Destiny Strange Change Guide

Destiny Strange Change Guide by 7744666

Ok, so it’s Xursday. I threw a quick “guide” together for anyone out there who was busy during the week and has realized they need to cram for some strange change before Xur leaves late Saturday night / early Sunday morning depending on your time zone (9am GMT – adjust for your time zone!). Granted, he’s not selling the most amazing gear this weekend. However, I hope this can come in handy for someone in the future when he’s selling SUROS or Gjallarhorn and they need to grind out just a few more coins before Xur departs.

1) Weekly Heroic Strike – This is by far the most sure fire way to accumulate strange coins in Destiny and can be accomplished as low as level 22. The strikes come in three flavors, level 22, level 26 and level 28 and will give you three, six, and nine strange coins respectively. This should always be your first stop for strange change.

2) The Nightfall Strike – A high octane version of the Weekly Heroic strike (level 28), strange coins are not guaranteed drops like they are with the weekly. However, they are on the loot table. I’ve seen anywhere from 5-11 strange coins reported as being dropped from completing the Nightfall. Your mileage may vary.

3) Gold Chest #4 on Mars – If you haven’t already popped it, the fourth golden chest that you open on Mars will give you a strange coin. Here’s a youtube video with all the golden chest locations:

4) Scourge of Winter Mission on Venus – If you side stepped this stage when doing the story mode, now is the time to go back and beat it. A strange coin is the reward for beating this mission.

5) Cryptarch drops – Occasionally, when you decrypt an item at the Cryptarch you will get a strange coin. The best method I’ve found for farming strange change at the Cryptarch is to run a bunch of Tiger Strikes until my inventory is bursting with blue engrams to decrypt. I then head back to the tower and decrypt them all at once. Usually, I’ll get a strange coin or two out of this. It also helps level the Cryptarch up which then gives you a Cryptarch package which then has the possibility of containing another strange coin.

6) Public Events – Occasionally, the reward for completing a public event will be a strange coin. I’ve only had this happen a few times though. In my experience, I’ve had more luck decrypting strange coins from the Cryptarch than getting them via Public Event Packages. Once again, your mileage may vary.

7) Alt Characters – If you already have alternate characters, great! Re-run the Weekly Heroic strike under your alternate characters and get the coins. If you don’t already have alternate characters but you REALLY want that exotic that Xur is selling, then start a new character that is the same class as your current character. Level them up to 20 (make sure you hit up the Mars chest and Draksis mission along the way!) and then take all the gear that you currently have equipped to your main and transfer it via Vault to that new alt. That will immediately level your alt up to your current level and will allow you to re-run the weekly! Then make another alt and rinse / repeat.

So even if you head into the weekend with a single level 26 character, you should definitely be able to purchase whatever you want from Xur with a little persistance and some grinding.

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