FFXIV Sastasha HM Karl Boss Guide

FFXIV Sastasha HM Karl Boss Guide by TigeroftheWind


After last night’s dungeon misery I wanted to write a quick guide to help people get a better grasp of Sastasha(HM) Mechanics. I’ll preface all of this by saying it’s light years more “difficult” than Snowcloak and Qarn (HM) and significantly more time consuming so remember to be patient with your groups and new people. (Difficulty is a relative term based on group composition and gear scores)

Duty Commenced!

The opening trash has no abilities or mechanics of real consequence. Gather up as many enemies as your group can comfortably tank, kill, and repeat until you lower the water and enter the Lobster’s Den.


This fight is somewhat healer/tank gear dependent so if one of those roles is lacking you’ll need good execution.


  1. Impaling Tail Attack: Stabs the agro target for big damage 1.2 – 2k.
  2. Slime Bubble: Slimes 1 or ALL non tank targets for 30 seconds. The slime debuff deals damage over time and impairs movement.
  3. Tail Screw!!!: AKA These are my murder sticks.. A single target attack that reduces a target to 1 HP. It cannot kill you on its own.Stunnable!
  4. Enhance!: Karl gets a damage and skill speed boost at ~33% HP. Everything above happens faster.
  5. Prey Upon: A single target channeled ability. At the end of the duration the target will be stunned for 8 seconds. Can be passed to another player. (Think Allagan Rot)


CAST ALL THE ESUNA AND LEECHES – The most valuable thing a healer can do in the fight is the removal of the slime debuff. This ensures if all other strategy elements fail, no one will die to Snu Snu… Er Tail Screw combined with a Slime DoT Tick.

ONLY STUN TAIL SCREW – Designate a player or the tank to stun Tail Screw. If it’s the tank refer to the next element if it is a Melee DPS you may ignore the next element.

PASS THE PREY – If it’s your job to stun the Tail Screw and you are the tank you need to pass Prey to a DPS by running through them. You’ll become Slippery Prey and escape while they get stunned leaving you free to save the world.

Skill Order

  • Phase 1: Impale, Slime Single, Screw
  • Phase 2: Impale, Slime ALL, Screw
  • Phase 3: Enhance!, Impale, Slime ALL, Prey, Screw

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