Destiny Collecting Ascendant Materials Guide

Destiny Collecting Ascendant Materials Guide by BCollingwood


Unfortunately there seems to be no “easy” method to collecting ascendant materials however I was shocked to speak to people online that are not aware that there is a very repeatable and reliable way of collecting them that is not totally at the behest of the Destiny random number generator. Here is how I got to level 29 quite quickly. Any corrections or additions please comment and I will add to original post.

Set up:

[Prerequisite] Have a character to level 20 & by completing bounties have your vanguard rank to level 2.

[Optional] Have two characters of the same type levelled to Level 20 this will almost half the speed it takes to level up. You can transfer all of your armour to your alt character making it the same level of your main character. (I know this seems like a real waste of time I was lucky in having a house mate that also played up to 20.)

[Optional] Have your Crucible rank to at least level 2.

Do This Daily:

Daily Heroic Story – The higher the level the better you get 2 ascendant materials (Shards or Energies) for the highest level but it can be quite tricky to do this at the low 20s.

Pubic Events – Do at least one public event per day sometimes it gives you a ascendant immediately sometimes you have to collect for the post master.

Strike / Crucible playlist – These serve a dual purpose:

  • First – Collecting rare decoherant Engrams – Although the item itself will be little use to you, decrypting these at the cryptarch will level him up. Every time you level him up you get a chance to receive ascendant materials / legendary items / more rare items. Rare items also have a chance to decrypt into legendary items that can be dismantled to ascendant materials.
  • Second – Collecting Vanguard / Crucible marks – Although you are limited to 100 a week that equates to approximately 16 runs of a level 24 strike (Public events also give you Vanguard marks) The aim is to get 100 through out the week then buy a 1 or 2 legendary items a week costing 65 marks and dismantle them to get shards. Note – do not buy helmets they cost more and give the same shards. Do not by cloaks or aesthetic items they do not give any shards.

[Optional] Repeat above with your alt character and transfer the ascendents via the vault in the tower.

Do This Weekly:

Weekly Strike – Do this on the hardest difficulty you can the best way is to get yourself on /r/fireteams and get a fireteam together when I was on the lower levels a few people took pity on me and carried me through the hardest difficulty (Thanks if you are reading this.) These will reward you with strange coins 9 at the highest difficulty these can be used to buy exotic weapons and armour at on the blackmarket on weekends from Xur. You can only wear one piece at a time so keep one to level it up and dismantle the rest for shards.

Night Fall Strike – This is a bitch! Again you need a full fireteam this awards legendary items / ascendant materials. It also gives you a double XP bonus which is all important for getting motes of light that can be used to by Exotic Engrams from Xur which, once decrypted, can be dismantled for ascendants.

Vault of Glass – Raid – Again this is difficult I wouldn’t attempt at level 26 even on normal. Massive rewards I got 7 ascendant energies from all the chests on first completion and a vault class chest piece. If you do get armour from the raid DO NOT DISMANTLE IT! These pieces have a potential light value of 30 like exotics do. Having every amour piece either raid or exotic is how you get to level 30.

[Optional] Repeat above with your alt character and transfer the ascendents via the vault in the tower.

I hope this helps Guardians if you want to say Hi add GT: BCollingwood to Xbox One.

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