Druid is the hardest matchup. You have to aim to kill them at turn 8. Turn 9 is usually combotime and gameover. Druid is the reason why most high level Miracle players play Edwin. Concealed massive Edwin is an easy way to win Druid before turn 9. So if you face a lot of Druids you should definitely add Edwin to the deck.

Priest Easiest matchup. Almost every version of Miracle Rogue hardcounters priest.

There are only 2 ways you can lose this matchup. First is by never getting your Gadgetzans. So throw everything else away in mulligan for Gadgetzans. Second way you can lose is by suiciding your only Gadgetzan to Auchenai Circle combo at turn 5-6. There’s no rush in this matchup, even if you have Gadgetzan in hand and no other plays, you don’t have to play it in turns 5-7. You can just wait and play it later, the priest wont kill you, he doesn’t have 30 damage in 7 turns.

Handlock I don’t like the way most Miracle players play this matchup. Most Miracle players play this very slowly and try to control the game and kill the Giants/Twilights.

I prefer all-inning the handlock in the first 5 turns, before they get their taunts. With 1- or 3-cost minions and Deadly poisons etc, aim to deal 20-30 damage to his face before he gets his taunts up by turn 5-6-ish. Then you can finish him off with damage spells or saps, never spending any resources to his minions.

Shaman I’ve seen almost no Shamans this season, but Fan of Knives and Shivs are godly in mulligan. These spells kill his minions and cycle to other cards needed for later. Also always keep Azure Drake. Blade Flurry is the most important card in this matchup, but it’s really hard to keep it in mulligan. If you already have a good hand, then keep Blade Flurry too.

Control Warrior in this matchup, you have to get multiple attacks to his face with your Cold bloods by utilizing conceals. If you only attack once with both of your Cold bloods, it’s usually too hard to deal enough damage to him because of the armor. Mulligan for Gadgetzan on coin side and Azure Drake on coinless side.

Harrison Jones is a great addition to the deck if you face a lot of Warriors.

Zoolock Mulligan for Backstab, Fan of Knives, Deadly Poison, Shiv, Agent. This matchup is similar to Hunter except that you can much more freely take damage to your Face to kill his minions with your dagger and/or Deadly Poison.

Replacing Legendaries Many newer players have a limited cardpool which is fine because this is a very cheap deck. If you don’t have Thalnos, use Kobold Geomancer. If you don’t have Naxxramas and thus Loatheb, replace him with your favorite 5-6 mana minion, possibly 2nd Azure Drake or Harrison Jones or even Illidan.

I strongly recommend not putting a taunt though. In Hearthstone, at the current state of meta, It’s a very bad idea to use a deck with just 1 taunt, because a ton of decks are running Black Knight, so often the enemy has a Black Knight sitting in their hand for most of the game. Because of that, decks with 0 taunts are good, and decks with 2 or more taunts are good, but a deck with only 1 taunt is weak.

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  1. Maccoy says:

    Nice deck! I only play Edwin instead of bloodmage because I don’t have the bloodmage AND because I like Edwin alot. That card let you win games by itselve.

    I just won a game because of that voodoo docter.
    Druid had me at 1 hp left :)

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