Destiny Titan Bubble Shield PvP Guide

Destiny Titan Bubble Shield PvP Guide by 10fttall

So I’ve read a lot on here about how the Titan Bubble Shield is underwhelming and how it’s only use is in PvE. Well, I’m here to correct all you naysayers and Negative Nancys out there and help bring some well deserved attention to the wonders of the Thunderdome. Specifically relating to Control.

For the sake of organization, I’m going to state my case for two particular audiences: My Team and The Losing Team.

Chapter 1 – What to Do When You Have A Titan On Your Team.

We can all agree that the Bubble Shield in PvE is a glorious thing. It provides shelter in the otherwise harsh wilderness that is the world we know. However, too many players in PvP treat the Bubble as if they were facing hordes of Fallen and this is damaging the pristine reputation of the mighty Bubble. The thing you must understand is that the Bubble is a Super magnet. It attracts the most powerful moves our PvP enemies have to offer.

When a group of you are huddled together inside my Bubble on a point that is already captured, you’re basically handing the opposing team a multi-kill. Don’t be that guy, the Bubble is not there to shield you, it’s there to shield the point. Unless you are actively capturing the point, do not linger in the Bubble. Get in, get your buff, and get the fuck out.

My job as the proprietor of Point B, is to keep that small circle of punches and pain on lock-down. Don’t fret teammates, I’m very good at my job and won’t let you down. I’m the #1 salesman in my region and ass-whoopin’s are my most popular product.

I fully accept that most other supers will destroy my little pocket of happiness and this why I want you to stay away fellow teammate. I am a martyr, a diversion, a roadblock on the way to true victory. Sure, I may be killed while holding down B, but that just means a Striker or Bladedancer used their super for just me.

In a game mode where people are forced to cram together like sardines into small confined spaces, if your super kills only one person, you’re doing it wrong. Me dying in my Bubble to an invisible Bladedancer or getting crushed by some crazy purple meteor shower, only saves the rest of you crowded together currently taking point C.

So, teammates, I implore you to stay out of my Bubble. Passing through is fine, and encourage should I be equipped with Weapons or Armor of Light. Lingering on the other hand is asking for trouble. There is no loitering at the Thunderdome.

Chapter 2 – What To Do When You See A Bubble That Isn’t Yours.

As much as I hate to tip my hand to the enemy, I feel for the benefit of all, this should be known. One of three things can happen when you see an enemy Bubble, none of which work in your favor.

Option #1 – You go the other way. To be honest, this is probably the best thing you could possibly do if you do not have a super charged. Do not shoot the Bubble, do not throw grenades and for God’s sake do not run into the Bubble.

Do you see this bitchin’ mohawk I have? This means that the second your punk-ass steps into my Bubble, your vision is gone. You’ll be reduced to firing blindly and looking like a fool while you punch the wall. At least your foolishness won’t last long, because shortly after you enter my Bubble, you will get destroyed by my shotgun, fists, or combination of both.

Option #2 – You enter the Bubble. Should you decide to tempt fate and enter my Bubble without a super, there is one thing you should know. You will lose. I am a selfish player and Weapons of Light is not in my playlist. I have Armor of Light on repeat and damn is that song good. My shield is twice is strong as that of another players and my fully automatic shotgun is loaded and hungry for your face. The only way to bring me down without supers is if you gang rush me. But know that I will take at least 2-3 of you with me and laugh while doing it. It will take over half your team to bring me down, all while my teammates are off at some far away point, killing your remaining players.

Please note that the term “gang rush” does not imply single-file or orderly fashion. You will all lose should you decide to come at me from one direction. See Exhibit A. You need at least 3 people, from 3 different sides to bring me down. And that’s if you’re lucky.

Option #3 – Your Super is charged. This is your best bet if you are hell-bent on removing me from my post. Use your Super, destroy my Bubble and possibly me, and then celebrate the fact that your Fist of Havoc could have annihilated that entire group of people over at Point A, your sweet Bladedance moves could have been cutting a rug all over the 4 guys currently stealing Point C from you, or your Golden Gun took all 3 shots to kill one guy. As I said earlier, Control forces people to gang together and if your most ground-shaking, unstoppable move kills just one person, you fucked up.

As a side note, if you’re a Sunsinger and feel the need to self-res after I break your face in, don’t. My shield is just as strong as yours, plus I can pop in and out of my Bubble to refresh it as needed. Not to mention, as soon as you’re back from the dead, your zombie ass will be blinded for the second time, leaving you at the mercy of my fists and shotgun. Neither of which have the required amount of patience for your bullshit.

Chapter 3 – Miscellaneous Points of Interest.

On occasion, two Titans on the same team will “Bubble Up” next to each other. This is often an accident due to lack of communication on whose responsibility the point is. While this may seem like a waste a first, allow me to bring your attention to Exhibit B. This is known as the Venn Diagram of Death and is to a Titan what Valhalla is to the great Odin himself. You, as an opponent, barely stood a chance in one Bubble, but now there are two. That over-fucking-lap. The point where these two shields intersect is the last place you want to be. Our buffs can stack, and our fists act without provocation.

Many argue that Titans are sitting ducks in their shields, but that is simply not true. Maybe at first a Greenfist might be taken advantage of by other supers, but with age comes wisdom. And with wisdom comes Invective. Invective is the holiest of weapons to a Defender Titan and can stop any enemy, even the feared Bladedancer in their tracks. This full-auto, heavy hitting shotgun should be in everyone’s lineup. Range? Who the hell needs range? Can it shoot 2 feet in front me where the edge of my Bubble is? Perfect.

Remember when you come waltzing in to my house with your shiny blade and your broke-ass speed-skating glide, that I will send two to your face before you have a chance to lunge.

Remember when you pull out that Golden Gun and bring down my shield, I have a sticky grenade with your name on it. You may get me with that 3rd magic bullet, but I’ll be damned if I go alone.

Remember when you do that pretty little glide above me and you feel like making it rain Nova Bombs on my dome, that I see you, and while you may have taken my shield, I will take your soul.

Remember when you come back from the dead, all shiny and new, you’re still in my world little Phoenix. And you’re still blind. Your armor will only last as long as my patience, so save your witchcraft for another time.

Remember when you come sprinting at me and leap through the air with your fists above your head that I see you, and all I have to do is back away. We may be brothers, but I will destroy you while you sit stupefied from your Hulk Smash.

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4 Responses

  1. Kyros says:

    Beautiful and true to the core….a tip 2 all bubble bros if a super charged a-hole is within grenade distance , throw a suppression grenade to ruin his day and hit em with ur 2 step combo. Can’t blink away ;)

  2. Zackxter (XBOX ONE) says:

    This was so well written I had to comment!


  3. Voidwalker says:

    A properly placed -Shatter-Nova Bomb will not only break your shield, but annihilate your soul before you can “take” mine :) (placement is very easy to do, if you know it)

  4. Kat says:

    Did you seriously just say “tip my hand”

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