Destiny Best Weapon of Each Type for Crucible

Destiny Best Weapon of Each Type for Crucible by bemangos

Note: All weapon preferences subject to debate.

Auto Rifles – Shadow Price. A case can be made for SUROS, as you will see a lot of them right now with the auto rifle head-shots IB bounty every day, but I (and many others) swear by their Shadow Price. Pray to RNGesus for good perks.

Hand Cannons – Yes. To all. All high-end HC’s are pretty great (OP?) right now, granted they’re upgraded. Thorn is a 2-hit kill in the right hands, TLW and Hawkmoon are equally as badass. I use TDYK for its range, and fully upgraded is a 3-hit kill. If RNG were to bless me with a Fatebringer, that would be my go-to.

Scout Rifles – MIDAS, if you can pick it up from Xur today, will probably be your best bet. However, you’ll most likely not have it upgraded before IB ends. With that in mind, I suggest VoC if you have it, Cryptic Dragon if not. But TBH you’re better off using a HC given their current state…fire rate, range, and impact are all almost on par with the best scout rifles out there.

Pulse Rifles – Don’t do dis. Red Death if you’re lucky enough to have one. That health regen is shweet.

Shotguns – I’ve recently been using Found Verdict from the raid and I know my friends have been as well. Invective is meh. You’ll want one with the ‘reduced spread’ or ‘increased range’ perks.

Fusion Rifles – Pocket Infinity is still a go-to, even with its slower automatic fire rate and decreased mag size. But the fact that is has an auto fire is enough to set it above most others. And really, if you can’t kill someone with 3 automatic fusion rifle shots, you need more practice. Plan C is about on par with PI for PvP, although many prefer one over the other. Plan C is probably the all-around better gun across all game modes. If you don’t want to waste an exotic slot here, try for Edit: Light/Beware from the Vangaurd.

Sniper Rifles – I use the Queen’s Sniper and love it. Praedyth’s Revenge from VoG is going to be one of your best options here, mostly for its stability and quick fire rate. Patience and Time is also a great choice for its invisibility and ADS radar, and IMO is one of the best sounding guns in the game. However, I know many people don’t own these, so really, when 1 head-shot nets you a kill, a 300 sniper is a 300 sniper. Edit: For those using the 2 body-shot rapid-fire method, I’m not sold. I just can’t get myself away from the satisfaction of a well-placed shot to the dome.

Machine Guns – I swear by my Zombie Apocalypse. The stability and range are higher than on most others, with solid impact as well. Thunderlord is supposedly fantastic (I don’t own one), but maybe not worth using an exotic slot for in PvP. Corrective Measure from VoG is quite capable as well. Can’t tear my away from my WF47 though…

Rocket Launchers – Truth, if you have one upgraded. Those tracking rounds mean business. Gjallarhorn is better in PvE, but still a solid choice for PvP as well. If you have neither, or don’t want to use an exotic slot on your heavy, I recommend any 300 machine gun. More kills, if you’re smart with your ammo.

Again, these are all based on little more than personal experience. This is how I play, and I’ve seen success. Many more guns than those listed above are viable in the right hands. But for Crucible newcomers, I hope this helps.

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