Destiny Quick 300 Materials on Any Planet Guide

Destiny Quick 300 Materials on Any Planet Guide by j3lackfire

Having 200+ hours sank into this game, one of the many pains is having the materials you need for upgrade your legendaries/exotics. When your level are high enough, you will find yourself swim in shards and energies from the raids and public events, but always short in spinmetal/relic/helium/blooms.

Well, worry no more guardians, with the farming method that I will show you right now, you will have at least 300 plus materials / hour, not exactly enough to swim in but sure enough to find yourself having to worry about other way of cheesing Atheon and other things but the needs for materials.

First of all, I wil present you HOW IT WORKS.

On your way to farm the material, you might see that the material and chest doesn’t disappear right the moment you gather/open them, they actually disappear (and respawn) after quite a while. This is the backbone of this farming method, we make them don’t respawn anymore, instead, they will just stay in one place so that we don’t have to FIND them, just go to one place, gather, move away and gather again. This is called spawn-trap. This apply to both material (spinmetal leaves/helium fragment/Spiritbloom/Relic Iron) and Chest, but note that chest have much faster respawn time and they don’t usually spawn in the convenience places, so trapping a chest is usually harder.

But how to trap the material/chest ? They don’t respawn the moment you gather/open them but they surely aren’t harvestable anymore, you can not get anything from them . How ? The answer is that: you have to be fast enough to get to other area and return to the current area while they are still waiting to despawn (example : move from the Rocketyard to the Divide and then return to the RocketYard). After that, you will see your material/chest unharvested at the same place. You then just gather it again, and move to another area and repeat the cycle until you are so bored that you find doing all the works/studies more interesting in running around in circle, you can stop and have 300+ materials in your backpack, and luckily even a legendaries engram if you are able to trap a chest.

IF YOU TL;DR ALL THE ABOVE PART, READ THIS ONE ! Because this is the part I will show you how to make 250+ material/hour

First, you need to find a place to run your circle. Earth if you need Spinmetal, Moon for Helium, Venus for Spirit Bloom and Mar for Relic Irons. The place for farming must be a place where you can get in and get out quickly using yourSPARROW, for example, the RocketYard on Earth is a good place for sparrow running and leaving. Places like theSkywatch (The place contain the old Treasure Cave) is bad because you can only enter/leave the area on foot, thus making your cycle much longer, or even not working at all.

Secondly, you might want to find a place with low traffic, that mean, not much people wandering around, because having other people in the area will make your chest/mats despawn and this method will not works. So, I recommended avoid All the spawn area on patrol (the place in which you are spawned on patrol mode), all the respawn place for Strike(RocketYards, Embercave,Hell mount, and that place on Mars) and that Raid area on Venus, because people will ocassionally spawn there and mess up with your methods.

So, find an area that satisfy all of the above requirements, but don’t have to be too strict about it except the Sparrow part, if you don’t want people to interupt you but want to farm in the Rocketyard, you can just open your computer, download something that eat almost all of your bandwith, in which, make no one will spawn in your world anymore because your internet connection for Destiny is soo low that the game will not match matching anypeople with you.(this is the most basic method, if you want, can set NAT type, or restrict the maximum speed on your console, all works).

After finding all the neccessary place, your farm route begins. There will be two phase, first is the PREPARATION PHASE, and the second is the TRAPPING PHASE.


As you enter the area, you might not see the material you need to farm appear near (or not appear at all ) the exit point of the area. Do your normal farm route like how you used to but DON’T GATHER THE ONE NEAR THE ENTRANCE of the area. That mean, if you are doing your run on the Rocketyard, and if you see a Spinmetal tree near the house that spawn the Sevitor, you should leave it alone and move on to other mat/chest. This preparation phase is for you to set up all the material near the entrance gate in order to minimize your running time. After you find about 3 or 4 materials spawn around the entrance, it’s time for the second phase, TRAPPING PHASE.


Now, you have all the material you need spawn right at the entrance of the area. Plan your way ahead, go around, gather them all, hop on your sparrow, get out of the area as fast as possible, get back in right after that. And voila, here they are, all your materials, unharvested, at the same place, waiting for you to gather them again, again, again, … and again ….

Genaral tips and tricks.

If there are mobs at the area attack you, before you harvest the materials, *kill them all*, and do your loop like normal. I notice that the mobs spawn super slow if you keep running around the area and return. So for your own sake, kill everything that move to make your run easier.

Max your Agility stats as well as weapon with +2 agilities when held. It incease your running speed, which make your route much faster. Best if you have the Mida-Multitools.

This method is better doing solo, but doesn’t hurt if you have a friend with you. Just make sure he knows what to do.

Don’t leave the area too far and too long. You might load another new area after leaving your current farming place for too long, so be careful.

And finally, be chill, play fair and enjoy the game.


  1. Turn on computer, download some porn, set maximum bandwith allocation to 2/3 of your total bandwith or so.
  2. Rocketyard on Earth,spawn area on Moon, EmberCave on Venus, the area on the right of patrol spawning on Mar.
  3. PREPATRATION, normal farmroute, leaves material near the entrance alone.
  4. TRAPPING, gather, exit, enter,gather again.
  5. ….
  6. Profit ?????

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